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  1. I think Air2Sea will fix up your flights once changes are confirmed. I am sure once RCL confirms your reservation on Wonder of the Seas you could give them a call to see if they are changing your flights.
  2. @WAAAYTOOO finally one of the transatlantic crossing that I had booked may go through! It was on Allure and got moved to Wonder of the Seas, so not cancelled. I still have hope to get back to cruising after all the canceled cruises.
  3. Wonder of the Seas - April 20, 2022 (FLL - BCN Transatlantic)
  4. Anyone have their bookings moved and confirmed for the transatlantic trip April 20, 2022? Today is the day it is supposed to happen just wondering if you got the same type cabin.
  5. Are you able to get the third shot in order to match your vaccines. I believe in Quebec they are now offering the third shot to people that had a mix of vaccines or are immunocompromised. You may want to contact your local health authority to see if you can get the Pfizer shot which is now be named Cominarty.
  6. @Marlena Manulife has Covid19 coverage. Attached is the link they sent me to show what was covered. My regular travel insurance company I use did not have any coverage for Covid related issues. https://www.coverme.com/content/dam/affinity/coverme/english/documents/coverme-covid-19-pandemic-travel-plan-policy.pdf
  7. Only travellers with approved vaccines will be allowed to enter without quarantine. The only approved vaccines for Canada are Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson. All others such as Sputnik V, Sputnik Lite, Sinopharm,etc... are not approved and would considered not vaccinated.
  8. You also have to a printed copy. I am sure by January it will change. It would be nice if there is a worldwide vaccine passport, which I highly doubt will happen. Governments around the world would never be able to agree on it. Countries do not recognize all vaccines. Most countries do not recognize Sputnik IV, some do not recognize Astra Zeneca , etc...
  9. With people now being able to board ships without vaccination in Florida are people traveling without insurance? I am fully vaccinated and it is a requirement for most travel insurance companies in the fine print for Canadian Insurance Companies to be covered for any covid related sickness. The price increase in insurance was minimal for me, as. my credit card currently does not cover Covid related sickness insurance. It would be very costly if you do not have coverage and are disembarked in a port and have to pay out of pocket. Then get back to your country of residence.
  10. @KirstenCapeTown I had some of my refunds done on one cancelled cruise almost immediately, and the other which was a back to back cruise it took 4 weeks. It can take up to 30 days due to the amount of refunds they are currently doing for cancelled cruises. On the cruise that Royal cancelled took the longest. It was 45 days but that was when they cancelled all cruises in the very beginning of the pandemic.
  11. @Matt posted an article which you can look at. This will maybe answer your question you may have. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/06/15/top-things-you-didnt-know-travel-agents-can-do-your-cruise-vacation
  12. It is usually her relief back to back, Captain Costas Nestoroudis. In her horn salute she did say "Sea you in 3 Months!" So I can only assume he is coming back. They usually are on contract for a couple of years, so this would just be his time off.
  13. John Oliver's white VOID. Or maybe it is the fog at sea!
  14. She is currently working on Celebrity Edge , just started her 3 month contract a few weeks ago and Bug is with her.
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