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  1. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html Am I interpreting this correctly in that no cruises are allowed for another 100 days from today?
  2. Our June 7 on Oasis did not offer any additional OBC.
  3. Not sure if true or an April fools joke. Anyone else here this? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/royal-caribbean-extends-operations-suspension-141602627.html
  4. Strange they don’t say for how long.
  5. June 14 since our cruise is booked for June 7 😅
  6. Black Friday sale I picked up Voom for the 4 of us on Oasis for $22.50 a day. Sailing in June (I hope)
  7. Question. If Royal cancels the cruise, do they offer a refund instead of FCC? We are set to sail June 7 on Oasis. Will happily go if it sails, just thinking ahead. The same cruise in 2021 is much more expensive at this point and is honestly the only time of year we can get the whole family together.
  8. #stillgoing June 7 Oasis provided a decision isn’t made for us prior to sailing
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Opened for our cruise now too. All booked. Thanks!
  10. On the same sailing, waiting for the entertainment options to open for booking. Can’t wait!
  11. Those are what we bought and were very pleased with them. Also room in there for some cash and it will even hold your passport if you take it off the ship.
  12. Agreed, we did not enjoy the approach of the vendors up the hill, felt very uncomfortable with their approach. This was something we did not expect from a Royal Caribbean private island. Would visit there again as it was beautiful, but would avoid that area entirely.
  13. Cape Liberty has its own parking garage. You pull into the pier, drop your luggage at the designated spot and proceed to the parking garage. I think it is $25 a day for 2020. There are some YouTube videos of the process.
  14. Recommend a passport. If for some reason you miss getting back on the ship at a port of call, you are going to need a passport to get back out of that country.
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