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  1. I'd be curious if there's a difference in the passengers between the Navigator out of Miami and the Mariner being out of Canaveral. ie, Miami might draw more of the weekend "party boat" crowd while the Mariner might pull more families and Orlando tourists looking to combine a cruise with the parks. Or does it just vary sailing to sailing with no rhyme or reason. We're looking at a quick getaway over President's Day weekend and that's a factor I'm trying to figure out.
  2. yeah, we had to kill 3 hours there in October. The terminal for SW gets overwhelmed with people and limited meal options.
  3. Good to know. I was excited about the prospect of Hooked but I had my doubts on the MD crab cake and I'm not a huge lobster fan so the menu doesn't appeal to me very much. I know others love lobster so neither my wife or I partake in Lobster Night to leave at least two more lobster tails for others on the ship.
  4. I can tell you where I wouldn't stay: Homewood Suites off Of Griffin Rd nor the Hampton Inn off of Stirling.Both are the "least" good of that chain that I've stayed in. Next time we sail and we just need a place for the night before, I'd choose the Embassy Suites.
  5. It's been awhile, but I've only ever done a one way rental, with a repeat on the way back. It's not the most direct but it's cheaper than the shuttle and it gives you more control on your schedule. The rental car shuttle back and forth to the port is relatively seemless. Note though, on the return, if you're planning on carrying your luggage off and getting off the ship early, the rental car places may not be open yet. Side note: Good call on the Hyatt Regency hotel in the airport, particularly if you're on a late flight into MCO. It's super convenient.
  6. @Weezie57 You might want to look at this Enchantment related thread as well: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/12822-enchantment-or-liberty-out-of-galveston/
  7. While it might not be unanimous, Liberty will almost certainly garner the majority of votes here. Newer, larger, more to do. There's nothing wrong with the Enchantment, but unless you're a confirmed fan of the smaller ships, she's more for the regular cruiser just looking for a quick sailing. O/V vs Balcony? Comes down to price (imo). Some are on their balcony all the time so it's a must. I like having a balcony but never use it as much as I think we would so if it's a couple of hundred $ more, I'll spring for it. If it's many hundreds of $ more, I'll take an O/V or a promenade view interior.
  8. As someone with a shredded back, I can relate and sympathize Hope you're feeling better.
  9. As a MD native, crab cakes just aren't the same outside the Delmarva area...... Thank you for all the details about the Key.
  10. Definitely. It's a different (potential) reality out there now now. Good for him as he's made it work.
  11. Well I just spent a few minutes on YouTube watching SpaceBalls.... Yeah, that's incredible. Nice life if you can swing it.
  12. @Lovetocruise2002 and @WAAAYTOOO give sound advice. I avoid transferring in Chicago at any time of the year if I can possibly avoid it. I'd pick Option #2 as the best of the worst. I'm not as familiar with that airport but Chicago would be a no-go for me.
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