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  1. Same here first time on Oasis class ship.
  2. Is it worth the money? What is different other than the food. They are asking 199 for our cruise in March. I've never been to cocoa key but my sil is asking about the cocoa beach club. I don't think it's worth t myself. If you didn't go there what free area for setting on the beach would you do? Thank you for your feed back.
  3. Thank you for your response. But I want have a genie so i was asking about in general.
  4. How early were you able to book the shows on board? We set sail on March 5 and have yet to be able book anything. Now booking shows are new to me so maybe it's closer to sail time I'm not sure. I've cruise before but never bothered to book shows. Going with my sil & bil which have never cruised and want them to get the most out of the cruise. Thank you woodman
  5. Totally agree go the longer one. But i do like the eastern better but hey more nights less money, I'm there. It's a cruise how can you go wrong.
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