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  1. That makes sense, it reduces the amount of people going to the dinning venues.
  2. In general, oh how I love my coffee and assorted danish on the balcony.
  3. Who will be sailing in on the day of embarkation? With the departure time so late flying in on the day of coupling with Royals Air2Sea program, I think it will be fine. Also, do you think room service will be a no go, or just limited?
  4. It's going to get real interesting when the good old HIPAA law takes effect. What information or documentation will Royal have access too? My thought is just the the vaccine card will be required. We Will See.
  5. This is interesting Too! Good for all these business! I hope Royal decides to keep some of the embarkation out of Nassau even when the stupid CDC lets them cruise out of the US again. https://thenassauguardian.com/bahamasair-negotiating-withhome-porting-cruise-lines-on-airlift/
  6. And in my opinion, he is doing it for the state of Florida and the people who are affected by the shut down of the cruise industry. People may be quick to judge him and say it's only a political stunt but if he makes it happen many people will benefit.
  7. Great link, that A/C controller must be on the Edge! Very Fancy
  8. Actually, I think that's a pretty good idea. Although, they have many things on the ship that guest could get hurt, a bow to the body is a little different. I say wake-boarding off the back of the ship! Ha Ha
  9. Or one could say that's a "Royal Flush"
  10. Oh my goodness, once a day! I guess it keeps you busy and keeps you in shape with all that walking!
  11. Just a topic on a funny note. I am watching the Navi turn in the basin at the Port of Miami right now, daydreaming as was wondering? How many times does the crew have to flush all of the toilets in the staterooms so they stay in working order?
  12. Thanks for all the information, now the cruise actually has to happen in November! If this sailing doesn't resume out of the US, I hope they move it to Nassau.
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