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  1. Didn't think it was. Still annoying to consider at all.
  2. Man... the very idea of corkage fees is annoying. I don't drink wine, and this is another reason not to, for me. Why are they able to pull this off? It's just pulling a cork out of a bottle, no? Why is that $15??
  3. Did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned here yet. This is good, IMO! https://cruisefever.net/royal-caribbean-adding-book-now-pay-later-airfare-for-cruises/?fbclid=IwAR0zNBDauPAzsqFzewYTN4K4ML70-FE3J0XaIzSMTyQTQUqQBDYjuL-u8jo
  4. My thought is that if you are an elevator type person, it's probably BETTER to be on a deck far away from activities. Why? Well for one reason you're far less likely to get dirty looks when you get on and punch a button for the next deck up/down :) Also, let's say you wanna get to activities on Deck 4. If you are on 12, there won't be but maybe 1 deck of people ABOVE you on the elevator by the time it hits your deck, on the way down. It'll be a crapshoot on the way up, but at least for half the time, you'll not wind up looking at 100% jammed full elevators due to being < 3 decks from all the happenings. If you don't use elevators... well, then sure, get as close as you can (unless you LIKE taking stairs, and then who cares? LOL)
  5. Set up a whiteboard in the room or use magnets for each person's name, and have them write when and where they went somewhere.... along with when they think they'll be back in the room.
  6. Can y'all recommend some TAs that specialize in European skiing (Switzerland) vacation planning?
  7. We'll be on Harmony for her Thanksgiving sailing, and are planning some kind of ski trip for Christmas. Other than that, just a few out-of-town trips for my daughter's gymnastics meets. MAYBE I'll squeeze in a cruise out of Galveston this summer, before school starts back up. It'll be the most we've travelled in quite awhile :)
  8. Ah see that's what I was wondering. I'm looking at June 2020 - the refurb looks like it'll have more for my (then) 11yo to do onboard :)
  9. There's a corner aft balcony that I'm really tempted to put a deposit down, for next June (my 50th) on a south/eastern Caribbean cruise.
  10. Group trip sounds awesome! Unfortunately we're already confirmed for Thanksgiving on Harmony, and are planning to ski somewhere over Christmas. That said, I'm not sure who'd go with me out of PR yet - my 10YO wanted slides and more "kids activities" when we were on Navigator last month, so that would be one factor. I'm eyeing the itinerary more than the ship, but wouldn't travel alone, so it might impact who gets the invite :) (sister or family, lol)
  11. Kinda eyeballing it for a possible sailing from Puerto Rico to the eastern Caribbean. Is it up for any kind of refurb, or has that been done recently? Tell me about your cruise on it :)
  12. Hey everyone! My husband got the video assembled of our Christmas cruise to the Caribbean, and it’s up on YouTube. It’s about 19 minutes long, so grab some popcorn.
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