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  1. HI there, I actually don't live there anymore but I did live in Marblehead which is right next door to Salem. Salem is great to visit. Not sure how long you are in port though. It's more than 45 minutes (not mileage, traffic wise!). there are no main roads to get there. It's beautiful! But then again so is Boston. If you are in port like we are this July, you hve plenty of time to visit both though, 10Am-11PM we are there for.
  2. I saw this one already. It was very nice and compact which I liked. It's funny Luminae doesn't look that different though, looks like same chairs. Could be wrong! LOL
  3. Heading out in 41 days, I will take pics for you if you want me to. Looking forward to it! We need it bad!
  4. thank you for this fabulous blog! I am so happy for you too, sounds like a fabulous time for all!
  5. Loving this Blog! But how in the world can you eat all that food? I've gained 10 pounds just looking at the pictures! LOL Enjoy my friend!
  6. Oh god girlfriend, you are NOT going to be able to go back to a laymans cabin after this! I am so happy for you, it really is like a dream come true!!
  7. I wouldn't miss it! Been a bit occupied with hubby, but we had a fabulous cruise on Grandeur, weather was perfect by day 2 !! You must be getting so incredibly psyched!!
  8. I'm following again! Sooooo excited for you and your family!!! can't wait for the blog too!!!
  9. Joe, just saw her in drydock last week in Freeport, right next to Navigator. I am very excited god willing to see her May 12th! I'm glad you were able to switch rooms too!
  10. Why do I find this not hard to believe! LOL That is a great rate though!
  11. Are you serious!!!! What could possible be wrong anyway?? No offense, but the Summit and I assume Millie, was running a bit ragged, you would think they would welcome the freshness! Yes, Joe, you and I should really have these issues huh??
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