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  1. Here is another unknown, which actually I can't wrap my head around the answer Royal will have. So we all need to be covid19 tested for our return flight home. I would imagine Royal will have to provide this on the ship within how ever many days the CDC requires. If Negative, Great, what about Positive? Will the Bahamian government let us of the ship? Does Royal have a quarantine hotel for those who test positive? Will Royal pay for accommodations and help with changing flights? I know WE HAVE NO IDEA what is going to be in place because Royal hasn't said a word.
  2. I can't wrap my head around ANYTHING our government is presently doing!
  3. Royal should work out the logistics and MOVE ALL ships for the fall from US ports to the Caribbean ports they are using for the summer season. They also need to hold firm with the decision and make the changes NOW.
  4. So the itinerary now show arrival in CoCoCay 8am on 6/20 and departure on 6/21 at 5pm. So will we be there overnight?
  5. I am a little surprised with this comment, I know we go back a fourth quite a bit but didn't think you would have this type of opinion.
  6. Yes, those would be things that you have to sign a little paper stating you will not hold the company liable for death or any other injuries just to name a few related to ACTIVITIES(ex, flowrider, ice skating, rock climbing wall, zip line. A foreign substance (vaccine) injected into your body should be a choice! Any business could come up with an option for those who want a choice.
  7. Imagine if the cruise line and the CDC just gave the passengers a choice! This unnecessary turbulence could be avoided ! They don't want it to be simple, they thrive on controversy.
  8. For those of you booked on June cruises that leave from Nassau, have you received any information about anything? I would imagine they would have wrapped up on embarkation procedures and basic stuff for those booked on the first or second cruise.
  9. Like I quoted WesKinetic, Thank you for bringing some common sense or shall I say options for people vs only our way or the highway. It really isn't a hard concept to grasp, it's only the people who aren't willing to think outside the box have a difficult time to see or will twist the story
  10. It's ALL about GIVING PEOPLE OPITIONS!!! Thank you for bringing some common sense to this topic. Although, common sense now a days is gone.
  11. What if the CDC and Royal gave passengers options? People with vaccine would follow xyz People who choose not to get the vaccine would have to follow xyz. People would lose their minds if this happened!
  12. That made me chuckle! Really, I am laughing about that response!! It's nice to add some sense of humor because its been a tough year! So I guess you will give him a thumb ups if he allocates the money to the seaports?
  13. So what will happen if his is able to accomplish this or give out the money, what will you move on to next?
  14. Matt for what is worth(never met you yet, although I think we have been on cruises before), I like having conversations with you as we both understand that having opinions on subjects allows for good feedback on this blog. We have been pretty harsh on the CDC with what they have subjected the cruise lines to vs other industries during COVID. And now, the CDC is putting unrealistic demands and pressure on the cruise lines putting this 95% number for passengers. Ultimately, in my opinion, if we had a choice, things may be really easy to move on! You can have the best of both worlds, peop
  15. I am not sure that this is a fair statement "Florida Governor signs bill banning vaccine passports possibly affecting cruise ship restart" He has been very supportive for a restart of the cruise lines. In his press conference, did he actually say this? No. Some of us have given him kudos for putting pressure on the CDC and Washington to get cruising back up, unfortunately, once he shows that he wants to protect our rights, things turn and head south.
  16. All I was trying to do was point out another reason why making the vaccine mandatory to cruise is going down a slippery slope. I understand the whole thing about companies have the right to require it but we also have a right not to get it because of medical side affects the vaccine may have on things in the future. Instead of cruise lines saying No Vaccine, No Cruise, they could offer other options! And maybe they will! My crystal ball and magic eight ball told me to go to bed. lol
  17. Is it the Bahamian government that is requiring the vaccine or Royal? "Some Cruise Lines" Who? I would love to see one of our active older population from the US be told from an american company they could't scuba dive because of their age. Maybe for medical reason. Think AARP And comparing scuba diving to the vaccine is totally unrelated. Here is a definition of "vaccine" and "scuba diving" a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a syn
  18. Unfortunately, I just read this headline on another forum "Royal Caribbean CEO Bayley Highlights Role of Vaccine in Caribbean Cruising". So it would not only be Bahamian laws we need to be concerned with! He mentions North America throughout this article.
  19. I don't think it's beyond the cruise forum. You don't think we have mom's on this forum to be concerned about this? It's a tough question that Royal is going to have to address. I know we have people that could give top level thoughts (for those of us that aren't savvy lawyers) some general direction.
  20. A female friend of mine brought up something interesting about Royal requiring the vaccine for cruises out of Nassau. She will not get it because she is concern about the possible affects it might have from the time of thinking of having children to having the child. They have NO research on pregnant women or how it may affect the baby if pregnant. Wouldn't this be some type of discrimination not letting her cruise because she doesn't want the vaccine?
  21. I texted my son that exact question and he confirmed what you just said! He is an aspiring pilot and loves aviation.
  22. My look into the crystal ball says, Freeport will be the next port Royal bases a ship from! Grand Bahama International airport has a 11,020 foot runway which can easily accommodate 737 aircraft. Bahamas Air just placed an order for 737's for Royal's charter service (Just Kidding LOL)
  23. I like your thinking! Once upon a time, people said Royal would not start cruises outside the US ports based on the CDC being sticklers (bite my tounge). IT COULD'T BE DONE! We now have two out of Barbados. And no matter how you would like to twist the story, it happened!!!!!
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