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  1. It seems odd that this happened on March 7th and he is still not able to go back to India. That was 5 full weeks ago!
  2. This could happen, but really it's not as big of a deal as reading this thread leads one to believe. We met a lot of different people on the elevator. We always had a conversation starter w/"don't get too close to the elevator buttons, or we'll have to stop at all the floors". Yes, sometimes we stopped on some extra floors. Twice we even got to ride in the elevator w/ the surprise piano player! We enjoyed the journey. We were on vacation. The elevator can be one of your favorite memories of the ship. It's all in the perspective.
  3. I did Odyssey for my 1st quantum class ship just a couple of months ago. Both my husband and myself liked this ship better than any other ship we have been on. We loved the 270 theater, the music hall and the solarium with those 4 big hot tubs that were never crowded. We too thought it was the best MDR food we've ever had. We ate in the MDR 7 of our 8 nights on board. We always sat in those back sections of the Windjammer that were never crowded. The one thing we missed in the quantum design, was the outdoor area to walk around the boat on the 5th deck (I believe). It didn't go around the whole ship. We like to walk laps to burn calories. We had to turn around at the end and walk back and forth. But, that wouldn't keep me from coming back. I hope to do another quantum class again, someday.
  4. My 24 year old son appreciated the Hyperlink activities on our last cruise. He was there w/ his 15, 16 and 17 year old brothers and it gave him a chance to meet people his own age. It wasn't a place for hooking up or hitting on people. He also attends a young adult group at our church for 18-30 year olds. It is perfectly normal to group 18-25 year olds together.
  5. You can do it more than once, but I never have. I'm not sure if you can book it yourself in the app more than once, though. We recently did the pickle ball clinic on Oddysey, and afterwards I had mentioned we were going to sign up for laser tag. One of the activities directors, Spencer, signed us up for the time slot we wanted, but then he was going to sign up for an additional slot, if we wanted it. We only wanted to do it once, though. So I know you can have more than one reservation at a time.
  6. II saw the posted screen shots for "4 people". It mentions that you could prepay the gratuity, and you selected that option. That should be $504. Not $252. Gratuity is $18 per person per day. Your final price really should have been a "tip off" that something is too low. This was clearly a price for 2 people and not 4. This is an Easter week cruise on Oasis. You are not going to find a price for 4 people that close to sail date. Maybe in 2019, but not now. I frequently input different amounts of rooms and people on the website, too. I have booked for anywhere from 2 of us in one room to 8 of us in 4 rooms. The Royal website often still says the last thing you put in when you change it up the next time. Just because it still says 4 people and now you're looking at 2 people doesn't mean they're going to honor what it says in the left column. The prepay gratuity shows it is was only for 2 people, along with the low price. But as others have said, use a travel agent to do the actual booking. They can help you put the names right and it doesn't cost more.
  7. I was on Odyssey just recently and thought the same thing. We talked to the "Washy Washy lady" and she showed us that they are full but get stuck and often only dispense really slowly. The one at Cafe 270 was always a problem, but the worker there showed us it was full, just really slow at dispensing.
  8. In case you weren't aware, there won't be any of the Super Bowl commercials. It is very difficult to watch the same 4 awful commercials for 4 hours straight. That said, I do enjoy seeing the Super Bowl on the cruise. We just booked explorer for Super Bowl next year.
  9. We did have 2 cover bands on Odyssey last week that were very good. The first was Beatlemaniacs. We had seen them before on Wonder so passed on this sailing. Not to mention NFL divisional rounds were playing at the same time. The second band was Rookie and they were excellent. Neither cover band played in the Music Hall venue. Both only performed in the main theater.
  10. I like the YVE, too. I got it for half the price of the Intercontinental. Surprisingly I had the view with all the ships coming in. I sat by the window and watched the ships coming to port and then as they turned into port. I didn't pay extra for the room with the view.
  11. but I was on Wonder of the Seas last year for the AFC and NFC championship games and they only used the aqua-theater for the NFC 3pm game. The 6:30PM AFC game was only shown in Playmakers and on the pool deck, but the pool deck had no sound. They did not charge extra for Playmakers for the championship games. I think they greatly underestimated how many football fans were on board. The Intense aqua show is very load and hundreds of people were standing out on the boardwalk trying to watch the AFC championship game on the Playmakers screens. We had seats inside Playmakers to watch. But none-the-less, expect the aqua show to be canceled for the Super Bowl.
  12. I was on Symphony for Super Bowl in 2022. They showed it in the aqua theater and in the main theater and for an additional charge per table in Playmakers. It was raining so we saw it in the main theater, but they still showed it in the aqua-theater. Change your reservation to another day.
  13. We use them. We use the ebags cubes. Iv'e used them for about 12 years, now. We have a lot of kids. Everyone has their own color. This way when you're traveling you don't need a suitcase for everyone. You can make 7 people use 3 suitcases and know who's stuff is in which suitcase right away. It helps us check less bags. The color thing works really well at home, too. Each kid's color is their laundry basket, toothbrush, towel, draw string bags, etc... It keeps. things so organized. Even when I go on a trip with just my husband we always use them, the suitcase is so organized. It makes it very easy to hit the weight limit for checking bags. You can more easily open the suitcase and move one bag to a carry on, if the weight is over.
  14. I'm going on Odyssey next week and there are cabins on deck 13. I'm on deck 12 , but there is a whole deck of rooms on deck 13.
  15. We're hoping the Browns win their wild card game and are onto the divisional rounds either during sail away or Sunday. Hope to see you watching some of the games in the Playmakers. My husband is going to wear his #19 signed Kosar jersey, if you want to come say hi.
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