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  1. Thanks for this idea as well! However, what does the above mean? I don't quite follow.
  2. I've seen folks mention in several places (not just here) about rebooking to upgrade or change rooms. Are you doing this with refundable deposit rate rooms or...? I've always gone with non-refundable rates to save on the costs, but involving non-family in plans is difficult because of less incentive to commit (especially for those who haven't cruised before - weirdos), and so I'm wondering if going with a refundable deposit rate might be a better idea, if we wind up changing out who goes, or which room folks would stay in. Is there any benefit to the refundable deposit rate other than jus
  3. Thanks all! Looks like the balconies near the elevators don't get that extra square footage. Much appreciated!!
  4. Yup, she did - for the ones confirmed with larger balconies I'm not having any luck finding pix of the ones by the elevator banks, though (the blue arrows).
  5. Ah right, but there's also white space at the other two cabins I am looking at... I guess to accommodate the elevator banks. Just wondering if it extends the same way as the ones by the Living wall. Sounds like probably not, though.
  6. Yeah, been trying to find those, but only hitting like Cruisecritic with either generic shots from the ground, or pictures of the bathrooms. That kind of thing.
  7. I saw an article here from 2016 about the extra large CP balconies on Allure. It mentions 10229 & 10629, 11229 & 11629 and 12229 & 12629 (the red arrows below) Looking at the deck plan at least, it would SEEM that the cabins 255 and 655 (the blue arrows) are the same shape and thus might also have the extra-large balconies? Anyone know if this is the case?
  8. I actually asked my TA about this today. He said that names on a reservation can be changed up to the point that a manifest is sent to the ship, without it being an issue. That's apparently about 2 weeks before sail date.
  9. That's a relief, hah! Yeah, I have to wait until the credit is available anyhow (hopefully tomorrow). At least I have some kind of a baseline now.
  10. I'm waiting for my Future Onboard Credit to be applied to my account and use that to pay, and overnight prices skyrocketed. OUTCH. Like, 60% increase on VOOM packages and 15% increase in the deluxe beverage package. Yikes.
  11. Right, and we used it on Harmony for a Thanksgiving 2019 cruise. It was... laggy at best. Often messages were delayed on transmission by up to 2 hours.
  12. I actually got through to RC's customer support. Apparently the $251 was the *per certificate* amount, and it was for my cruise planner (ie: Future Onboard Credit) purchases, not FCC, as the email said. So... kind of poor communication from the agent in this case.
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