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  1. You might want to check with your to see if the $300 can be applied to your prepaid gratuities.
  2. We did the lift and shift thing for our fall 2020 cruise. 3 days prior to L & S I canceled our cruise planner purchases. We got our refunds 10 days later.
  3. Interesting. Ours went in on Feb 28th. Hopefully ours will be here soon.
  4. We were on that sailing as well. We Lifted and Shifted to same time in 2021 last week. We looked up the cabin fare for 2021. It was a 71% increase from our current 2C cabin fare. So we saved $1650 by Lifting and Shifting vs. making final payment and waiting for Royal to cancel. Sadly I think it's Royal's strategy to wait until after final payment is due before they cancel. What way they can float your money for 60 days. Too bad we lost $400 for our canceled flights.
  5. We understand that part. Our question is Have the recent Sales been offered to sailings in late 2021 or do they extend only to a certain point. IE Drink Package sale prices are good for sailings before June 2021 or Dec. 2021 etc. In normal times Cruise Planner sales only apply to sailing closer to the sail date not the entire booking window.
  6. We are getting ready to Lift and Shift our late fall 2020 Symphony Cruise to 2021. We were wondering if the Cruise Planner sales we have had in the last 6 weeks have extended to cruises in late Fall 2021? Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences.
  7. We are looking for current experiences with Cruise Planner refunds. A while back we purchased the Deluxe Beverage Package for a cruise this fall. Currently there is good price for the DP plus Voom. We called and asked to upgrade one of the packages to DP plus Voom. Was told you have to cancel the original purchase and repurchase the new package. In the pre-Covid days this would be no problem as you would get your refund in a few days. We were just wondering how long we will have to float the $400 to RC for a $54 Upgrade? Any current experiences on Cruise Planner refunds would be welcome.
  8. I figured they would. Our Oct. cruise climbed a little this week. Lots of people with FCC looking for new vacations.
  9. I was wondering about that as well. Will they do unplanned maintenance? Will they release the crew? It would be an interesting topic @Matt. Probably to early to know.
  10. This is what we did as well. For most machines the cord that runs to the power adapter is the same as a TV cord.
  11. It has been our experience that if you redeem online you get the credit applied a few weeks before you sail. We have found that if you call them they will apply onboard credit within a few days of when you call. They explained to me once they wait because if you cancel your cruise it is hard to refund your onboard credit back. The onboard credit awarded by the card is the same as cash, so if you do not use it all it will be refunded to you in cash as the end of the cruise.
  12. The latest … Family Attorney: "Royal Caribbean is lying" https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2020/01/23/chloe-wiegand-family-attorneys-scene-proves-royal-caribbean-lying/4553751002/
  13. Young adults are allowed in bars etc. You can tell by their Seapass card that they are 18-20. They are not allowed in the teen clubs.
  14. Late to your post. We have been on both ships … basically the same ship. Galveston is a cool town and there is a lot of things to do between Houston and Galveston. As you normally fly from Detroit. I would suggest flying Southwest (HOU). You will save a lot on airfare vs. IAH. Hobby Airport is much closer to Galveston. As Twangster pointed out you can stay at the Airport and take the Shuttle out the day of or there a good options in-between (shopping or space center) or you can proceed and stay at the Island. You will find you will have a strong Midwestern and Tx crowd. But just like
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