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  1. Have you tried decoding the barcode in your edocs' setsail pass? We're over a month out and while the families with us haven't "officially" received their assignments, their barcodes revealed their rooms. I think they don't spell it out to reduce the number of people calling to swap rooms around.
  2. 1-2-3-4? That's the combination to my luggage!
  3. On our cruise there are available rooms now, all the way from interior guarantee to one of the Star Loft suites, where everything was showing as "sold out" for months, so part of me really thinks it might be possible to get a positive response on Royal Up. The families we're traveling with don't even have official room assignments yet (one with interior guarantee, one with balcony guarantee), so maybe whoever is doing the math on our cruise is on vacation.
  4. Ugh, now I know of sailings both before and after ours that have confirmed Royal Up results. Meanwhile mine is still pending.
  5. Congratulations on the upgrade. When is your sailing?
  6. That sounds like a case. Try Walmart or an office supply store.
  7. She might be thinking only of the iconic pretzel shape. Might want to mention specifically what you found and where.
  8. I've never been, but here in Virginia there are a couple of breweries that have walls of machines that scan a card (on the ship, I'd imagine you use a Seapass card) and dispense beer. Kind of interesting and a way to try different beers before committing. The breweries charge based on how much you dispense rather than a normal soda machine that charges you $X for a cup which you fill. That seems to be roughly the same on Anthem - 2 oz (taster) and 5 oz ("glass") pours. No idea how that will intersect with beverage plans. There are reports that it is not covered at all, then reports that it is covered (up to the normal limit). It would definitely tell you how much it costs before dispensing, though. Report back and let us know. 🙂
  9. Haha, I wonder what she was thinking she she saw that order. Maybe that you had a sleepover? Or you guys are just really, really big fans of breakfast. Snake, maybe? Or a flowerpot.... Hmm....
  10. Try the app, it should have the showtimes for the entire week and your current dining selection (whether that is early, late, or my time). If you don't have access to that, you could try to find a roll call for your cruise or there are sometimes Facebook groups for specific cruises. You mentioned that you are free for dinner three days out of the seven. Check the planner, there is sometimes a three night dining package. That would fit nicely, but you will need to make those reservations onboard to make sure they fit with your group schedule. Enjoy the cruise!
  11. If nothing else, that's definitely a great attitude to have on day one!
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