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  1. We are scheduled to sail Navigator of the Seas. I’ll keep an eye out!! Thank you!! Trying to figure out our first cruise details amidst this mess LOL. BUT IT IS FUN TO DREAM!
  2. Man!!!! I am really hoping for the Navigator!!! We are booked for March 8,2021 .. cutting it cloooose for the moment.
  3. @twangster thanks!! It is not showing up in my cruise planner- should I be looking elsewhere?? Diving in Nassau is ranging $133 to $160 if that’s even possible
  4. Well..I haven't cruised yet but have a drink question!! My planner says that both adults adults sharing a stateroom must purchase the DBP...but my husband doesn't drink and I cannot drink enough for both of us to justify the DBP. I like the idea of not having to count my drinks to stay on budget without the DBP but also don't want to spend the money for him to not use it at all. It is a catch 22 - and is there a work around??
  5. Hi Ya'll!! I am NEW NEW NEW to cruising and have my first 'real' cruise booked for March 8, 2021 on Navigator It is a surprise Christmas gift for our son and scheduled for his Spring break. SO, my question is IF this is cancelled, how long does it generally take to get a refund. We will make a decision on refund or FCC as a family once everyone knows about it.. But if we choose a refund, I wonder if we would have it in time to use for spring break to go do something else fun & epic. Anyways...I am so so hopeful that they'll have this all figured out by then (eternal optimist) but wa
  6. Is there SCUBA and snorkel concessions at CoCo Cay? I don't see SCUBA as an excursion on the Perfect day at CoCo Cay planning site. But I do see on the map there is a snorkel shack or something to that effect. For the sake of saving space, i don't want to travel with SCUBA or snorkel gear. And I am going to guess (IF we get to sail March 8, 2021) there may be limitations to the Bahamas port of call and SCUBA opportunities there.
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