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  1. We had 1388 this Past Christmas and 1390 for New Years on the Adventure. B2B
  2. So far we re-booked on the Symphony for 6/6 but that may be too close to getting operations back in order! We had the Indy 4 night booked for Turkey day on 11/26, going to add the 7 night starting on 11/19 to make it a b2b.
  3. Hey Ogilthorpe, We were the last passengers to sail on the Oasis before the shut down! No real symptoms for me. How are u?
  4. While I knew this news was going to be inevitable, I was notified yesterday via email that on our cruise someone has tested positive for COVID 19. A chance of someone having it on a ship this size in my mind was a given! I truly appreciate RCCL giving us a heads up!
  5. What about the flights that connect thru let see ATL, BWI or maybe RDU that people may have originated from NYC. I like Ron but let's be serious!
  6. I bought 100! Just a little humor here, so next time I step on a RCCL ship, it will feel like I own a part of it!! LOL I hope everyone is doing Well! Hang In there!
  7. I noticed it too on the App! LOL I would have been starting my third week on the Oasis tomorrow, Oh Well. And since I returned last Sunday, I have not been able to return to the Fire Department because I was on a cruise outside of Florida. Two weeks self quarantine at home. My next day at work should be Thursday, we will see.
  8. Good Afternoon Everyone, So has anyone else been told this by RCCL or there TA, taxes and port charges would be credited back to the original form of payment! I actually called twice to get the confirmation from two different agents.
  9. I never thought it would happen!!!! I don't win things very often, maybe I should hit the casino on Sunday!!!
  10. Hey Hey Hey Just found out that my "Royal Up" wish has been granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was in a CPB for my first of three weeks on the Oasis starting Sunday, I now have an OVB!
  11. Nope, it was related to the Grand Princess not the Diamond https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/03/04/1st-california-coronavirus-death-san-francisco-mexico-princess-cruise-ship-placer-county/
  12. I hope people answer the health questions honestly before boarding the ship!
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