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  1. On Tuesday morning a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico causing extensive damage and sadly killing at least one person, it’s the strongest quake to hit the island in 102 years. With the majority of the impact on the southern part of the island, cruise ships are still able to dock at San Juan including ships from Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean.
  2. Does someone have a list of hours for the reaunts on Harmony of the Seas? Thanks for your help
  3. My wife signed up for the classic soda package with a special cup. Will she be able to get soda without the special cup? For example at a bar or in a show. Thanks. You guys are great
  4. We are on Harmony leaving on the 12th of January and were not able to book the comedy shows. All four of the main shows went through.
  5. I think I might have over kill with the magnets. I bought the 100 pound from Amazon. Oh well. I can always hang the wife on the wall.
  6. I've taken advise about ordering magnets from Amazon. We will be on Harmony in about a month. Are the ceilings also metal or just the walls. As always, thanks for your help.
  7. When I try to check in for our 01/12/2020 on Harmony I get the following message Complete all information for every guest in order to continue to the next section! Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Could it be too early for the check in. Thanks for any help.
  8. On Harmony out of Port Canaveral. Which deck to embark and disembark? Thanks for your help.
  9. I have two rooms booked. Four of us traveling. Harmony January 12th I'm interested in bidding for a better room but would like to have both couples updated. Currently we are next door to each other on deck 3. Can I bid on two rooms? Thanks this is all new to me.
  10. We have the KEY for the four of us. We have also made reservations for Grease, Journey in Time, Fine line. We will be on Harmony in January of 2020. If we don't mind arriving early for the shows are we best to skip the reserve seating that is offered with the Key program? One last question. What would you say are the best seats for these three shows?
  11. If we have four people with the KEY can we each be online?
  12. Can I order a steak each night in the main dining room ? ?
  13. There will be four of use cruising on the Harmony on January 12th. We've purchased the key for each of us. Do we still need to make reservations for the shows, or just show up? You guys are great. Thanks for all of your help.
  14. How far in advance can I print luggage tags? Will I find them online when I check in? Thanks
  15. We are going to sail in January on the Harmony. I was wondering how many of the Key programs sold on this type of ship.
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