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  1. There is an attendant checkpoint of sorts on the dock that leads to the cabanas.
  2. Now I see them, multiple dates 7 night Perfect Day Bahamas Sept/Oct, but I swear it wasn't there this morning when I checked. More maybe?
  3. That Oasis is listed out of Cape Liberty is kind of misleading, as there are only three cruises for that ship/port combo, and they're all next year (May, June, August). Maybe there were others but they're all sold out?
  4. We just booked a cruise (Enchantment out of Baltimore in June) and it has $50 pp deluxe, $23 pp refreshment. Seems like it's unlikely to get better than that.
  5. Ok, for real this time. This IS going to be our first Royal Caribbean cruise. First time cruising out of Baltimore, too, even though it's our closest port.
  6. Well, that was short-lived. Maybe someday we will actually have a first Royal cruise.
  7. We're booked on this one - will be our first Royal cruise - the original first one was meant to be Symphony last year. Will be our longest cruise.
  8. *twitches* Other than the fact that they are not symmetrical, the fact that some of them are over and some under is just TOO FAR!
  9. Gotcha, I've only cruised out of two ports, so I don't know how it works everywhere. I thought you were focused on the effective date of the policy.
  10. Because Royal employees always follow the policies correctly? I'm not saying this happened, but I can definitely see that it might have.
  11. Two ships (seems it would be a Carnival ship and Grandeur) are being allowed to dock and disembark passengers and that's all.
  12. Evidently no one on our sailing that planned on the Beach Club is cancelling - the price went up to $250 pp instead of $199 (and it's previous low of ~50). To answer for us, though - we will be on it if they let us (April 4th on Symphony). Seeing all of these other cruise lines suspend operations really makes me wonder if we'll be given the opportunity, though.
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