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  1. I'm thinking April 2021, hoping that's not the case, but realistic, get through the "fall/winter period to see how this virus reacts. So much uncertainty even with traveling locally now.
  2. Bummer! Trying to get refund already and can't get into the infamous RC portal to do it, even with my phone!
  3. If you let me know which company I can maybe help. Some are now letting you EFT or paying by phone.
  4. I just can't imagine what this is like. Praying for all. https://business.financialpost.com/transportation/nightmare-at-sea-ends-in-death-for-some-cruise-ship-workers
  5. I have 9 cruises booked, talk about juggling!! I have no clue when, where what ship etc!! LOL
  6. Was thinking about you on this trip! I'm booked on the Edge for this December (jury still out on that one) but already got an email that I can change.
  7. Just saw this, I was booked on Sky for NE/Canada. that's ok, I wasn't going anyway! LOL Does not bode well for the rest of the industry. Booked on Odyssey for December, thinking that may not happen.
  8. LOL! I needed that. I guess we are all just hanging around dreaming of that sailaway.
  9. Hey my friend, is Odyssey still on schedule? I couldn't find an answer. Just curious. I hope you are well and staying safe!
  10. I find this so very sad. Praying for RC and it's employees https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242023321.html
  11. Totally agree! I have 8 cruises booked, just keeping watch on when they get cancelled. It's so so sad.
  12. Just saw this too on Twitter. I'm sure RC will follow. So very sad, lost vacations, lost revenue for these cruise lines.
  13. Praying for you Joe, I know how long you've been looking forward to this fabulous cruise with your family.
  14. Today, here in Delaware, we start the stay in Place. They did cancel school now till May 15th. At that point why not the whole school year! LOL I've been working from home remotely for a NJ Financial firm, so I'm already set up and have no issues. Most of our clients are in NJ/NY though so the phones are not ringing except to SELL! LOL Don't have any cruises booked till December and who knows if I make that one. Everyone stay safe!!
  15. hoping to follow you on this cruise! I sincerely hope you don't cancel, I know how much you've looked forward to this. I love all your tea too!!
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