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  1. No trouble Jane using 100's in Europe. You can always visit a bank and they would be more than happy to change it up for you as well if you want to have smaller bills to use. I had to show my passport the last time but they had no problem changing my 100 bills.
  2. If you are planning on drinking bottled water, a few cocktails, a couple wines with dinner and a drink or two during a show etc it may be worth it. Here is a great calculator that was developed and posted by @Grenadyr this may help you out. Also look for packages when they go on sale. They are always specials posted in your cruise planner. You can always purchase a package them when it goes on sale cancel and rebook it. https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3#/
  3. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/03/26/royal-caribbeans-the-key-worth-it Also I have heard from a few people you do not have to wait around to have your pass scanned for pool towels.
  4. You can always call customer service and let them know your situation. If 3 people in your group have purchased they may release one more. I had seen in a previous thread this happened to a family and they were able to purchase one more. It is also likely that someone will cancel the key before your cruise if they are not able to help you out.
  5. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/03/26/royal-caribbeans-the-key-worth-it There is signage for you to follow in the terminal.
  6. Jane I am a over packer but getting better. I am down to traveling with just one suitcase now and a carry on. On this trip to Europe I am even going to go with a smaller checked bag. I have done many trips overseas and always packed way to much. I am a “what if” person too! It is not fun traveling around Europe with two suitcases and a carryon even if you are gone for a month. Especially in the summer months. I think in my former life I traveled with large trunks and had a small staff that traveled with me. I have realized that if I do not have something I can always buy it. Also rather than bringing lots of different coloured outfits for the evening, I have brought items that I can mix and match but still feel that I am wearing something different. I have been know to buy to much when away, but I have made use of the postal service and had things sent back rather than buying another suitcase. Packing cubes have been treating me well. Good luck with packing.
  7. weird, I checked in using the App so I could upload my picture and mine showed the key. I used the App so I would not have to get a picture taken later, or upload one. Glad iut worked out for you.
  8. Thank you @JLMoran!
  9. Old cruise planner is your best option.. My app has some stuff listed but the times are not correct for a lot of things, and compared to old cruise planners there is only 25% of the activities listed so far.
  10. @mom2mybugs lets make Vision trend this summer!!
  11. Does anyone know what app to use for pictures so they are a uniform size to post to this blog? I may and try to blog while on Vision of the Seas as this small ship does not get a lot of airtime.
  12. @Skid just posted this so it may help with what options are available on what ship with the Royal App. If your key is not showing up and it is suppose to, just call RCI and have them check it out for you. I hate taking papers as a back up that is the whole point of the digital age. I will be traveling in Europe for a month, I will need and extra bag just for confirmations, and that is not going to happen. LOL
  13. @marcg125 this is how it shows up on your SetSail Pass.
  14. Jane this was a great warm up trip for your European cruise! We you asked me about blogging I did not realise there was a section on here for that. I probably will do updates on the "Live Blog" page when I am on Vision. I just hope the Voom works well over there.
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