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  1. I have sailed on Anthem a few times in the October/November time frame and one of the nice things was being able to stay inside the solarium during the cold weather until you get closer to Florida. I have not been on the Oasis class, but it looks like the solarium is very open. How windy is it and will it be tolerable while underway? Or are they just counting on folks enjoying other parts of the ship until it gets warm?
  2. A while back someone posted that the Royal Caribbean UK website worked differently in that it showed ALL available cabins. The US site only shows a selection of available cabins. I have tried it and found it to be true. You search for and find your cruise, select the cabin type, and then there is a drop down for every category with all the available rooms. I used this several weeks ago to change rooms to one that was showing available on the UK site but not the US site. https://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ Sorry that I can't give credit to the original poster.
  3. Was on Anthem and Brilliance in the second half of the year and found the pizza much better than 2017 on the same ships....They certainly made some changes to make it better.
  4. I just received an email with a sale on this package for 35% off making it $20 a day. This is as inexpensive as I have seen it. If you are thinking of purchasing it this seems like a good time...
  5. Thanks for posting this, great tip. I was in the process of looking at a cruise on Majesty of the Seas and it seemed the availability was not that great. I just tried your tip and found that there are literally hundreds of staterooms available. Thanks!
  6. That sounds good to me so I gave it a try. Tried to go to the cruise planner. I also like when you click on the cruise planner for your cruise on which has all of the information displayed on the new website it then takes you to a page from the old site and asks for your name and all of your cruise information including reservation number. Even though you literally just clicked on that exact cruise. That aside, instead of going to the cruise planner I just received the error message: Error locking the Cruise Reservation. So at this point I will just give it a month or so and if it is not worked out I will just have to call.
  7. LOL, after reading this thread and out of curiosity I just tried to access, for the first time, the online check in for us going on Anthem at the end of October. And of course, I received the same message: The requested reservation is currently being modified. Please try again at a later time. At least I have 86 days to get it done.
  8. I had this issue three weeks ago for online check in for the Brilliance in October. Tried multiple computers, multiple browsers. After five days of on and off trying it suddenly worked with me doing nothing different. I know it has been said hundreds of times here and other places, but the performance of their website (and ship apps) is just beyond comprehension.
  9. Watching the ocean go by in 270 during the day on Anthem of The Seas...
  10. I just booked Brilliance of the Seas for the October 1st cruise. In the beginning where you usually have a choice between refundable and non refundable, I had no choice. When I got to the final checkout page I DID get a box that I could check to turn it into a refundable deposit. For this cruise it was only a $10 extra charge (not per person, $10 total). CT
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