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  1. But seriously. This started with someone quoting a price of $75 with discount and thinking it was high. A Disney water park will currently run you $70. So yes $160 is out there, but the $70 - $80 figure is on par with others. Just the way it is. You can drop $40 to $50 on arcade games in under 30 minutes. At least this keeps them busy all day.
  2. You can't put a price on a child's happiness. Or how busy and far away from me you can keep them. Lol.
  3. This seems like the kind of price all water parks charge. I don't really see it as being out of the norm in terms of price.
  4. Enterprise is always open when ships are in port coming and going there. That's there business. As for availability, how far out are you looking for? I never have any problem getting reservation with them.
  5. I forgot about the mold etc. I told you it could take some time to set up. While on board plan one for the next year. 6 months from now it will be behind you. I've seen it happen. Just keep reminding yourself it's gonna be part of your past. Have a blast.
  6. Pre check will help but more and more are using it. And August ain't gonna help. Private shuttle is absolutely necessary. I'll just say the last few flights I have been on this month, all started boarding 50 minutes before departure time. And again, they closed doors and were ready for take off by the time on our tickets. So if you have a 10:20 flight ask yourself if you are sure you can be at the gate by 9:30. If you miss flight chances of getting seats on that 3:30 flight are slim on a Sunday in August out of Orlando. Good luck.
  7. What month of the year are you going to try this? Also do you have tsa pre check? Keep in mind a 1020 flight will board long before that. By 10:00 to 10:10 the doors will be closed and pushback will have begun.
  8. I'm more for charging a higher price, then cutting back on goods and services. Especially on a vacation. Nobody wants more limited menu choices or services on that special week of the year. Everything goes up in price. That's a given. But change the very dynamics of the goods and services people come to expect and you run the risk of changing your customer base as well. For me personally it's been one change after another right after I made non refundable Payments for 2023 & 2024. I now no longer feel I'm going to get what I signed on for. And who knows what changes/cut backs are coming next. I firmly believe you need speak up if you want to be heard. Just in case you read any of this Royal. Hey, you never know. Lol.
  9. Ah, who the hell said I would go to another cruise line. There are other fish in the sea (On land) lol. My money talks when I walk.
  10. I see this as another reason to remove auto gratuities and tip based on who I come into contact with and how often. Cut the menu, cut the cleaning, cut services, etc. Well, I will cut tips for trips that are non refundable till I can cut ties all together. I have two trips paid for and this isn't the cruise line I signed onto anymore.
  11. Sometimes based on the severity it can be a few weeks waiting for an appointment to start treatment. (Mother in law had something similar) Maybe first available date will be after trip? If not it's fate telling you do treatment first and plan trip bigger and better next year. Mother in law had it at 85 and is 87 now. Still going strong. It's not always as bad as we first think. Her cancer is just something in her past now. Sending positive thoughts your way. Soon it will be behind you. Have a great trip whenever you go.
  12. And this is one of the many, many things that can go wrong. That's why I have a valid passport and trip insurance.
  13. Is the water there a lot more shallow then say Chill Island? Or is it the same difference? Just wondering how far out you have to go to get waist deep.
  14. Oh, that plan long since past. Lol. I did some damage to my credit card in the cruise planner for black Friday sales. Lol. But really got into escape rooms about 2 years ago and was/am very much looking forward to Wonders. (When it's finally done). Happily would pay extra for it. They can be a blast. Originally booked Oasis and was looking forward to that one, before making switch to Wonder for May 2023. If anyone finds out more info about future time line, please please update.
  15. Thanks for the info. It's still sad and ridiculous that the Escape room they advertised is still not built. False advertising Royal. Even a lousy estimated date for it on website would be nice. Anyone here anything on plans and time-line moving forward please post in future.
  16. We actually had a conversation yesterday about how much more lack of pre cruise customer service we want to put up with in the future. Spent too much time on phone with Royal, Credit Card Co, Priceline, etc over multiple repeat charges, mistakes, refunds in wrong amount etc, etc. First real talk about possibly moving on after Icon in 2024. So they better wise up fast. Good customer service is a big deal in this country. Get on the Bus Royal.
  17. The problem is it is supposed to be a great experience from start to finish. Royal needs a lot of work. It just shouldn't be this hard to spend your money. I too feel your pain. (Had endless problems with them this weekend)
  18. Sadly no. Now you can try (everyone here will jump on me for this). I have. You have a 50/50 shot of them finding it when they xray your checked luggage. Then instead of your bags showing up at your cabin, you will eventually have to go to the naughty room. Open bag in front of security. They will confiscate it and you can pick it up on a table of goods when you get off. I haven't had mine found and taken yet, but it is against the rules. Fire safety at sea etc. Now I never leave my steamer unattended and always holding till it cools off. I don't get the rule cause ladies can bring irons for their hair and can start fire just as easy. But that's allowed because? Woman insist? But fire rules is what it comes down to.
  19. Just watched a YouTube video channel called "Consecutive Cruisers". They were filming a meal in playmakers on Wonder when one of the family ate some celery with parasites on it. It was disgusting. They even have a follow-up video after being taken to medical. All about the meds they have to take cause each parasite can multiple in the body by twenty thousand. Horrible to watch. All because food was unwashed. Felt so bad for women in video. And before you say it could happen anywhere, that's still no excuse. Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen will tell you safety first. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Acq6DJ5UN3U It all starts at 17:36 into video. Poor woman.
  20. As of last week there was not one. (Check back about a week's worth of postings for the thread). As for the official future of it, nobody seems to know. They do advertise it as a feature on Wonder. So far that's out and out false advertising. It would be nice if they added a disclaimer about it coming, but not yet built. Too busy taking money for stuff they don't yet have. Not right at all.
  21. Been on phone for hours waiting and had to stop. Have multiple duplicate charges pending, CC company doesn't think they will go through, planner still has items in cart. NOBODY should have to work this hard to spend money. Maybe instead of menu changes they should be changing operations and IT etc!
  22. OK, a big heads up. Mine went to credit card two times. But still shows in cart in planner and says are you sure your card info is right after clicking to submit purchase. Called credit card. They said both charges original and second try are pending, BUT that doesn't mean they will go through. That it's still in the hands of Royal and they have no choice but to wait and see. Pending doesn't mean a done deal, just an attempt was made and can still disappear and not finalize. That's a quote from the credit card guy. They say it can take 10 business days for them to see if it actually went through or not. I said in 10 days sale will be over. And they said keep trying to work with Royal. They have no idea why Royal kept attempting the charge. So I either have all my planner purchases charge twice or still not at all. Now I have to spend tomorrow endlessly trying to get someone at Royal on the phone to figure out where I stand with my order. It's a total and complete [email protected]#t show! Never have spent this much time trying to spend my money before! I've financed, purchased, and taken home a new car in less time and trouble. Literally.
  23. I disagree. It has happened several times since August. I think even twice in 4 months is a lot. And let's not forget all the little blurps it has on a daily basis. They need to use/hire different IT people.
  24. Really enjoying your story. It's been a lot of fun to read. I've gotten to the age that when doctors/dentists talk about how bad my parts are getting, I always say "Well, they are vintage". Lol. But I didn't copyright it, so we can share.
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