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  1. I am so glad our 25th wedding anniversary is next year 2022!!!! We booked a Crown Loft Suite on the Symphony for 5/21/22 and If they are not cruising by then, they must have gone bankrupt lol
  2. I like your thinking as well!!!!! If by chance they do start Caribbean operations(embarkation) in another port other than San Juan, my grin will be from cheek to cheek!
  3. Did a quick search "why do american cruise lines register their ships in a foreign country" just to make sure I wasn't talking out of my - - -, and on a top level search it produced this, maybe I should have said "some taxes". Flag of convenience - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Flag_of_convenience
  4. So the CDC is the BIG BAD Wolf that they are huffing and puffing that they can't control US land vacations, so they have to pick on the American Cruise lines basing their ships in a foreign country to get around paying taxes, no other reason in my OPINION, since we all have read what they plan on doing on the ships! These cruise lines probably have more procedures in place then the airlines, airports and resorts do!!!! And great, "they are controlling what they can " more Government Control in our country, God Help Us! Thanks for your opinion.
  5. So just got back from a land based vacation(ugh) and I can not understand how the CDC or our government thinks this is OK! It was my choice to fly and I really don't care if it was a packed plane, I can't understand why they are being so hard on cruise lines! I will also say it was so nice to see people on vacation enjoying themselves.
  6. When I don't click it and put my password in, I know I am not signed in because my Miami Dolphin Icon(how about those Fins!!!!) doesn't show. Like I said it's all very weird because this hasn't always happen.
  7. Cool I am not a tech savvy person at all, and if I dont click it, I can't post responses. It asks me for email address which is weird. I use advance care computer cleaner once or twice a week. Would this be the problem?
  8. I will be ready for the back lash with this opinion but I got to say this! I know this is a blog with opinions being the main responses from all of us, and I know I don't have to log in, open the web site or scroll thru all these OPINIONS, but in my opinion (ha ha) most of the time it's a great place to make us all feel better with hopeful post, that will lead to us all to cruising again. This horrible situation we are all in has affected everyone of us in some way or another! I am not usually like this with my kumbaya moment, but I hope it puts a smile on some people's face
  9. Thanks for those tips. I never had this problem before.
  10. The only way I can post is to click it.
  11. Yup Hey Matt, I still have to click "remember me" in order to post?
  12. Put on hold an All Inclusive in Ocho Rios today for Spring Break, it's breaking my heart! And I have NO PROBLEM following these rules!!!! 'Currently all residents of the USA who are 12 years of age or over, are required to obtain and present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to check in for a flight. Test must be made by a certified institution at least 10 days before traveling to Jamaica. For more information on requirements please refer to https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/ Hey Matt, I have a question about signing into the Blog, Why do I have to
  13. While I respect your OPINION on how you will handle this situation by just “sitting back and relaxing”. It makes me feel a little better sharing my ideas. I hope they are reading the boards for some suggestions. Sometimes a perspective from the outside will help solve problems or show a different approach. I like thinking outside the box and not let people or things tell me how to think.
  14. I find it very hard to believe that I’m the only one who thinks they need a Plan B desperately. Look to start cruises somewhere other then the states! Our current government showed they had some desire to help with cruises resuming. Don’t even think of cruising in 2021 when the new government takes over in January. It’s just a dose of reality in my opinion!
  15. NCL just Cxld thru end of February. We need a Plan “B”.
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