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  1. Hi Chris - I will be on Mariner the week of 12/9-12/13. Can you let me know if they have any Texas No Limit Hold em poker games? I'm interested in a real game, not sitting around some electronic type table playing poker. Hope to meet you when we cruise. Thanks.
  2. Hello - I just received an email about the Royal Up for the cruise we are taking on Mariner of the Seas (12/9-12/13). They will be 3 of us (two adults and one 12 year old). Right now we have an interior stateroom. The options I have are Ocean View Balcony or Ocean View (states two twin beds). I am looking for recommendations on which one I should bid on. Will the Ocean View Balcony have a place for our daughter to sleep (pull out couch into bed, etc.)? And what would be a fair price to bid? Right now it says $215 is a fair price (this is per person I believe for 2 out of the 3 of us). When do you find out if you bid was accepted? I've already printed off our cruise stuff, and just wondering if I have enough time to print off anything new if we do get upgraded. Thanks
  3. I bought it for $24.99 for Mariner for a cruise this December. It jumped up to something like $34.00 the other day, and is back down to $24.99. Do you think it will go any lower than $24.99 before we sail?
  4. Does anyone know if the casino on the Mariner of the Seas has an actual Texas No Limit Hold Em table where you play with other live players? What about any Texas No Limit Hold Em tournaments? Thanks.
  5. HI - will anyone be on this sailing with kids around 12 years of age? We will be sailing with our daughter who is 12, and would like to find her some kids around her age to hang out with. Thanks.
  6. SpeedNoodles - do you know if Mariner of the Seas has the Wow band? Thank you.
  7. I noticed when completing the online check-in that it provides you with the option to take and upload a picture of yourself, and anyone else that is cruising with you. Is this mandatory? If Yes - what is the best way to accomplish this? Thanks.
  8. What do you use for your Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas luggage tags? Thanks
  9. How do you carry your SeaPass card around with you on the ship so that you don't lose it, and it is easy to get to when you need it? Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for the helpful information.
  11. I don't know the answer to your question. However, I did want to ask you a couple of questions. Did you book this via the Royal Caribbean website? If Yes - do you mind me asking how much it was? Thanks. When are you cruising?
  12. Hi. We are cruising on Mariner of the Seas the first week of December. How can I find out the show times? Is it first come/first serve, or can we make reservations? We have purchased The Key. Thanks.
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