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  1. Amen to That! And when the shoe was on the other foot and royal was going the way of having the vaccine or you can't cruise. Those unvax passengers weren't happy but accepted it. Oh but now the vax passengers can't handle how the Royal isn't requiring it anymore.
  2. I love "unite around common interests and agree to disagree sometimes" but we also need to understand when we agree or disagree those are called "opinions" which we should respect.
  3. Here is something that might blow some people's minds. Currently, not everyone the works in the health care industry is vaccinated because they have a choice. Rules are changing everyday in which what PPE is being required working in this field. Soon, the mask mandate is going to be lifted for those individuals in this field to wear masks. Just our of curiosity, for those on this blog who work in the health care industry, did your employer make you get the vaccine? I personally, haven't heard of many people forced or mandated to get one. I believe in most cases it was the CHOICE of the individual.
  4. Yes, you are absolutely correct that you can get "deathly sick" from Covid19 on a ship, but let's not forget the other things that could put passengers with compromises (like the ones the CDC has listed if exposed to Covid19) at risk.?
  5. Like I said before, " So when the vaccine was being required, people who agreed with this said to those who didn't "Then you don't have to cruise" Well , I guess now the shoe is on the other foot now!"
  6. Thank You for giving me a CHOICE, and I will pick number Two please. It really should have not been this complicated! I think if getting the vaccine wasn't shoved down peoples throats and where allowed to coexist on a cruise with vaccinated people, I think many of those un vaccinated passengers would be compliant with the rules imposed upon them.
  7. Here is an idea! And a real way to possibly have a test cruise! Have two Royal Ships! One with Vaccinated People One with unvaccinated People After the voyage see if any people pop positive because we all know vaccinated people can still test positive and carry Covid!
  8. So when the vaccine was being required, people who agreed with this said to those who didn't "Then you don't have to cruise" Well , I guess now the shoe is on the other foot now!
  9. So many unhinged people! Why is "Choice" and "Opinion" such a bad or incomprehensible words ? I suspect Disney will also follow RCCL!
  10. You came close with a simple "Yes", thanks for the additional info! LOL
  11. So if I am reading the information from Michael correctly, they are offering a choice now when it comes to the Vaccine requirement? A simple Yes or No will do!
  12. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) You can exchange the Silly for something else but I might be censored!
  13. You know how these government agencies would come to agreement and give the industry a green light? I think it's very simple! Give the people a choice to be vaccinated or not! They know it can be done on a ship, but one side always has to butt heads with the other. So Sad.
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