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  1. We are still Gold so the extra points will be nice but if we lose them it will be okay too. Bonus for us is I upgraded to a Jr. Suite just a couple days before we took off for Miami - scored double points. Just a small blessing during this crazy time we are currently all dealing with. Not going to complain if we lose them as there are so many others dealing with much more than C&A points!
  2. My Wife and I had our March 15th Cruise cancelled. We both received the points for that cruise applied to our C&A points total. Not sure if they will be taken back once the refund is processed but right now they have been applied to our total!
  3. Sounds good! I just wanted to be sure they get to the correct room. Black Sharpie is ready. Thanks!
  4. I paid extra! When the price dropped again today I was willing to wait on hold for 2 hours for the room change.
  5. I just upgraded from an Ocean View to a Junior Suite for this Sunday's Empress sailing! My wife is so happy! How quickly will the luggage tags change to show the new room number? #stillgoing
  6. My wife and I will be going on our 2nd Royal Caribbean cruise in March. My son wants to go on a cruise for his graduation present in June/July of 2021. Based on everyone's experience would it be better to book this cruise next week when they are released or wait until March on our cruise and talk to NextCruise about our options. Also, we would have 5 or 6 people going - all 18+. I know some rooms will fit more than 4. Again based on your experience, does it make more sense to book 1 cabin that holds 5/6 or book 2 separate cabins?
  7. Best news today so far! Was hoping it would be added prior to our March Cruise! Thank you for posting!
  8. PSA: A new one is available currently for 50K - November 11/10/19 - 7NT - Says 10 left at 2:45EST
  9. I have a cell phone case that also holds ID, Credit Cards, etc.. I put it in there. It's not a big wallet one just a case that also holds 2 cards.
  10. My wife and I will be on our 2nd RCCL sailing in March. Looking for excursion ideas for Costa Maya. We are already booked at Mr Sanchos for Cozumel so not looking for that type of excursion. Thought about the Beginner Scuba Diving but not sure. Any feedback on Scuba or other possible excursions would be appreciated!
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