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  1. Not to HIjack the OP's thread - The requirements of the cruise have changed, additional cost for the unvaxed, masks etc. Is that enough of a change to get a refund?
  2. My Itinerary looks the same for Aug 21st however when I attempt to shop cruise excursions, St. Thomas is not in the list. Weird
  3. He is doing the best he can with ever changing information, trying to balance keeping the regulators happy enough and satisfying his customers and employees. All that said, the requirements to cruise have changed, don't hold my money hostage or give me "options" I don't want. Do the right thing and refund those that want refunds, I am sure there are many willing to take my place.
  4. So must of those reading the boards here are well aware that cruises are beginning in July and August. Any news on ports of call. Labadee and Coco Cay are eas6 to allow. Any news on real ports of call like Aruba, Cozumel, Curacao, Jamaica, or Roatan to name a few.
  5. I don't know that I would put much stock into this link, but for what it's worth it claims 100%, I am highly suspicious and have my doubts. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25163-here-are-all-the-royal-caribbean-ships-set-to-sail-this-summer.html
  6. No. For me and realize many will disagree and think I am crazy, I want to go on a cruise as I did before this mess happened. I always felt th ships were cleaner than most hotels and amusement parks but what do I know. My family has been through Covid and ready to move past all this nonsense. I also never want to words social distance gain. Get me on a ship with a drink of the day.
  7. I have also noticed, as Crown and Anchor members you allegedly get discounted staterooms. Maybe it's only Diamond and above because I have priced trips while logged in and not logged in and the prices are always the same.
  8. Not a scientific study by any means but allow me to share my experience. My whole household got it except for me who continued sleeping in the same bed as my wife and was in very close contact at the height of when it was most contagious. Ate off my kids fork and plate too. I seem to have some form of natural immunity and am rocking antibodies. Why would I want a vaccine in the short term? That's my real life experience. Why would I want to give the vaccine to my family right now? There isn't a one size fits all approach here. Reading these comments,, Snark toward those we disagree wit
  9. Lot of strong opinions here for vaccinations, being unvaccinated, allowing personal choices or allowing the goverment/companies to mandate their policy on you. I support choices as long as your choice which is different than mine doesn't infringe on my choices. Couple of thoughts. Do you all read what you post? Just because you disagree, doesn't make the other person a jerk bully or ignoramus. Quite the opposite, you become those things. When did this country become so risk adverse? This virus depending on age group generally averages out to a fatality rate of less than 1%,
  10. That is how I read it. Next up, what are additional protocols? Likely Pre Boarding and possible post boarding covid test. Masks and maybe less access to the vaccinated only areas of the ship, that last part is pure speculation and can't imagine how that would work.
  11. I am with you. I get Royal has been in a tough and IMO unfair spot. We allegedly sail Symphony Aug 21. I have 2 kids in the 12 to 16 group. We are not Anti Vaxers but will not be giving this vaccine to them. That said, things change, I get it. But don't twist me into a pretzel and make me jump through hoops to get a refund. Let's just part ways as the requirements since I booked changed and give me my money back. This was a rebook of my cancelled April 2020. I'm $8k into this trip already, not a easy or small number to just walk away from. Royal should do the right thing, which is a little
  12. A little lunch on embarkation day, then leave my wife to roam the ship and get us organized while the kids and I hit the flowrider and water slides.
  13. Torn on what to order, can I get 3 apps and 2 entrees in the MDR?
  14. I don't intend to come off disrespectful but I read Royal expects those eligible for a vaccine to have one. Policy is on the website now too. Over 16 before August 1 and 12 and over after August. That said, my TA said the vaccine requirement is only for 3 ships right now. All so contradictory and confusing. At this point I am likely in the minority but just want a refund and will revisit a cruise when and if life gets back to normal. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-57202890
  15. There is definitely accessible outdoor seating there so you should be good. Enjoy!
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