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  1. We would be great friends . I just really like to eat. Slightly ashamed but not really
  2. I think a better "double dipping" strategy is a specialty restaurant reservation at 5pm and another one at 930pm.
  3. My favorite kind of post since I live to eat. Wish these boards so more action like this!
  4. Woah.....I read that subject way differently!! lol
  5. To add my 2 cents to your well written view, IMO all of this comes down to money and when that happens following actual science, common sense and true risk assessment goes out the window, hence demonizing the cruise industry and losing many peoples faith in the CDC's latest proclamation
  6. I hate to come off as a crazy conspiracy theorist but what is that saying by politicians? Never let a good crisis goto waste. That said IMHO I think the bias toward the cruise ship industry is the negative view and overstated negative impact cruise ships have on the environment. So its a great industry for certain politicians to target and hate. All of us here know the cruise ships tend to be cleaner and better sanitized than any land based resort and that was pre-covid, can only imagine protocols have improved beyond pre covid days. Most of the ignorant and negative commentary comes from people who have likely never cruised. But what do I know. Rant over.
  7. Where does he goto the bathroom? Hopefully hot on the fake grass on the mini golf course!! Enjoy your trip. In case this wasn't posted already, ( the ignorance in the comments are outrageous but not surprising to those of us that love to cruise) https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/12/22/royal-caribbean-covid-outbreak-odyssey/
  8. Was hoping to see Bayonne NJ itineraries. So still waiting here.
  9. That feeling when you get a notification from this thread and hope its the Go Go Go message that it was released but then it isn't lol
  10. Have any of you done bloodwork to determine if your booster was necessary or just going by recommended CDC timelines?
  11. Appreciate that. Seems reasonable to me agaist the backdrop that the policies I have quoted in the past were about 150 to 175 a person. So 3 trips a year "pays" for itself.
  12. Always enjoy your posts.(birds of a feather lol) Is that cost per person or family/household?
  13. Interesting, Do they have an actual wood fired smoker on board?
  14. If you book a Suite, Concierge will escort you and get your group off first. Earliest we have booked was 11:30 and had no issue but it is a risk. A risk that might be further mitigated by booking through Royals air2sea. Good luck
  15. YEEEESSSS! Ramen and some pork buns too!
  16. I'd like to see a high quality Brazilian Rodizio. We live to eat and it's quite possible that we have been known to plan vacations and cruises around restaurant reservations lol. That said, we often turn regular a la carte meals into family style meals where we all try each other's dishes so I would really love to see a Spanish Tapas experience. Also Love the OP's idea of Korean BBQ. Lastly but likely less practical, a dessert venue would great along the lines of Italian and French pastries, espresso, capacinno, and after dinner drinks. Getting hungry writing this.
  17. I thought wiping out was part of the fun? . Definitely had my share of spills, my favorite activity on the ship. Slightly off topic, if your budget allows, I'd recommend Flow Rider lessons. We don't really need lessons but it allows for many more rides in a hour than you would normally get and you may learn a new trick or 2.
  18. Pineapples? What are you really trying to say? ??
  19. Ask your TA especially if you OBC was on a prior reservation that was cancelled. My OBC did not travel with my subsequent cancellations and rebookings.
  20. That's what I thought too. I am about $400 over refunded now. One of the amounts was exactly $150 which was OBC and never anticipated getting that in cash. And while I don't want the extra $$$$ that I am not entitled too, I have little to no desire to waste time calling them as I don't think a customer service agent will be much help.
  21. If I am stuck on what entree to order and ask my waiter, do you think I should get A or B, generally A AND B arrive in my experience. Enjoy
  22. Not sure if I understand this correctly. Are you saying some cash refunds are actually 125% of what was paid? I requested my 8k refund June 18th. Up until this week I was still owed 1k. Instead I got roughly 1600, which isn't 125% but is still more than I was owed. Their refund process is awful from an accounting perspective. IMHO, they need an IT technology infrastructure overhaul.
  23. We usually do a 3 night specialty dining package and dine in the Coastal Kitchen the other 4 or 5 nights for dinner. Imo, coastal kitchen menu is slightly more limited than MDR, but better quality and service. That said seems like a small waste of money if you have UDP. Alternatively try CK and go for dinner again at a specialty restaurant the same night. ??????
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