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  1. I assumed they were trying to get the double points for the paid solo room. But I also don't know how points work with casino comps.
  2. You can book two rooms, but you can't check in to both of them. If you had a paid room and a casino room, you would have to check into one of them. Essentially on check-in you would check in to the paid room and be a no-show on the casino room. Second person checks into the casino room, everything's maybe ok? Depends on the terms and conditions of that room, they might try to claw back the money if the casino comped individual doesn't show up for the casino comped cruise (even though you kind of did). Try it and let us know what happens. Problem again is that you can only check-in to one cabin. If grandma checks into suite to get fancy seapass, no one checks into the sleeping cabin and it is closed. If grandma checks into the sleeping cabin she doesn't get a fancy seapass. The only way this would work is to have another person to get around the empty room problem - that person would not get star benefits. You would have your star suite with grandma booked in it, other person book whatever other type of cabin they want, grandma gets a key for second cabin and sleeps there, but has a star class seapass for the benefits. Other option is to just pay for the packages, put her in a grand suite if she needs to eat at CK with you and have access to the lounge.
  3. Thanks everyone, unfortunately it was too late. Brock from MEI tried, but both booking transfers were rejected by the sales administration office. Next time I'll have a contact, though! That was one of my hopes. But if it's outside the policy (which someone way more knowledgeable will post soon, I'm sure), not much a TA can do either.
  4. I filled out the form, but it might be too late - I found older posts referencing 60 days, which we're within, but I think we're slightly over 30 at this point. Thanks for the response, though.
  5. Hi all, We're about to go on our first Royal Caribbean cruise Friday (just got our negative test results back), but have already booked a back to back pair in the Mediterranean next year. After lots of fun with this cruise (ahem), I'm considering transfer of those two existing bookings to a travel agent. Problem is, we don't have one. I'd like to give MEI a shot, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it - do we contact MEI and they assign an agent, try to contact an individual agent here, just submit the website phone number and hope for the best?
  6. Not for all ports of call - for example, Bermuda doesn't accept a letter of recovery.
  7. You will have to pay the fee just to board, unfortunately, staying on the ship doesn't save you from the fee.
  8. Took about two weeks for ours, but don't worry, they will be looking at the physical card when you arrive regardless.
  9. There is an attendant checkpoint of sorts on the dock that leads to the cabanas.
  10. Now I see them, multiple dates 7 night Perfect Day Bahamas Sept/Oct, but I swear it wasn't there this morning when I checked. More maybe?
  11. That Oasis is listed out of Cape Liberty is kind of misleading, as there are only three cruises for that ship/port combo, and they're all next year (May, June, August). Maybe there were others but they're all sold out?
  12. We just booked a cruise (Enchantment out of Baltimore in June) and it has $50 pp deluxe, $23 pp refreshment. Seems like it's unlikely to get better than that.
  13. Ok, for real this time. This IS going to be our first Royal Caribbean cruise. First time cruising out of Baltimore, too, even though it's our closest port.
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