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  1. I am glad they "sorted it " for you! Cheers
  2. Good Morning All, I am totally shocked, amazed and surprised that on Royal's site NO "Fourth of July Sale" is going on!( a little sarcasm). I would think they would have just thrown up this type of sale just to have you think prices on cruises have gone down! www.royalcaribbean.com Don't see the Red, White and Blue on this page! Anyway, Wishing you all a safe, wonderful and grateful Independence Day!!!!
  3. Oh I think they have someone from Corporate watching all sites related to "Royal". 1984 Baby! Remember the show"THE MOLE" Ha Ha
  4. Airlines said the same thing with prices and even though I am flying two weeks from tomorrow(not 2021) to ATL, I paid 120 round-trip! And it's on a legacy airline!
  5. Many good points from the blog on this one! Trust me I am only a "speck" even smaller in the grand scheme of things, but let's see how long this works out for them!
  6. Sometimes it's a loosing battle on some of these topics! The sky is falling for some of these people! We ALL base our thoughts on what we read, listen and see. To be fair, we all have a right to see the positive and negative things in life, no matter where we get the info! LOL
  7. All I have to say is "what a bunch of bologna" ! This emoji is unamused!
  8. Agreed, I wish the number didn't trend the way it has over the last couple days! Bad for our ports!
  9. I hope to god we never follow what New York does, just my opinion! I know we have had a rise in the number of cases in FL, but the death rate has remained steady or has gone down!
  10. I'll never forget the day of embarkation, at the windjammer, this older person reaching right into the chips for nachos with his hands! I politely reminded him that the tongs were for getting food from buffet. This other middle age man (not sure if related) to told me to mind my own business and I had told him politely that we all need to be food safe as this was not his home dinner table. He was pissed off! To Bad!
  11. One thing tall people have to be aware of is the small diameter of the tube. Us tall people have to lean waaaaay back so you don't hit your head!
  12. I was surprised to find out today that I got my FCC for my Symphony sailing on 7/18/20 so certain things might be powered by something stronger then a gerbil! LOL
  13. It blows my mind that Royal hasn't updated their site yet! Wait let me check on last time, wait, wait, wait, time stamp 5:46 6/19/20, NOPE! Talking about dragging the anchor! LOL
  14. I don't use MEI but well wishes are sent to you!!! Many kind words and advice has been give to this blog via you! Enjoy your new adventure!
  15. Now that I think about it the only ones wearing masks were the hotel employees! We did not eat at any of the restaurants. They did have guides on the floor wherever people had to wait in a line. They did have an announcement at the pool area every hour about how we can all be safe. Kinda sounded like the voice you hear in Disney LOL The only housekeeping service was new towels delivered to room. In light of all the stuff going on in the world today, everyone seemed to be very happy to be away!
  16. Just returned from a LARGE resort in Orlando for a 3 night stay-cation! Monday was empty, today pool area was filling up quickly by noon. Good thing we were only there 3 nights. They had a flowrider!!!!!!
  17. Hello, Trust me I know "Sales are always happening" LOL. I am like a "chicken hawk", I check certain ones everyday, multiple times, that why I got excited when I read sales are still happening! Maybe the sales are for cruises that aren't as popular like Alaska 2020 LOL
  18. Good Afternoon Gang, Doing some surfing today and I saw on a RCCL blog article that sales are happening now on cruises. Can someone please let me know what months this is happening in?
  19. I feel bad for those of you on the royalcaribbeanblog.com cruise on the Brilliance! Maybe next year
  20. What are they going to do with: Serenade Vision Radiance Empress Ovation Adventure Modify Itinerary?
  21. My refunds DID NOT go back to the original form of payment but I am sure you would agree with me, just happy we finally got them! Who would think they would get that part right!! LOL
  22. deep1, Did all of the refunds tie back correctly?
  23. Man, I am so happy for you!!!! I hope that after all of this, some type of agency or organization looks into how companies handled monies due back to the consumer. And, no matter how people twisted the stories that we all shared about this topic, these companies should never be allowed to have this happen again!!!!!
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