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  1. you can order just drinks at Wonderland. They have a bar there were you can go in and just have drinks and use your drink package.
  2. Just did the TA on Wonder in April to Barcelona. Booked to go on Odyssey TA from Barcelona but just switched it to WOS this weekend. Had a great trip over to Europe looking forward to doing the westbound and getting all those extra hour long days when we gain an extra hour every other day!
  3. On Wonder of the Seas the secret was out about the Solarium Bistro. Went there for Breakfast a few times and it was so crowded and so noisy. Believe or not, went to the Windjammer, it was peaceful, no lines and everyone was patient and calm compared to The Bistro. The new design for Windjammer on Wonder is great I was impressed with it. I never went to Windjammer on any of my cruises but I did on this cruise and I was not to traumatized. You can make reservations for the evening meals once onboard in the App. It definitely was not as crowded as it was during breakfast. The few times we ate at Hooked we could see down and it seemed very pleasant.
  4. I was just on Wonder of the Seas for 14 days and they were never rented out. They had a sign up after day 2 offering it for $50 per day and they were still not rented. I can see if it was more private but you have chairs on both sides of you and people walking by. If it is shade you are after there are lots of chairs in the shade because most guests are after the sun. It comes with 2 drinks from the bar as well.
  5. Boarding in Barcelona is very easy as the cruise port is in the city $20 Euro cab ride from most hotels. Leaving from Rome you have to go the port city of Civitavecchia. I have not left from Rome yet so I can not comment on that but I am sure it is not difficult.
  6. @Dad2Cue The crossing has been excellent, the crew steered us around the growing storm. Weather was great we had a shower four afternoons or late evening. Terms were about 17-20⁰c around 73⁰ most days. For the northern country people on board it was not so bad. The solarium was full every day The time changes loosing an hour every other day sometimes 2 days in a row was hard. Having lunch then if you were booked for dinner early I would change it. Going west you gain an hour so they say going back the other way is better. I will find out in the fall. The only downside with the cooler weather more people inside has helped spread COVID. Captain says 3% of the passengers on board are positive and that's just the ones who went and got tested. Noticed alot more coughing etc... last few days.. It's has been great trip would recommend it for sure. A very relaxing and fun cruise.
  7. Just on Wonder of the Seas now on a transatlantic and loving the trip. Just booked the return trip for October 31 on Odyssey.
  8. Tweet a d video from James Van Fleet. https://twitter.com/JamesVanFleet/status/1516389292876210177?t=xufMbdHbnIcXwZn_RyHzbQ&s=19
  9. Wonder of the Seas has dropped Nassau as a stop on Wonder of the Seas Transatlantic April 20, 2022. I am sure I will still enjoy the cruise!
  10. Someone posted that is onboard now and the asked and said approx 3600. You probably should of heard by now. Check you credit card statement to see if you were charged. I think even if you bid the lowest you should get it. I was sent an offer to bid again later last week.
  11. @Shane D Go to your cruise planner click view boarding pass, then click print luggage tags.
  12. New Protocols for our sailing. Now testing 2 days before and not 1 day for passengers with up to date vaccines. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=transatlantic
  13. @Brett B Is the Escape Room opened yet?
  14. Anyone know why Freedom of the Seas returned to Miami shortly after departure this evening?
  15. I would chose a flight after 12 as well. When we docked in Barcelona on Royal we were not able to dock in the cruise terminal that we departed from and had to dock further down the port and get bussed to the world trade centre with our luggage and with so many people it was crazy trying to get a taxi. I will l be on Wonder and docking May 4, so I could let you know how it was this time
  16. Wonder of the Seas has it.
  17. @Marty Phelps Had 3 cruises and a Transatlantic cancelled so can't wait to go on this cruise. Now just got to get to the port without catching covid along the way!
  18. There have not been great sales on the package lately for most sailings. The best thing to do is purchase the package if you want it at that price, and if it goes lower cancel it and buy at the new lower price.
  19. I would bring 2 European travel plugs that would give you 2 more outlets to use and if you are looking for mostly charing things you can a USB that will be ok to use.
  20. Make sure yo arrive at least the day before your cruise. On international flight I would arrive 2 days before just incase of any delays. Try to fit all that you re taking in a carry on and one suitcase. It is hard traveling around Europe with lots of luggage.
  21. You will be on the cruise, so it will be assumed by the Bahamian Government that you are vaccinated. The other inoculations you never be asked to prove those. Most people that travel will have those others you mentioned as precautionary measures.
  22. It will have to be a proctored test. You can do the home testing. What country are you traveling from? Barcelona airport has testing, you could do it when you arrive.
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