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  1. Young adults are allowed in bars etc. You can tell by their Seapass card that they are 18-20. They are not allowed in the teen clubs.
  2. Late to your post. We have been on both ships … basically the same ship. Galveston is a cool town and there is a lot of things to do between Houston and Galveston. As you normally fly from Detroit. I would suggest flying Southwest (HOU). You will save a lot on airfare vs. IAH. Hobby Airport is much closer to Galveston. As Twangster pointed out you can stay at the Airport and take the Shuttle out the day of or there a good options in-between (shopping or space center) or you can proceed and stay at the Island. You will find you will have a strong Midwestern and Tx crowd. But just like middle Canada we tend to be more fun and easy going. So saving on flights + cruise fare + good people makes up for the 1 hour commute from the airport to the port. Best of luck.
  3. We usually go to Guest Services the night before departure and cash out our refundable credit before the lines get long. Then whatever incendentials we have gets charged to our credit card on file.
  4. This might work to your advantage if one of the adults wants the drink package. As you are not required to buy packages for all in the cabin for minors. So say hubby wants package and you don't … He can purchase it and the son doesn't have to buy anything.
  5. @hsweat22 this is what I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MYBLNA6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was $11
  6. It is true. They are behind the bed ... ask the room attendant.
  7. Since the banning of extension cords and power bars and with the hope of avoiding one of Royal's '25 Orange Extension Cords I have done the following: - For my CPAP I bought a 15' cord to replace the standard 6' cord that goes from the outlet to the power transformer block . You can buy them on Amazon as they are the same cords used for TVs and some computers. - I bought a 220v plug adapter with USB ports. This allow for an additional plug at the desk for dual voltage devices as well as 2 spots for charging phone, tablets etc. - Lastly, I went to the hardware store and bought an old fashioned 1 to 3 square block 110v adapter. These days as most things are USB powered … having 5 standard outlets and 2 USB outlets is all we need. Total investment was less than $20.
  8. Us too. Got a great price on a huge suite with discount parking at the port. Had good beach and pool. Free parking.
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