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  1. Here is a link to a video from Harmony https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cm-AR8quPFx/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= This happened on a smaller scale on our transatlantic on Wonder this past fall. When we had a bit of a swell on, 18 stories up the ship is listing a fair bit. In last springs transatlantic we had made a fairly sharp turn when the captain had to change course in rough seas to change course, you could feel the ship list.
  2. I was on the Trans-Atlantic that just ended in Port Canaveral Nov. 13, 2022.
  3. Other than the trees, the orchids and rosemary it looks like every plant has been replaced, even the vines on the posts. None of the plants are the same as in May.
  4. I was just on the Transatlantic and people were doing this activity. The pictures did not look like what I have seen as an escape room. Someone did mention that is is a form of escape game and they are waiting for more props etc. That have not arrived due to supply. Hain and the ship being in Europe for the summer.
  5. It is looking good again now. Everything has been replanted now it just has to fill-in a little.
  6. Quest is back on Wonder. It happened a couple nights ago
  7. On Wonder now and everything, even Effectors 2 is up and running. The evolution of the carousel horses are now installed. Quest Show is back too!
  8. The test for the transatlantic have to be proctored, in that case there is a date and time stamp on the report.
  9. They are all back for Wonder of the Seas aswell.
  10. It was just tea, coffee a section of breads and some meat and cheese on your left when you walk in. That what it was in May. Will be on again October /Nov, if I am up that early with the clocks falling back every day or so I will check again.
  11. You will be charged extra for the protein powders that they add to the smoothie, I think it was $0.75US per scoop.
  12. Will Crown and Anchor members get a chance to book before it is open to the general public?
  13. I always give them directly to the staff person who it was meant for just for that reason. Not 100% convinced it all goes to that individual if it is left in the room, or dropped off to customer service.
  14. Because you use them every time there is a note on your profile. When your room steward does their prep for your arrival they know what to expect.
  15. It seems they have gone the way of the car dealerships. After you get your car serviced they ask that you give them 10's across the board, anything less and they do not get considered for awards for their dealership.
  16. I was on Wonder and had many of the servers specifically asked us to rate them 10. We were asked so many times that I did mention it in the survey. I don't mind being asked to do the survey but constantly being asked is a bit much. I always mention the ones who I have had a great service from in the survey, and tip them extra as well.
  17. 2 Prong are the ones used on the ship. The 3 prong is a UK plug. If you bring 2 adapters you should have no problem powering everything.
  18. Can I add a person that has booked UDP separately from another reservation when I make my reservations on the first day? Or somehow have his reservation link to mine ? it would be so much easier on boarding day if I could just make the one reservation and have all three booked.
  19. @BigKarl I have seen many people just take the 6 pack of water on top of their roll on carry on. They did not have any issues.
  20. Only seen them in Hooked restaurant.
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