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  1. A PNR # is a 6 digit A/N code that is used to identify you, from purchase to you boarding in all of the airline systems. It goes back to the days when Travel Agents booked tickets for you. The problem with reservation #s it is usually unique to the organization who sold you the ticket. i.e. Air2Sea, Priceline or the specific airline. The PNR code as it is known, is what is unique to you with each airline with all of that airline's systems. As stated, some airline's systems allow you to use multiple ways to look up your reservations (name, reservation #, PNR code) ... some don't. The PNR Code is the industry standard for all airlines.
  2. For FWIW, you can call the RC Visa Cruise Credit Department and ask for you onboard credit to be applied to your cruise account earlier than 14 days prior to departure. It helps with making Cruise Planner purchases earlier during sales. The reason they wait in posting is that if for some reason you had to cancel your cruise, you lose your Onboard Credit as BOA considers it a non-refundable gift certificate. You have to work with RC to get it applied to another cruise. In the old days you didn't get the credit until the second day of the cruise.
  3. Wine Skins from Amazon. They are a combo of bubble wrap and a sealable heavy duty ziplock. As we have to fly we use them in suitcase then pull them out and put in string bags for carrying to ship. On one cruise we encountered a couple who had a wine bottle break during a flight all over their clothes.
  4. A booking # (PNR Code) is generated when your flight is paid for. When we have booked with Air2Sea we did it through our Travel Agent. She provided us the PNR code. We then went directly to Delta and selected seas and entered our SkyMiles #. How did you book your flight? If nothing else contact Air2Sea and they should be able to provide you the booking #. Are you sure it is not on your receipt?
  5. The glass is tinted like car window tint. You will not be full on sun, but if you have fair skin or plan on a long visit I would recommend sunscreen.
  6. We were on an Allure cruise. There was an organized group of 650 singles. They had many events throughout the week. Were you looking for RC organized singles meet ups?
  7. @Twangster is currently live blogging on her. Lots of great pictures to see.
  8. Posted on the Indianapolis Star Website (They are owned by USA Today parent). https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2019/07/22/toddler-death-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-parents-say-cruise-line-responsible-for-fall-chloe-wiegand/1793058001/
  9. I would agree that is most likely the case. That works best for maximizing revenue for the company, BUT not increasing the customers satisfaction. This thread, I think, is about what would make us the paying customer's experience more enjoyable not increasing Royal's bottom line. They are very good at that on their own.
  10. The shavers plug's power is tied to the light. When the light is off so is the power to the shavers plug. Night light should be just a basic part of the light fixture. There in most hotel bathrooms. Engineering failure, especially since you have to step up to enter the bathroom.
  11. I have worked in Information Technology for over 30 years was many of us here do. In the years we have been cruising, Royal's IT department has always had a way to go to reach the best practices standards employed by others. All tasks involving technology are rapidly evolving. RC is not a small uncomplicated business. Our answer for anything other than Cruise Planner purchases … use a Travel Agent. It costs nothing and they will work with RC for you.
  12. You usually will not find good deals on the ship. At every port there are Esty & DI shops. Not really good deals even through they are advertised as such. You need to really know your stuff to get good deals. Good luck
  13. We use AAA for travel as well. Understand that each office or collection of offices are independently owned (franchised). Promotions are through AAA national's contract with RCI. It does not surprise me that your travel agent doesn't know the details. They sell packages for many operators (Cruise Lines, All Inclusive Resorts and other package providers … hotel chains or airlines). As for AAA provided Onboard Credit. We usually see it available after we have paid in full (sometimes earlier). It depends on if the credit is being offered by the Agent's office or is it is part of a larger AAA promotion..
  14. Prepay gratuities and cruise planner items (speciality dining, internet, drink packages, and excursions) prior to your cruise. It will allow you to budget for the most common additional expenses.
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