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  1. I sure hope so. That was the only really annoying thing on the ship. I was a little hesitant since she is the oldest and smallest but I am already looking to book another cruise on her before she goes up north. We had a great time.
  2. I just spotted this sign in the galley on Empress of the seas during the all access tour on Thursday. Looks like they will be up on the Royal App starting 11/15/19.
  3. We did this on Harmony last June. My wife wrote a quick note in them for the steward, waiter and assistant waiter along with an extra gratuity over the pre-paid ones. It was way less awkward then just trying to hand someone some cash. I also found that it was a good way to teach my daughters about gratuities as they got to hand out the cards. They even asked the waiter and assistant for a picture because they got to know them so well.
  4. Last year Majesty also had a haunted house in addition to the costume party.
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