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  1. I didn't feel the water slide on the Mariner was that closed in to be honest.
  2. We just did the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter excursion last Wednesday. We took a boat from the Mariner of the Seas to Blue Lagoon. It took about 20-25 minutes. But it was a gorgeous day, and you go by Atlantis so you can see it from the distance. The captain gave out some information (tour guide type stuff). However, we couldn't hear him due to all the noise. The dolphin encounter experience was more than I expected. You sit with your group on one of four sides. Our side went first. Each person got to hug the dolphin, kiss the dolphin, feel the top of the dolphin, feel the underbelly of the dolphin and so forth. Once your group is done, you then leave that area and can go hang at the beach. The water was so clear. We were late getting off the boat because of Immigration or something to that effect. We caught the first shuttle back from the Blue Lagoon (1:30 p.m. I think). We would have stayed on the beach longer if my daughter didn't want to get back to catch up with some friends she had met on the boat. When I got back, I had time to go shopping at some of the stores in Nassau. Atlantis looks gigantic. I bought this excursion before our cruise, when it was on sale. I think it was worth it.
  3. We just got back from a 5 night Bahama cruise on the Mariner of the Seas. I am a 57 year old female. If any of you are feeling hesitant about trying out the Flowrider and the water slides on the ship - DON'T. Both were a blast. I told the staff at the Flowrider that if I came over to the side I was done. I didn't want to "wipe out." I was able to ride it on my stomach, and even put my arms out to my sides. I didn't get on my knees or even try to stand up. Just being able to stay on it for a little while was fine with me. I did the blue water slide, and it was a breeze. I didn't do either of these two activities until the last day we were cruising, and wish I had done them every day. YOLO!
  4. Thanks for the replies. Not feeling sick (fortunately), just slightly off. ?
  5. I know on the Royal Caribbean cruise we just took we could pay gratuities in advance, or have it added to our folio (billed after but for the same amount). I thought that was supposed to take care of tips. However, I still felt that the cabin staff and main dining room staff were really expecting to be additionally tipped. I am interested in seeing what others have to share regarding this aspect of cruising.
  6. Hello there - we just got back from a RC cruise. There wasn't too much swaying on the cruise ship. Some a little on the first night we sailed, and a little more on the last night we sailed (last Thursday). I didn't have any issues on the ship. However, since being home I feel a little dizzy/off-balance. Have you experienced this? And if Yes - what do you do to combat it, or when will it go away? Thanks.
  7. Hi. Can you wear shorts into My Time Dining room? Thanks
  8. Hi - are you able to wear shorts into the My Time Dining restaurant? Thanks.
  9. If I purchased Voom for one device, can that individual log out and someone log into another device with the account that was setup on the original device? I hope that makes sense. Thanks.
  10. Hi. If we have ship credit, can it be applied towards restaurants - specifically Johnny Rockets? We are on Mariner of the Seas next week. Thanks.
  11. Can ship credit be used towards restaurants and places like Johnny Rockets? Thanks.
  12. Hi - I will have my daughter with me on this cruise. How do we get her signed up for teen club, or participating in what this club has going on during our cruise? We will be on Mariner of the Seas next week. Thanks
  13. Will anyone else be on the 12/9-12/13 Mariner of the Seas cruise ship that has a daughter around the age of 12/14? My daughter is 12, almost 13. Would like for her to have someone else she can hang out with that is close to her age. Thanks.
  14. Hello - our cruise ship will be leaving on Monday, Dec. 9th at 4 p.m. Will the pools on the ship be open after we board the cruise ship, and while we wait for the cruise ship to leave port? What do most people do after boarding and waiting for ship to leave port? Thanks
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