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  1. Congrats on the milestone and the cruise booking!!!!
  2. I have two cruises the summer of 2020 (one on Harmony and one on Oasis) and just noticed a pretty significant price increase on the Deluxe Beverage Package. A couple weeks ago it had 20% off with the price of $56 and now it is 20% off with a price of $65 😮. Price increases are always expected but wow! Are other people seeing an increase in their package prices? #StillLoyalToRoyal #StillGoingToPurchaseLOL
  3. I also saw the menus for the week on the App. I'm not sure if it's that accurate, but it seemed pretty close to what I normally expect.
  4. These are great ideas! Thanks @twangster and @CGTLH
  5. Hi all! Does anyone know if Symphony has the espresso martini? I had it on Harmony last summer on the Rising Tide, but wanted to confirm this didn't change. No sabor = no Jalapeno Marg, so I want to make sure they don't get rid of my other favorite cocktail haha Thanks!
  6. Yeah should be fine! I've seen tons of kids walking through and for the most part, everyone has been respectful of noise.
  7. Oh no! It's my girlfriend's first cruise, so she will be disappointed. I don't think either of us will be complaining due to lack of food though hahaha! Thanks @AshleyDillo
  8. Hi everyone! I know that Symphony has a cupcake making class, but I wanted to know if they actually sell cupcakes on board (maybe at Sugar Beach?). Does anyone know? I have a cruise in about a month (counting down the seconds at work haha). Thanks!
  9. @Matt loving the podcasts and been making my way through them during commutes. Why is episode 120 and the ones before coming up as denied access when I try to download them from the site? Thanks!
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