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  1. Thank you Kathy for this review. We've been on summit twice, once before the refurb, then this past May. I am leaning towards Celebrity as we are a tad older, and I can't see me rock climbing in the near future!!! We found the Ocean Grille to be fabulous, lots to choose from and we were in a Suite, Hubby liked it better than Luminae! LOL
  2. Just catching up Joe with your whole Blog! Looks like a fabulous time, but I hope your foot is healing nicely!
  3. So master of all cruises, if you had to do a back to back for 7 nights, which ship would you choose?😎
  4. This is not a FCC. It's a letter of Credit, different than FCC. It's considered cash, not as restrictive. So I can't answer your question. Getting Jack's Letter of credit over to me was a hassle but they did it, ( needed letter from Jack notorized, and his Dr. records stating he is terminal) and again, they will not let me use both for one cruise. But now I have to think about doing a B2B instead on one 7 day which is making me nuts! LOL
  5. HI All, I have a B2B question. Some background, had to cancel our July Grandeur cruise due to hubby's illness. We go letters of credit for the cancellation (wasn't covered by insurance, READ THE FINE PRINT! LOL), I got one letter, with an amount, hubby got second letter with an amount. After jumping through various hoops, they conceded to give me hubby's amount to use for myself, HOWEVER can't use both credits for one cruise. So after a long story, if you were booking say, Back to Back Mariner, is that considered TWO bookings so I can use both credits or do they put it all on one booking#?? I have to use both by August 20th, 2020 and I don't know how to fit that in. Any insight would be very helpful. Maybe @Matt or certainly @twangster of some of you would know the answer. Thank you!
  6. I just told Jack, that was a deal breaker! I'm booked on her March 2020, and if I can swing it, am GOING!!
  7. I am too. Lady G held a special place in my heart, first cruise with my husband who is now terminally ill. The staff and crew were the absolute best. Both cruises provided us though with fabulous lifetime memories.
  8. HUGE BUCKET LIST!! LOL, but nope not me, other celebrity, but not Flora. Would love to make it someday though!
  9. They call is "Chic night", I was on Summit twice this year. Basically a nice pair of pants and collared shirt for men, nice pants/dress/top for women. Most dressed like that, some went all out. Depends on what you feel comfortable doing. We went with nice pants etc and it was fine. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  10. I'm not a complete idiot! I figured it out!! 😎
  11. Sorry Joe, just seeing this now. Let me try to figure out how to do this!! LOL
  12. That's great to know Joe! I'm hoping to use them for my Tampa departure and Royal for hopefully March departure. It seems like so long ago you and I were talking about this trip and now it's less than a year away!!! You must be getting pumped!!!
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