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  1. Seriously JEALOUS!!! Talk about a bucket list! Now, if they could come up with back to back Alaska first, then Hawaii, best of both worlds! Following and Enjoy!! Looking forward to it!
  2. If i"m not mistaken, I believe @Sweety is on your cruise too!! Have a great time!!!
  3. OMG, Hubby "discovered" croissants when we were on the Summit in May! (NY Bagel guy). He will LOVE IT!
  4. Thank you @FManke, are they right at the pier? Haven't been to Portland in years? My husband is disabled so we will have a scooter. That's the issue with the tours, too long, but we really want to do Peggy's Cove.
  5. Thanks so much Skid!! So very sweet of you! Feels good to be back!!!
  6. YOu are so sweet Raye!! Thank you!!! Been too long, but things are pretty stable for now, so I'm baaaaaaak!!!☺️
  7. Celebrity!! I've had nothing but great experiences with them, great food, staff, etc!!
  8. I've been on 3 RC and 3 Celebrity this past 18 months. I love both. We are on the "Mature" side, but both lines are great. I really can't say which I prefer over the other. We have a great time on both. We are more laid back, like to read, go to Casino. If you are looking for more "adult" time, go with Celebrity.
  9. HI Joe!! Been Awol for awhile, dealing with hubby, but stable so we are forging ahead on our 25th Anniversary cruise on Lady G! I'm going to do that too. I was just curious if anyone used them. I'll check, I'm really looking at Peggy's cove etc, we are going to Red Sox game in Boston we are there all day! YAY!! Reykajvik has very good tour operators. (at least when I was there in my past lifetime!) You must be getting excited as the time keeps going by! I hope you and your family are doing well my friend!
  10. HI all, has anyone used RC Private Journey's for a NE/CA cruise? Just curious as it will fit our needs better than most of the regular shore excursions. Thank you!
  11. EXACTLY! We spent $67.00 last week just on underwear and shorts and one sweatshirt!!! LOL
  12. What type of cabins are they? I just got off the Summit last Sunday. She does look beautiful. They really stepped it up, service impeccable. Food fabulous, even in Ocean Grill (Celebrity's version of Windjammer). Lots to offer there too, desserts awesome! I even had to send a pic to @Sweety a picture of her Red Velvet Cake!
  13. Been following along and once again, you made us "be there" even in just pictures and descriptions!! On my bucket list, even more so now. Thank you so much for sharing once again!!
  14. Yup, we can live vicariously through you for the next 60 days! LOL. I love your blogs!!😍
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