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  1. It can be as late as the day of sailing.
  2. The escape room on Wonder was to have a submarine theme. It was to hold about a dozen people at a time for a cost of $20 to $30 person. The room on Oasis is a Nasa launch Control room. These are heavily themed rooms with lots of buttons to push, electrical gadgets etc. The "puzzles" etc they are using for free right now sounds like a set up they bought from an outside vendor. I'm beginning to question if the real deal will ever be built? Since there is a per person fee involved, you would think they would try harder to get it done.
  3. Remember this is not the real "themed" escape room they were supposed to be building like on Oasis etc. That's why it's free.
  4. Wonder how long they will do this poor man's "escape the room" experience before they finally build the real thing?
  5. And they will miss a lot of opportunities for tips. Those 2 things every evening is a big motivator for tips.
  6. I would happily pay another $100 to $150 per person, per week if the food quality could go back to 10 years ago. And I don't mind paying extra for lobster, but keeping a staple like roast chicken on the menu would be nice.
  7. But seriously. This started with someone quoting a price of $75 with discount and thinking it was high. A Disney water park will currently run you $70. So yes $160 is out there, but the $70 - $80 figure is on par with others. Just the way it is. You can drop $40 to $50 on arcade games in under 30 minutes. At least this keeps them busy all day.
  8. You can't put a price on a child's happiness. Or how busy and far away from me you can keep them. Lol.
  9. This seems like the kind of price all water parks charge. I don't really see it as being out of the norm in terms of price.
  10. Enterprise is always open when ships are in port coming and going there. That's there business. As for availability, how far out are you looking for? I never have any problem getting reservation with them.
  11. I forgot about the mold etc. I told you it could take some time to set up. While on board plan one for the next year. 6 months from now it will be behind you. I've seen it happen. Just keep reminding yourself it's gonna be part of your past. Have a blast.
  12. Pre check will help but more and more are using it. And August ain't gonna help. Private shuttle is absolutely necessary. I'll just say the last few flights I have been on this month, all started boarding 50 minutes before departure time. And again, they closed doors and were ready for take off by the time on our tickets. So if you have a 10:20 flight ask yourself if you are sure you can be at the gate by 9:30. If you miss flight chances of getting seats on that 3:30 flight are slim on a Sunday in August out of Orlando. Good luck.
  13. What month of the year are you going to try this? Also do you have tsa pre check? Keep in mind a 1020 flight will board long before that. By 10:00 to 10:10 the doors will be closed and pushback will have begun.
  14. I'm more for charging a higher price, then cutting back on goods and services. Especially on a vacation. Nobody wants more limited menu choices or services on that special week of the year. Everything goes up in price. That's a given. But change the very dynamics of the goods and services people come to expect and you run the risk of changing your customer base as well. For me personally it's been one change after another right after I made non refundable Payments for 2023 & 2024. I now no longer feel I'm going to get what I signed on for. And who knows what changes/cut backs are coming next. I firmly believe you need speak up if you want to be heard. Just in case you read any of this Royal. Hey, you never know. Lol.
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