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  1. IIRC, there is a height restriction (≈190 ft) for the Panama Canal due to the Bridge of the Americas. That eliminates Oasis & Freedom classes...not sure about the others but at least the older ships should be able to make it. I thought remember reading that the Anthem can though. Mike
  2. I have all of that. Even a programmable remote that once I find out what make/model the TV is I can hook it up to my laptop and download the right code set. Although, we don't spend much time in our room. 😁 Mike
  3. Can you stream to TVs on other ships? That would be cool.
  4. Camo Duck says Quack!

  5. What I find interesting is that Carnival has 15% more passengers than RCI and yet RCI made 56% more money than Carnival. Mike
  6. According to the current marine tracking data, the Oasis is currently underway. 😄 Mike
  7. I think some in this thread have it right..."Fully covered, shoes and shirt required." Mike
  8. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.😀 Mike
  9. I didn't say she left today although, someone up thread did. At work when we take a vessel out of dry dock we call it floating off. 😉 However, I haven't seen anything saying Oasis is underway. EDIT: I just checked a ship tracker and the Oasis is currently moored. Mike
  10. It appears that OBD from a travel agent is not always refundable. I'm also wondering about rewards card OBC. Mike
  11. This is a bit confusing. RCI says onboard credit is non-refundable. Yet, I've seen discussions and blogs that say third party OBC is refundable. IIUC, the OBC from a TA may be refundable but the terms & conditions from our TA specifically said it's non-refundable. The other problem is we can get OBC on our RCI rewards credit card. What category does this fall into? The TOC for converting points ot OBC doesn't say either way. Google and forum searches haven't turned up any definitive answers and there doesn't seem to be anything official on refundable/non-refundable....except RCI's FAQ does say non-refundable. The question is where does rewards card OBC fit into this and what conditions determine whether a travel agent's OBC is refundable? Mike
  12. The couple posting the video did not have the drink package. So at 7% it's just on the cost of the drink. It's good to know they weren't charged tax on the "surcharge". I wonder if that's unique to Florida or does RCI do this for all in port, non-drink package drinks in the US. And, why wouldn't drink package drinks be subject to tax in port? I believe it should be that way because I pre-paid for the package but I can see states/municipalities might see it another way. 😁 Mike
  13. I recently saw a Youtube video showing some drink receipts on Majesty OTS out of Fort Lauderdale. The drinks were while in port and they had tax on them. It corresponded to 6% which is sales tax in FL. So, it appears there is something, at least about being in FL, that has caused RCI to charge sales tax on drinks. And, it was 6% of the drink+"surcharge". Of course the "surcharge" is the 18% gratuity. It doesn't seem fair to pay sales tax on the gratuity but if you call it a surcharge it's apparently taxable. Edit: BTW, the video was from June of this year. Mike
  14. Me too. I'm dying to see how the wifi and app work. We have the Key for our May 2020 sailing so I'm hopin' we can have all the latest tech bells and whistles. Mike
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