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  1. Welcome @ScottL!! There is such a wealth of information on this blog, I suspect you and your wife after your Allure cruise, will continue to check in here! Most importantly, thank you for your service!
  2. Yes, but Royal owns Celebrity. I believe and don't quote me they used to go to Labadee as well. I got sold on it going there too. It's a beautiful Itinerary. I'm just praying I can go! LOL I hope all well with you Joe!
  3. I personally am looking forward to it! Booked "Connie" for 2021, 11 nights, and she's going to LABADEE too!!!
  4. I'm just curious having not been to CocoCay. It's an island with no airport correct or does it have one, so if you miss the ship and there isn't another one there then what? I guess you swim and use the bungalow ! LOL Love following this.
  5. Following! A trip of a lifetime!! Your son is adorable and looks like he's already enjoying!!
  6. JUst catching up! What a fabulous blog! I loved all of it and your input! Happy Anniversary again and safe travels home!!
  7. Happy Anniversary!! Happy Cruise Day! Looks like off to fabulous start with the hotel! Look forward to following!
  8. Yup that July thing as you need to be back in September!! Not sure when Sweety's is. She's on Adventure right now.
  9. Interesting you bring this up too, on Grandeur this Thursday as I said they are opening the main dining to room to Suite guests only, so I asked, Not Pinnacle?? As an afterthought he emailed me back, oh yes, Pinnacle too! LOL I'll be dead long before that happens so I guess I'll just have to keep being a Suite snob! LOL
  10. That is so sweet of you!!! How did you upload that! Thank you so so much!!!
  11. Looking forward to following hopefully from Grandeur! Our 25th is today!! Happy Anniversary and have a fabulous time!!
  12. Following !!! Empress sounds like Grandeur?? Same era?
  13. What sailing, we are on May 12th? Also Celebrity Suite, which I have to say did not care for, it was too claustrophic with all the furniture and the bedroom felt seriously claustrophobic, curious what your thought were? Maybe it was just me! LOL. I actually prefer the Sky Suite! LOL. We love Celebrity too, but also love Royal as well. Haven't sailed on any Oasis class which I'm very hesitant to do, like smaller like Summit and Grandeur..
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