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  1. First, get written notification from your spouse's doctor, with clear indications that this is a real-deal medical issue. Second, this is why we need everyone else to get vaccinated - to cover those who absolutely in need of coverage. Our vaccinated response to this is "Sure. Real problem? We got you covered".
  2. Someone was willing to give a $1 million donation to the Governor to influence this issue. It may have backfired in this round, but you can deduce that this is far from over and that sometime in the near future big cruise ships will magically appear in Key West. Too much money involved. If the citizenry of Key West doesn't want us there, and it voted 3 times to that effect, we should respect that. I say "thank you for your hospitality" and let's move on to another port of call.
  3. Here's the big But.... Each port has to have it's own health and safety plan in place and that's at the discretion of the state (FLORIDA) to approve. The local news reports I'm seeing state that's where Gov DeSantis may hold things up. They won't be able to sail in or out of the port with a vaccine mandate (state) and won't be able to sail at all without a vaccine mandate (federal). I live in Brevard County FL (Port Canaveral), so it's a thing in the news here. There is no indication that this governor will change his position, if the past year is any indication.
  4. When spouse retires, looking forward to TA's for that same reason. We live in US, and we were thinking about Westbound to home port where no flight is needed. Our thinking is that once we were on the ship, we were heading home and most of the logistics are done. Are we wrong in that reasoning? Thanks Tom
  5. My spouse and I started cruising on RCG with a Holiday 4 night trip from Port Canaveral to Coco Cay and Nassau a few years back. The port is local(ish), no airfare, easy drive. The timing was right (spouse has shutdown from Christmas to New Years). We looked on the Royal Caribbean website, booked the cruise without much comparison as we had no reference. It was not a cheap cruise, but within our budget at the time. We specifically did not want a bargain cruise because we were "Buying Information". We wanted to know if cruising was for us (it is) and whether cruise pricing was worth it (it
  6. Absolutely understand. When other modes of transport are involved, offsite starts to make more sense. We're lucky to have Port Canaveral (closest) and Port Everglades (much further away) in easy morning-of-cruise drive. With that, we can splurge for the onsite parking to luxuriate in the lower stress levels.
  7. We live local (25 miles or so) to Port Canaveral and park onsite. But that so far has only been for short cruises. If and when we are able to take longer cruises out of Port Canaveral (after spouse retirement), we would consider other parking or get someone to drive us (friend or Uber.) For now, for us, onsite is amazing. Get your bags, leave terminal door, see your car within 200 meter walk, start the car, go home. We would much rather pay for close parking than for a drink package. Reduces pre-and-post ship friction. Granted, our situation might be different. We have a very pleasan
  8. I have been noticing this too. Crickets. Those numbers (98% / 95%) must be darn impossible to meet or they would have said something by now.
  9. We've been waiting for months for clear CDC guidance. Well, we got it. Personally, I think it's great. It can turn cruise ships into the safest places on earth. Literally. The guidance is not without its issues: First, it might mean no children at all. There is no vaccine in the US approved for under 16, but that could change. This means Disney cruises are dead in the water, along with the the raison d'etre of a lot of the infrastructure on Royal ships. Second, those who can't get vaccinated for real medical reasons may not be able to cruise. My impression is that's what the 5%
  10. I would agree with this. New(ish) to cruising, only used RCI to date, great experiences. Due to timing, itinerary, and maybe wanting to see what's out there, we booked a cruise on Princess. The website experience there is muuucchh better. We can plan all our activities, extras (food, drink, others), and excursions from one step-by-step page after booking. The room details, invoicing, and payments page is clear and available. Princess had to change ships - new one not finished yet, due to "things" in the last year or so. They rebooked us just fine, but our cruisin' buddies were relocated p
  11. I'm willing to wait a bit for the more standard Itineraries. I'm spoiled, as I live in Central Florida on the East Coast. Port Canaveral (our closest port at 35 minutes away), Tampa, and Port Everglades are all easy enough morning-of-cruise drives. Miami is stretching it, but possible. Given these itineraries come all the way back to Coco Cay and not leaving out of Port Canaveral makes not much sense to my brain. Maybe that will change, but not yet. For me, the idea of adding international air travel on top of cruising is over my threshold of pain.
  12. American has a flight in and out of Charlotte, which is their Southeastern US regional hub.
  13. The US has had a precipitous drop in February from the crazy January. But.. those numbers have leveled off, and actually look like there might be one more spike before the vaccine numbers start to take over. That leveling off started about 10 to 14 days ago. I'm hoping we can avoid that spike, but it's looking like that's gonna happen. Yes, there is some optimism to be had here, but we need to be watchful and accept that there will be setbacks, both major and minor. I process the county-by-county numbers in the US everyday (I'm a data nerd) and have since I found my good CSV sourc
  14. This might have been OK, if annoying, in the "Before-Times". But now, this could be very problematic in COVID era cruising. Choke points for the purpose of choke points are now going to be seen as straight -up evil.
  15. Functionally, these ships are amazing. Given their size, they could look worse - in fact some folks here have mentioned some egregious examples from other fleets. The RCI ships are about as good as these newer ships get. My issue is that all the cruise lines are having to do a lot of form following function, with various levels of success. A great example is the Airbus A380 vs the Boeing 747. The A380 was well liked by its passengers on the inside, and hated on the outside. That's one ugly plane. The 747 in its time changed its world. More than people would admit it, it's because of how f
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