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  1. Key West, Venice ..... maybe others. Cruise ships carrying 6,000 passengers has it down side. You can only put so many people in VW, or a phone booth (both extinct now and perhaps a warning) and towns.
  2. Keep in mind that traditionally these cruises start or end in Vancouver. So many are entering Canada to stay for a day or two.
  3. Timely to the conversation https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbean-not-to-cancel-any-canada-and-alaska-cruises/47061 "Royal Caribbean has now announced it will not be canceling any voyages. This includes cruises embarking/debarking from Canadian ports and those itineraries touching on Canadian ports of call." “As the state with the most extensive shared border with Canada, the Alaska Delegation has worked in good faith to seek a compromise over border crossing restrictions due to COVID-19, keeping in mind the health and safety of Alaskans and Canadians. C
  4. I see. Now I understand better why most of the Alaskan cruises depart from Vancouver. Its kind of a goofy rule to me. I guess the second part is what covers the various "river cruises" is the US. II also cruised from Baltimore to Bar Harbor Main and then on to Nova Scotia and back. So that makes sense as well with this PVSA. Still kinda of goofy to me but it is what it is.
  5. No doubt there are things I do not understand but I do not see what the issue would be for a ship sailing from a US port to a US port. RCCL sails from Miami to Key West (or did) on a regular basis. The major issue I see from a previous post is "Cruise vessels carrying more than 100 people are still prohibited from operating in Canadian waters. " It might be hard to get from the state of Washington to the state of Alaska without going through Canadian waters since the inside passage does go though British Columbia.
  6. Vaccine required by everyone .. crew and all passengers ... I'd go for it. If I had to wear a mask the entire time .... I'll spend my money doing something else. Maybe buy and RV and land cruise.
  7. Not sure it would even be necessary. An Alaskan cruise can start/stop in Seattle and make all the routine stops in Alaska and never port in Canada. The difference between Vancouver and Seattle is less than 3 hours by car. Ships have some leeway with speed. Obviously a ship will not go 52knots (60mph). More like 20 knots so estimate 9 additional cruise hours. This means burning a bit extra fuel or perhaps dropping a stop or spending a hour less at each stop. I've been on cruises where itinerary or times change and are made up one way or another. Making up about 9 hours on a week long cruise by
  8. I think a lot will depend on vaccine documentation. There are a number 'ifs' but ... If I was assured everyone onboard had been vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding ... I would feel reasonably safe. That means crew, passengers, and all auxiliary personnel. Dock people, check in staff, port pilots, Coast Guard or anyone else that comes aboard for any reason. That is a pretty tall order right there. Then there is the issue of ports, excursions, getting on and off, where did you go, where have you been, were you exposed etc. Hopefully the issue of everyone on boa
  9. Like many I am anxious to get back to cruising. Of course the big issue is COVID. I have read a number of articles about the vaccine and the many steps taken by the cruise industry and others. My personal opinion is that until COVID is under control, until enough people are vaccinated that COVID cases not only start dropping but are significantly lower, cruising is going to struggle. So I had a simple question I was not really seeing asked. How long will it be before enough vaccine is available for everyone? So I did a little investigation. Of course there are a lot of variable
  10. About a bazillion people on the boardwalk at midnight new years 2020.
  11. 'Mind if we join you' ... at a partially full Windjammer table. "Is this chair taken?" before it disappears to another location.
  12. With the change in political winds .... maybe so.
  13. Hummm ..... Morning Coffee Coffee Coffee Afternoon Perhaps a beer or some frozen concoction Evening Before dinner drink Wine with dinner After dinner drink Throughout the day Water Diamond perks usually cover the cost of drinks
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