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  1. I read somewhere else that RC doesn't send notifications when rooms are assigned. Strange.
  2. @WAAAYTOOO,@Reigert2008 check that out. 5 assigned super early AND near. So linking rooms is factored in. @Hutcherl how near are we talking? 1 or 2 rooms separated? I guess you paid in full when booked.
  3. Thanks. The cruise is in December. How does an agent make money at this point?
  4. Hi, I booked 2 interior rooms as GTY for my family. Is there any chance they will be connected to each other? If I want them connected, what's the best move at this point? Wait to see, then try to change (upgrade) if not? There are no 2 interior connected rooms available right now -- only in balcony rooms. That's a major price change, of course. We could give up on connecting and try for side by side or one outside and one inside across the hall. Thanks for any advice.
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