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  1. We're not experts as we've only been on one Oasis Class sailing but here are a few of our Oasis-class unique favorites: Aqua-Theater show: we really loved that show plus you can find some little nooks by the theater that have great views Central Park at Night: very tranquil, we enjoyed walking through that area after dinner, listening to whatever live music they had going that night. Solarium Bistro for breakfast/lunch instead of the Windjammer: Less hectic and stressful than the windjammer but essentially the same food. THere are also plenty of other food options to avoid the Windjammer crush We had two concerns heading into our cruise that we didn't find to be true (though your results may vary): 1) Too many people. Yes there are a lot of people on the ship but it wasn't overwhelming other than leaving the muster drill As there were several venues emptying into the same location, that was the only time it was claustrophobic. 15-20 minutes our of a week long trip. The pool deck walkway can get pinched a little if there's a stroller/scooter coming the other direction but nothing awful 2) You're disconnected from the sea: I'm sure this is very subjective, but I really didn't feel that way. Yes, there are a lot of internal focused venues but there's always the walkway on deck 5, the aft end of the boardwalk, and the entire upper deck. We had gotten an ocean facing balcony based on that concern but it wasn't needed for that. Don't get me wrong it was great to have but there were plenty of other spots to see/hear/smell the ocean. Our favorite pool chair location was on the forward starboard section, underneath the upper walkway. We spent many an hour with a drink and and a kindle watching the ocean go by. With that said, that's actually one concern I have with the Amplification, I think that's the area where the slides are going. But we'll just find a new spot for our August sailing on Oasis.
  2. Yep. The Enchantment going from Coco Cay to Key West, they crank it up and everything in the MDR is vibrating.
  3. I think that's too tight of a window for Orlando. IF the ship is on schedule, you'd still need some stars to align for being some of the first off the ship, properly staffed customs area, no traffic and no backup at the security area at the airport. If the ship is late or a customs delay, your time margin is lost. There's too much potential for stress imo.
  4. I believe you are responsible for the luggage (although I've never taken the RCI transport). The only luggage service I am aware of is when you leave the ship to go back to the airport, but that's an extra fee and I don't belive it's available on every ship.
  5. as others have mentioned, think of it like luggage at the airport, bags that are big enough to check on the plane get "checked" at the port in that you give them to the porters when you get to the port (and give the porters a few $ per bag) . Then the smaller bags you can carry on the plane can be brought on board with you. These should hold your travel docs, meds, and a change of clothes for the pool and perhaps dinner. The rooms are usually ready around 1:00. The bags that you gave to the porters will be delivered and placed outside your door. SOmetimes you're lucky and they are there when the rooms are ready, sometimes they trickle in throughout the day.
  6. Given your screen name, you're clearly more versed in the Florida traffic than I am. All I can relay is that we drove on a Saturday in October, left Disney property around 1130, took the turnpike and were at the FLL hotel around 3:00.
  7. I get that. I've done 2+ hours a day in a car for going on 25 years but I'd still drive it. We did the Disney to FLL drive back in October and it was 3-3 1/2 hours. WHile there might be an accident, to me it's less risky and it won't really take that much longer. What's the flight time? 45 minutes? If you get to the airport even 90 minutes prior to the flight, add in the 45 min flight time, and then add in 30 min at FLL to collect your luggage, you're almost at 3 hours. Any airline delay and driving is quicker. Not as relaxing but quicker. Plus no chance of lost luggage.
  8. We've had decent but for the most part, nothing special food at the MDR. I agree with an analogy that I saw on the boards, where they compared the MDR food to really good banquet food. I personally think the WJ dinner food is just as good, if not better. Some things are better than others obviously but I think it comes down to what dining experience you want. Do you want to be waited on in a nicer setting or are you okay with serving yourself and eating at your own pace (and depending on where /when you sit in the WJ, the views are just as good)? That will determine MDR or WJ imo.
  9. The Enchantment is a fine ship, particularly for an anniversary cruise. It won't have the zip lines or the water slides, etc, but it's got what you need to relax and de-stress. Check out the Schooner bar. That's one thing that class of ship has that's way better than the newest/biggest ship. The location on the Enchantment has lots of floor to ceiling windows and is really nice.
  10. That'll be tough. Christmas at the Orlando Parks are by far the busiest periods of the year. I know at Disney, the Magic Kingdom can reach capacity during that week where they won't let anyone else in who isn't staying at a Disney hotel. Best case is that you get to the parks by 0930-1000 and then you'll probably need to leave by 4-4:30. YOu'll be there in the crowdest part of the day. YOu really won't be able to get much in in terms of rides. If you've never been to the parks, to me it would be overwhelming to experience and navigate. Actually it would be overwhelming even being a park vet. I think it sounds good in theory but is probably not the best idea in reality. THere are other similar threads about Disney on this board that will tell you that same thing.
  11. There are a lot of factors that will impact how much you'd be able to do at Universal. When in December is the cruise stopping in Port Canaveral, how long is it in port and is it over a weekend? If the ship is there from 9Am to 9 PM, you'll probably only have 6-7 hours at the park which will limit how many rides you'll be able to get on unless you spend the extra $$ for the Universal Express. If it's over Christmas then the parks will be extra crowded which will further cut into ride time. It's doable as long as your expectations are realistic in that you'll only have a half day or so at the parks, it might be crowded, and you probably won't get on a lot of the major attractions. Just additional factors to consider. Now if you've got season passes and just need a Universal fix, then it's perfect.
  12. That's a good suggestion. you can check two promenade view interior rooms. What drove the Juinor Suite booking? This is a tough call overall, being that it's a cruise with family. Are they seasoned cruisers? If this is your first, it might be good to go with them and learn the ropes so to speak. If you're looking to re-book over the holidays, the price is going to be at a premium on any ship. Same with the summer when the kids are out of school. You'll get lots of opinions on ships and destinations. Our family prefers the bigger ships (Oasis-class) and with kids, it's hard to go wrong with them based on all the activities (not that the Independence is a small ship, void of activities, that's not the case either. Plenty big and plenty to do). My personal opinion is to stick with the current plan since it's a holiday trip with family. Maybe look to switch to a more affordable room(s)?
  13. I remember a similar post about a year ago, someone had booked a 0845 flight out of FLL. If I recall correctly, there was some pre-cruise coordination to ensure they were the first ones off when the ship was cleared.
  14. Sounds like a plan to me. Physically walking out of MCO and not hitting something Disney is a hard sell for my wife.
  15. Be first in line for self checkout. Is there anything around 11-12 at FLL?
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