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  1. That's fantastic! I've checked ours and no updates...glad I haven't been holding my breath. Well, aside from COVID-19 requirements.
  2. Anyone have any thoughts as to the following? I have attempted to touch base with RCCL corporate but have not received any responses. I know that many others have been affected to much greater degree than I have but I would like to offer a suggestion to Royal Caribbean to those passengers who may have had to cancel or had their travel plans cancelled by Royal Caribbean because of the crisis affecting the globe. My wife and I were looking forward to the culmination of many years of sailing with Royal Caribbean and achieving the goal of "Diamond" member. That achievement would have been realized had this pandemic not escalated to the point it is now with our completion of a March 2020 sailing. Upon reflection of that, my suggestion would be RCCL's consideration in offering people that were affected by the current events, the escalation of their "reward" status to the point they would have completed if circumstances would not have prevented such achievement. I know this may be asking for quite a bit from Royal Caribbean but I feel if no one asks, maybe it hasn't been considered. Everyone has had to change their lives in one way or another during these difficult times. Governments are considering options that have never been thought of before. Companies are joining in to do all they can. If someone would have told me 3 months ago that every major cruise line would be "dead in the water," I would have told them they were crazy. Perhaps in these crazy times, Royal Caribbean could consider such a suggestion.
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