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  1. If more ports turn away ships they may have no choice but to shut down again.
  2. Sure, but for how long will they continue testing? If forever, why not also test for flu and noro? I generally think we're testing too much to begin with. There's really little need to be testing non-symptomatic vaccinated people in a fully-vaccinated setting.
  3. Honestly I prefer them issuing the rules month to month. Gives them more flexibility to dial back restrictions as things get better. Though I suppose they can always change these rules. Would really like to see testing (and to some extent masks) go away before too much longer.
  4. I don’t think there’s any uproar at all. RCI, at least, wants to be running fully-vaccinated cruises, as evidenced by the fact that they’re already doing so everywhere (I think?) but Florida. These changes by the islands just give them more cover to do what they have wanted to do all along in Florida as well.
  5. Great news. I hope more of the islands do likewise. Note that rule as written is only in effect from September 3 through November 1.
  6. There's no doubt that the cruise lines have done a lot to ensure guest safety and mitigate COVID risk. That said, I'm not sure a cruise line super fan message board is going to provide the most unbiased response to an inquiry like this. Naturally almost everyone here thinks cruises are more safe than a resort. You have some time to wait and see...it's quite possible that Delta will have burned itself out by December and be on the decline. *fingers crossed*
  7. It’s the last paragraph: For the foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction (DE 3) is GRANTED. Defendant is ENJOINED from enforcing Section 381.00316 against Plaintiffs pending resolution of the merits of this case. (Plaintiffs being NCLH and some related parties)
  8. As I read the injunction, Florida is only prohibited from enforcing its law against NCL. Royal and Carnival may need to file their own lawsuits if they want to be similarly protected.
  9. I’m genuinely shocked by this outcome. The bits of the opinion I’m reading from articles (I haven’t read the whole opinion yet) seem very outcome based. The judge seemed to know that the policy behind the law was wrong and strained to find a justification to strike it down. Maybe the Florida legislature amends the law to exempt cruises now.
  10. Who is surprised that RCI is giving out new/different information from what we all seem to think?
  11. I hope more ports will impose such vaccination requirements since the lines (and Florida) are unwilling.
  12. The good (?) news is, at the rate RCL changes protocols, there's a pretty high chance that your expectations will be met. Well, except for the one that matters: a vaccination requirement.
  13. More testing means one thing: More cases (and thus more cancelled cruises). Not sure it’s safer for the vaccinated, but we’re all about bending over backwards for the unvaccinated in the US, so here we are.
  14. The chances of the CSO not being extended are probably less than 2%. The bigger question is what new requirements are the CDC and cruise lines going to impose on the vaccinated between now and then.
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