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  1. Priced what was a great deal to me for Anthem out of NJ where we live. Grand Suite, family of 4, all in price around 6900 for Thanksgiving week 2023. Given all the craziness we have witnessed the past 2 years, I reached out to my TA to price the itinerary as a refundable fare. She came back with a price of over $10k!!!!. Same suite,, same room etc.. So an over $3K premium for the "privelage" of getting my $1k deposit back if we cancel. That's insane to me. Side note we were booked on the same itinerary April 2020, we were part of the first cancellations in that Mid March 2020. So seems like it is just not meant to be for us As much as we have enjoyed many cruises, I suspect it is time for us close this chapter and move on to some other types of vacations. Maybe I am just being dramatic lol. But between the outrageous pricing IMO, the vaccine mandates, questionable ability to get a refund, risk of quarantine or failing a pre-boarding Covid test, I think it's time for me to give up. Maybe we will try a few years from now when I am over the sticker shot and things are a bit more normal and predictable. From my seat seems a bit outrageous but to each is own. Rant over lol.
  2. To all who recommended cruiseplum......THANKS!!!!! Way closer to want I am looking for to target what cruise to go on. Thanks again.
  3. I don't expect them to, there are likely 3rd party sites. I do expect a better user experience, their site is awful. Thanks for that tip, will give it a try.
  4. I know I am not alone in saying the RCL website isn't the best user experience. Trying to check out some 2023 itineraries. We typically book a Grand Suite. It's way too many clicks to get to my all in price for my family of 4. Then you have to press the back button on your browser 3 to 4 times to get back to your search results to price another itinerary. So my question is for you experts out there, is there a better tool or 3rd party website that shows a grid of all in prices that compares multiple dates and itineraries. Finance/Accounting/Microsoft Excel Nerd here. Numbers speak to me better via a grid or spreadsheet lol. Second question. Any sites you recommend to keep on eye on pricing that alert you of price drops? Thanks in advance and happy sailing.
  5. So looks like Bayonne itineraries are out. NAR but is it me or are summer 2023 prices way more expensive? I have typically paid about $8K for a Grand Suite for a family of 4. Everything I am seeing after a quick search is 12K or more. Maybe I need to search a little better, but intital search left me a little shocked.
  6. My must buy is a couple of bottles of Cointreu for my Margarita's at home. For $20 a liter bottles compared to $45+ in NJ it's my must buy.
  7. To each their own. For my family CK > MDR. We ate CK for every Breakfast, Lunch on Sea days and Dinner except for our 3 specialty restaurant dinner reservations. That said service was fantastic since we were there so much which contributed to our positive reviews and experience.
  8. Not to be controversial, does anyone think the vaccine mandate will quietly go away ever or will it be a requirement indefinitely?
  9. We would be great friends . I just really like to eat. Slightly ashamed but not really
  10. I think a better "double dipping" strategy is a specialty restaurant reservation at 5pm and another one at 930pm.
  11. My favorite kind of post since I live to eat. Wish these boards so more action like this!
  12. Woah.....I read that subject way differently!! lol
  13. To add my 2 cents to your well written view, IMO all of this comes down to money and when that happens following actual science, common sense and true risk assessment goes out the window, hence demonizing the cruise industry and losing many peoples faith in the CDC's latest proclamation
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