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  1. Hardware is of little concern on the scale of a cruise ship - this is the company that just spend 1.2 Billion on their latest ship. Starlink likely will have cheaper ongoing costs, and without doubt would have a lower cost-per-usage considering the incredible (relative) download speeds Starlink is capable of. I would like to think the price would come down, but even if not, the value for money would be unparalleled by other cruise lines.
  2. If the gap is the same width, then the ship is definitely larger, although I wouldn't have expected royal to expand the ship in width, considering this is one of the more limiting factors in ports-of-call, etc.
  3. Oops, of course it is! Big mistake on my part - got too caught up in the excitement of new information... The suspense is killing me!
  4. Well, after a little bit of digging, I have something to add to this... Royal Caribbean have filed a trademark for the phrase AquaDome. It's there as both "cruise ship services" and "restaurant and bar services". It's not necessarily in reference to this creation... but if it is, what do we think it is? The trademark was filed back in January, but I haven't seen anything about it since. Other trademarks of interest are "Zone Zero" and "Absolute Zero" - Personally am hoping it's an ice bar!
  5. With the addition of Radiance OTS today, all ships are now on the app, completing the company's transition to a digital cruise experience.
  6. Just announced: https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/82/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/ A huge ? from me!!
  7. As far as the design goes, with the LNG meaning there will be little to no admissions, I would expect something radical such as removing the smoke stack. Just one pipe for all emissions as they are so greatly reduced, and then reclaim all that lost pool deck space. We could see some really cool designs come out of this no emissions idea.
  8. I was wondering if @twangster experienced this same thing on their Spectrum cruise. I saw in this post that it was your first time to Vietnam also. Any ideas?
  9. This is what the Apple App Store says about the recent update. It is interesting as Android is known to receive updates before Apple due to more relaxed regulations, but nevertheless give it a few days and you may find it appears. If you still have over 90 days then there's no rush just yet. Good luck!
  10. Hi all, I'm sailing on the 9th of January 2020 from Singapore on Quantum of the Seas, and have been informed by Royal that we will be eligible for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for our stop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Interestingly, we have been asked to bring "4 full-color Passport photos, so the onboard team can process your application". I've never heard of this before and can't see anything online about this requirement. Has anyone been in this situation with a past cruise, and if so did you bring the photos? What was the outcome of such? Were they necessary? Thanks everyone in advance, Bryce
  11. This is no longer the case! In the latest version of the app, released within the past week, there is now an option to edit check-in. These struggles are now over!!
  12. “Police can confirm five people are now confirmed to have died in the White Island volcanic eruption. Our sincere condolences are with their family and friends.” From: https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-eruption-white-island-–-five-people-confirmed-deceased?nondesktop
  13. Wow!! Thank you so much. This is the first proper explanation of this I’ve ever seen, and trust me, I’ve done a lot of googling! Only time will tell, I guess. I do hope they can work this out soon.
  14. This has been my number one question about the app for ages and it’s still only on one ship (i believe it’s harmony but don’t quote me on that) and it’s a real shame because quantum class even used to have the feature during the days of the Royal IQ app, which has now been removed from the app store, but surely that means quantum already has the infrastructure and hardware needed to reimplement this feature? When you look at the progress of other lines in the field it definitely looks like Royal better start acting soon or they’ll fall behind.
  15. Oh that does make sense, just slightly surprising! Thanks
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