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  1. I’ve spoken directly to a Royal Caribbean Vacation planner, and she keeps assuring me that the GLS on the Quantum sailing to Alaska 2021 will be Star Class with a Royal Genie. She seems pretty confident. I always book star class sailings directly through her because she seems to be able to do things that ordinary travel agents can not. If I can’t trust what a RCL employee is telling me directly over the phone then can’t trust anything technically.
  2. According to our Royal Vacation planner who we book with directly through RCL, all of her paper work shows that the 2021 Quantum sailing in a Grand Loft Suite to Alaska will be Star Class with a Royal Genie. She has no good explanation for the discrepancies on the website.
  3. Does anyone know if Quantum of the Seas will have Star Class with a Royal Genie? So if one does L&S from a 2020 Alaskan Ovation Sailing in a star class room to a 2021 Alaskan Quantum Sailing will they get the same perks? Since Quantum will be new to the Alaska there's not a lot of info out there, and while Quantum sails in Asia it's published that it only has star class on Singapore sailings. But if you look at the descriptions when booking a room on Royal for both Singapore & Alaskan sailings for QOS it clearly makes no mention of Star Class on either.
  4. I just thought of something. If your goal is to wear something distinguishing so that some of the crew are aware that you are star class without having to carry around the plum card and flash it, then there is a red wrist band that you can get from the activity desk next to the flow riders. You’re supposed to use this to skip the lines for the flowrider, zip line, abyss etc. When the crew saw it they knew we were star class. For instance when walking up to the crowded Aquatheater before Hiro the staff saw the red band and let us in without having to take out the card.
  5. We were given blue bands just recently on Symphony. Didn’t notice anyone wearing different colored bands.
  6. Thank you!!! The suite is just as advertised. For a family with kids, this room leaves little to be desired. From the multiple video game consoles, to the ridiculously fast slide (it's faster than the Ultimate Abyss), to the dining room table that converts into an air hockey table, to the balcony that manages to fit a mini ping pong table, hot tub and lucky climber the list of things to do in the suite go on and on. The only negative I can think of is trying to get all the kids to leave the room to explore other parts of the ship. Aside from all the things they manage to pack into the room I'd say the most impressionable feature is the size of the suite. To be able to enjoy such a voluminous living space while on a cruise ship is mind boggling. I know the royal loft suite and the 2-4 bedroom suites have even more square footage, but I don't think they have 2 sets of staircases and 3 ways to go from the first and second floors. This room really lends itself nicely to epoch games of hide-and-seek & tag. This was our first time with RCL, and I was just like SuperNinja endlessly researching every facet of the star class experience to try to know what to expect. I had to know if the Starbucks would be free or not!!! Reading this discussion board and all the helpful advise from all the nice people on it is an invaluable resource.
  7. Here's an example of the default spread we were given without making any special requests. Some of the hors d'oeuvres were interesting, but pretty standard stuff. Couldn't decide between Jamie's or Playmakers for lunch so we just ordered from both and had it sent to the room.
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