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  1. Mike - We were on Liberty same as you. Agree - the disembarkation was a CF of massive proportion. We had The Key, which according to the paperwork, said we could leave anytime deck 4 aft. So after our leisurely breakfast in the MDR on deck 5 we headed down to deck 4. A zoo is an understatement. No Key signage, or any signage, whatsoever. We asked the one person working (probably same as you noted above) who got on the radio and the best she could find out was that our luggage was ready for pickup. Understandably beaten down, she said to just jump in the middle of the line wrapping the dining room. We made sure the people we got in front of were aware it was the crew member telling us to do this - no altercations needed at this point! Things were great once off the ship and into the terminal. The facial recognition through customs was awesome. Our bags were there and that was that. Hopefully they get this straightened out, it really tainted that last moments on the ship, especially since this was probably the last time we'll be on Liberty given her relocation at the end of next month.
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