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  1. I would NEVER make anyone move, I would only propose the question and then ask them politely, like my parents taught me! Thank you for shedding light on your perspective on how people might feel if someone made them move!
  2. Thank You all for the advice. Even though we couldn't get the same room looking forward to 14 glorious nights and our first B2B.
  3. It wasn't available when we booked it a year ago! 😞 Funny thing is the family we are going with got 1388 for both cruises.
  4. We are doing a B2B on the Adventure for Christmas/New Years 2019. For the first half, the 8 night, we are in 1688. At the time of booking and up to today, this stateroom is not available for the New Years 6 night portion. Even though, we are only three staterooms down from 1688 (1355), I would love to really experience a B2B(our first one) without changing staterooms. Can anyone recommend how I might be able to reach out to the individual, cruise line, TA or anyone who can hook me up with the person currently in this stateroom. I am even willing to offer some type of compensation if they are willing to change. Has anyone been in this type of situation?
  5. Booked the Odyssey 8 Night for Christmas 2020 today!!!!!!!
  6. Yes a full 2 1/2 hours but well worth it! We have seen it three times on three different sailings and it was awesome every time!
  7. speednoogles thanks for posting the link, I totally forgot. I'm a goof
  8. Well Folks, looks like they may have a new cup they are trying out!
  9. We are sailing on her again in October as well!
  10. Ironically, when we were on her 3/17/19, my son did notice that the wave the three azipods were definitely different. I said he was crazy, but he may have been right.
  11. Also Twangster, Any off the beat restaurants we should visit (not touristy)
  12. Twangster, You also booked the Goldstar service correct? Do you happen to know if the cars that RCCL uses are as nice as the Goldstar seating? From my own research, it looks like they are. I think the only difference is that a meal was served in your class on your train. RCCL is an option?
  13. As the saying goes, they don't make things like they use to!
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