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  1. True. No vaccine is 100% effective and there will always be people who are unable or unwilling to take it. However, it makes more sense than testing...and, what other diseases would this be expanded to?
  2. The ultimate solution is showing proof of a vaccine. My point is why would RCI, or any cruise company when within a year-ish there will be a vaccine? I don’t think it will entice enough people to cruise to make up for the cost of a short term fix. Not to mention will likely be too big brother like for some people. What about false positives, or worse, false negatives. I’m not really sure it makes good financial sense to gear up all their ports/ships with this technology. Does anyone know how long it would take to get the necessary equipment deployed and personnel trained? Could they get it done before the vaccine hits? Mike
  3. But, what's the likelihood it will be any sooner than mid to late June? If we're successful in flattening the curve then that draws the end out further. Not to mention that #2 gives the CDC the authority to extend it beyond the 100 days. I for one do not want this to end any sooner than it needs to be to ensure it doesn't spread any further than is necessary. IMHO, that's more important than anything else. Mike
  4. I suspect they're hoping it will be rescinded before the 100 days. If they cancel all the way out won't they potentially be struck with empty ships they've already refunded? Mike
  5. That article is inflammatory, way over the top, an unfair characterization, and not exactly false. The fact is a contagious virus could easily go through passengers and crew like wildfire. But, 99.999999999999999999999% of the time it ain't a problem. It's only in a world wide pandemic that it becomes a problem...a once in a generation event. In the end, that article is just fear mongering and doesn't generally apply...most of the time. Mike
  6. Could be. The one thing I am sure of is my Oasis cruise departing May 31st ain't gonna happen. Mike
  7. I doubt it will last 100 days. I kinda think that the max they expect so rather than update the order they said 100 unless rescinded sooner. Mike
  8. I've been seeing lots of argument on Facebook about when the 100 days starts. Some people are adamant that it starts from the original March 14th date. Others, including myself, read it as starting from the date of publication of the new order which is scheduled for April 15th. Do I read it wrong? Mike
  9. There is now a new publication date and a new document number. I don't know what that's about though. https://www.federalregister.gov/agencies/centers-for-disease-control-and-prevention https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/04/15/2020-07930/no-sail-order-and-suspension-of-further-embarkation-modification-and-extension-and-other-measures Mike
  10. RCI put out a new press release but it doesn't say much. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/92/rcl-response-to-cdc-announcementnbsp/ Mike
  11. But, at the end of the document it states: "This order is effective upon publication in the Federal Register and shall continue in operation until the earliest of (1) the expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency; (2) the CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerations; or (3) 100 days from the date of publication in the Federal Register." IMHO, the 100 days or earlier starts from the date of publication. Mike
  12. I'm trying' have faith too. Right now we're planning like it's happening. Mike
  13. My cruise is May 31st. I'm not very hopeful.
  14. Our cruise starts May 31st. With the latest news, there's a good chance our cruise will be canceled. Mike
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