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  1. Just and FYI, I had insurance through RC and had to cancel the day before the cruise. We DID NOT get refund as they determined a pre-existing condition. Read all fine print with ANY Trip Insurance. They did provide us 75% of our cruise fare for future cruises though. I learned the hard way.
  2. Seems like the aftershocks are almost just as bad. Now they're saying island wide outages too. My heart is breaking for these people.
  3. Loving this blog! Been on Summit twice and loved it, looking forward to Equinox hopefully in May! Enjoy!!
  4. i know, it's so sad, and you really don't hear about an earthquake in PR!
  5. Just heard of earthquake in Puerto Rico. Are any of you there? Praying everyone is ok!! Sounds like it was a bit large (5.3).
  6. I hope you do! I actually find it fascinating watching the videos. Swells don't bother me. Mountains in the Ocean! I think it would be a completely fabulous experience instead of the usual Caribbean, etc! Interesting Captain is American? Don't see that much! Thank you so much @twangster!!!
  7. Happy New Year @twangster. I know you did the Transatlantic, I'm curious how rough were the seas? And when would be the best time to take one (that's available)? I guess it's all a crap shoot though.
  8. ON the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, round the world cruise in a Suite!
  9. Have a great time and you too @Kylie! Might be a bit chilly on sailaway, but hopefully not for long!
  10. Always such a pleasure looking at your photos @twangster, you bring everything alive and help us dream we were there!
  11. Let me take a look. I'm supposed to be on celebrity constellation Feb, and Allure March! LOL Not sure how I can pull that off unless I win the lottery as football isn't working! LOL!!
  12. What sailing? I might have to join you and you can adopt me!!😎
  13. I was able to grab the only one left (as you know there are two) on Dec 5, 2021 sailing and the PRICE!! Like a Grand Suite on any other sailing. Happy Birthday to me!!😅
  14. Don't feel bad Kathy, I just booked Star on Dec 2021 Oasis and Feb 2022 and it's just me!!!!😎
  15. Is there any update on any of the injured? I know an American couple were on their honeymoon, he got burned over 80%. So so sad. Thank you for the update.
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