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  1. About a bazillion people on the boardwalk at midnight new years 2020.
  2. 'Mind if we join you' ... at a partially full Windjammer table. "Is this chair taken?" before it disappears to another location.
  3. With the change in political winds .... maybe so.
  4. Hummm ..... Morning Coffee Coffee Coffee Afternoon Perhaps a beer or some frozen concoction Evening Before dinner drink Wine with dinner After dinner drink Throughout the day Water Diamond perks usually cover the cost of drinks
  5. I always liked the variety of the Windjammer while at the same time I did not like what seemed like a competition food grab. Some people can be very inconsiderate in buffet lines. I don't really care that the occasional person that just wants a roll or condiment, jumping in line, grabbing and going. But people that seem to have to push around every piece of food with tongs or what ever trying to decide exactly which piece they want is annoying. Then then there are the kids and slobs that strow food at every opportunity with indifference is inconsiderate to staff and passengers. Of course
  6. Two Days After SEC Filings Reveal Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain Collected Over $14,000,000 in Compensation in 2019, Royal Caribbean Lays Off 1,500 Shoreside Employees.
  7. The wife and I were on Harmony for New Years along with 8000 or so guests and crew.. About a week after returning home, around January 12th or so, I got sick with a fever for about 3 days and right after, my wife had the same. We shrugged it off. Now I wonder could we have been early COVID survivors.
  8. How did the trees react to spring? They were re leaved.
  9. When ships were made of wood and men were made of iron, gun powder fired cannons sat on deck for defense. These cannons used round cannon balls made of iron for ammunition. In order to keep the ammunition handy, a triangle shaped rack sat next to the cannon. The cannon balls were stacked inside this rack, taking on the shape of a pyramid. Like everything on ships, these racks had a name. They were called monkeys. Since the monkeys were somewhat permanent fixtures on board and subject to sea and and salt, they were made of brass to prevent rust and corrosion. As the shi
  10. Ha .... its all true.
  11. Did you hear about the Indian that broke the world record for drinking tea? The next day they found him drowned in his tea pee.
  12. The chains by the inch are cheap plated junk. At best you might buy as a shiny trinket for a child if you don't mind the chain turning their skin green.
  13. So surcharges, taxes and port fees are more than the cruise
  14. In general... I take out trip insurance for longer, more expensive trips. Each company may have different benefits but the cost is generally nominal and coverage comprehensive. For example, most times, virtually any thing beyond your control that inter-fears with you trip from the time you leave home until you return is covered. Sickness, a flat tire or mechanical break down to and from to air port, any flight delay or transfer that makes you miss connections, unplanned hotel expenses due to delays, medical bills meals and so on. The key is to keep good reco
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