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  1. Advice and Suggestions Please. We are Seniors who live in Florida Is there a way to do a Transatlantic or a Repositioning Cruise out of Florida and take a cruise back to Florida? If so, we would only want a minimum layover. Thanks Joe (proud military veteran and retired navy submarine sailor)
  2. Thanks Everyone What I did not mention. This cruise(s) is a back to back ( 9 total days ) and we were able to use a $400.00 Casino Certificates on the first cruise and a $500.00 Casino Certificate on the 2nd part of the back to back. She does want to go. Me, the loss of the Casino Certificates does not matter. Her enjoyment means more. ( Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor )
  3. August 8, 2020 Cruise ( if there is one ) and wife’s surgery. Wife had an Ileostomy ( her entire colon was removed ) the end of January which now requires her to wear an Ostomy Bag. The Doctor told her, they might be able to do a reversal surgery and reconnect to the rectum, so that she would not have to wear an Ostomy Bag. My question. If they are able to do the reversal surgery, it would be done the middle of July. The hospital stay would be about 5 days and the recovery is normally about 2 to 3 weeks. Wife really wants to go on the Cruise. Would you G
  4. I have been checking my Casino Royale offers for the past month or so and I have not seen any at all. I thought this was odd so I called and was told even tho I am Prime there are no offers available to me. Are others getting offers ? Thanks
  5. MicroBeta I served on the USS Jack (SSN605), USS Gato (SSN 615) and USS Nathan Hale (SSBN623) (Blue)
  6. Curiosity Question How many Royal Luggage Tags do you put on each piece of luggage ? I have been putting two on each bag ( one on the top and one on the side ) as a precaution in case one of them fall off. Joe ( Proud Military Veteran and retired Navy Submarine Sailor )
  7. My status at Casino Royale is Prime and I receive offers throughout the year. My wife however does not gamble and does not receive any offers. I only play slot’s and will most likely never get above Prime. My question is this. Should I use my wife’s Sea Pass Card in an effort to get her some points so that she might receive some offer’s. Thanks Joe
  8. Are there any benefits to getting a junior suite on the Mariner of the Seas and the Empress of the Sea's other than the size of the room and balcony?I I hear the term Country Kitchen, are they on these ship's ? If so any benefit ? Thanks Joe
  9. Yesterday we received an email from Casino Royale for a comp ocean view stateroom on the Empress of the Seas for a 6 or 8 night cruise and or 4 or 5 night cruise on the Majesty of the Sea's. We selected the 8 night on Empress of the Seas. Since this is a comp cruise and the final cost for the wife and I was taxes and fee's of $282.00 My Question(s) Should we turn it over to a Travel Agent or leave it as it is ? Is there any benefit for the TA or us since it was a 100%
  10. First let me Say. We Will Not Go On A Cruise WITHOUT INSURANCE We are Senior’s 67 and 66, I am Retired Military and we are Florida Residents Should we buy travel insurance when we purchase the cruise because of pre-existing conditions ? Should we wait until we are sure of the cruise so that we can cancel and not lose out on the money for the insurance ? This question comes to mind because. We are going on the Harmony of the Seas on April 28, 2019. We have Travel Insurance. The price of our cruise dropped $450.00 and I am being told, noth
  11. Concerns Harmony of the Seas and Stateroom 6310 Had a Guaranteed Ocean View Balcony for Harmony of the Seas departing April 28, 2019. Just found out our Stateroom will be: 6310 Can anyone tell me about this cabin or where I can go to find out more info about this cabin and location. Thanks Joe (Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor)
  12. I booked a Guaranteed Ocean View Balcony – Harmony of the Seas – April 28, 2019 Just looked to see how many Balcony Staterooms are currently available and there are only five (5). I also looked to see how many Junior Staterooms are available and there are only 1. I realize there will be last minute changes and or cancellations. This will be our sixth cruise with Royal Caribbean. What are your opinions Thanks Joe ( Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor )
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