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  1. Good write up by someone on the scene. It gives pretty good insight on what happened and how its being handled. It all sounds pretty straight forward and logical to me with no finger pointing or wouda/shouda/couda. It is what cruises can probably expect in the short term. Who knows in 6 months or a year from now other than it probably will not be the same.
  2. High interest rates and mediocre rewards compared to some cards make this card a poor choice.
  3. I am not a mathematician but I would speculate that: An un-vaccinated person is at much higher risk. Two un-vaccinated people together increases the risk, perhaps exponentially, e.g. the risk goes from 50% to maybe 80 or 90% .... etc. Vaccinated people are at a much lower risk but lower is not 100%. Two vaccinated people together decreases the risk even further to the point its almost 100%. A cruise ship, as has been said by many, is a floating petri dish. You HAVE to consider not just yourself, but other passengers and perhaps more importantly, the crew. Do yo
  4. Well, vaccinated people are pretty much 'virus proof' and get to live a normal life. Those willing to voluntarily show they have been vaccinated may get access to areas closed to those who are not. Those that are not vaccinated take their chances and potentially will have to face the consequences of their decision, what ever that might be. There is your freedom. You get to choose.
  5. Look at rooms on the bow and stern, particularly the corners. They are often unique in some way.
  6. Get vaccinated and the odds of that happening are slim to none.
  7. Its been a few years but we did the equivalent of the current 13 night grand mountain post tour. It was fabulous. After the week long inside passage cruise we were bused to Anchorage then it was a mix of motor coach and luxury dome train to Talkeetena, Denali and Fairbanks. All hotels were excellent. The dome rail cars were fabulous with a dining at one point and a bar. Your luggage was taken care of door to door of your hotels. We held Alaskan sled dog puppies and enjoyed eye candy scenery every day. We saw bears, wolves, elk and moose in Denali. Well versed tour guides kept us entertained a
  8. With you. We booked one for Feb 2023 ,,,, Looking really hard for one in 2022.
  9. Wasn't a comment on the food but the crowd.
  10. Don't remember for sure. Its in my tag somewhere. Remember the zip line was there and not much else except lunch, booze, and beach.
  11. Don't always follow the crowd. The path less traveled is more serene, less stressful and just as much fun. Find out where you can eat that is not the Windjammer. You will be glad you did.
  12. Currently planning .... With the 60% off the second guest, for a larger balcony, mid-ship on deck 9, the price for 13 nights is about 4k (everything included) for two or about $300 a day with a low price guarantee should the price drop. Airfare in coach will be about the same or 4k for us with current pricing. By the time we stay in a hotel a few nights pre-cruise, additional meals, excursions, visa fees and so on I figure a budget of 10k US should cover about everything. We had considered the Galapagos but it was going to cost about the same for 1 week to see volcanic rock, lizards
  13. I was very excited to find this and read through it while making notes. Its a ways off but we have reserved a similar 13 night cruise on Radiance in February 2023, a bit over 600 days away but time fly's. It will be over valentines and my wife's birthday. Right now excursions, flights etc are so far out they can not be made yet but I have plenty of time to plan and consider options. Thanks for all the inside information and photos.
  14. Thanks for the topic and info. We are reserved for February 2023 on Radiance for 13 nights. Only 639 days and counting. I would appreciate any input, comments, recommendations, experiences you may have had on similar trips.
  15. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/alaska-tourism-recovery-act-canada-cruise-ship-ban Alaska Senators Introduce New Legislation to Bypass Canada’s Cruise Ship Ban If passed, cruise ships would be allowed to travel between the state of Washington and Alaska without stopping in Canada.
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