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  1. I got a reply on RCI Facebook Messenger today from Jo-Ann about my June 14th Harmony cruise. She said "There are no changes to the sailing and we're excited to welcome you onboard".
  2. Must have been.... Now I'm in. Thanks.
  3. When I click on "Plan my Cruise" it just goes back to the main website. Sometimes when I go back to the cruise planner is says I have 0 upcoming cruises.
  4. I cannot get into my cruise planner for my June 14th Harmony cruise today. Any new news?
  5. @nate91 Costco was able to do an excellent change for me about a 2 months ago. It was for my June 14th cruise on Harmony. We originally had a GTY oceanview balcony for 4 of us. Me, my wife, and 2 teenage boys. I booked that last June. So 2 months ago, I saw that pricing was almost identical to get 2 rooms directly across the hall from each other.... And I could now pick my rooms. One was a oceanview large balcony and the other room was a central park view. The Costco agent was able to call Royal and make the switch for me.
  6. I'm so sad. We have never cruised and were soooooooo looking forward to this.... The way everyone talks about Harmony of the Seas.... Such a disappointment.
  7. I have never cruised before and have almost invested 10K in my cruise in June fro my family on Harmony. Will be so disappointed.....
  8. My cruise is in June... I know they have only cancelled for 30 days, but with all of this info do you think even June is a reality to cruise?
  9. So what time are the poker tournaments and blackjack tournaments on Harmony? When I try to purchase on the cruise planner there's no option to pick a specific day or time.
  10. OK. Thanks for your thoughts. After seeing these replies, I had the kids pick one or the other.... They picked the beach club. So I cancelled the water park passes and we are just doing the beach club.
  11. Traveling on Harmony of the Seas in June. I purchased the Coco Cay beach club and the thrill water park. Is that too much for one day on the island? It's me, my wife, and my 2 teenage boys.
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