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  1. I can't say I know how Anello feels about it. Many are saying he is devastated about it, as any rational person should be. But then, is any man that holds a child out an 11 story window rational? At first I felt sorry for him and his anguish is a suitable punishment. Now I am not so sure. Perhaps he should be trialed, convicted and spend the rest of his days in a PR prison. The man was apparently egregiously stupid.
  2. Up to twelve I think. it's hard.
  3. https://fox59.com/2020/01/17/royal-caribbean-says-video-unquestionably-proves-grandfather-knew-window-was-open-before-dropping-toddler/ In a nut shell: " Anello leans his upper-torso over the wooden railing and out of the window frame for approximately eight seconds. " " Anello stays in front of the open window, which was 11 decks high off the ground, while holding Chloe for approximately 34 seconds before she fell. " "Royal Caribbean says the “only reasonable conclusion from the video” is that Anello knew the window was open before lifting Chloe over the wooden rail and holding her out the open window for a “considerable period,” thus “recklessly endangering her life.” " To me .... 34 seconds is new ... and pretty dreadful.
  4. It might very well negate the need for life boats 🙂
  5. Central Park was nice. During the day it can be noisy between steel drum music and belly flop contests directly overhead.
  6. I think of my overall use of such devices. I have always been a 'techie', especially when it comes to electronics. I had video camcorders back in the days of VHS when the whole outfit took a small duffel bag to carry around and most new innovations since. I just checked my backup drive (a Terabyte plus these days) to find almost 100,000 photos and videos. I have had all kinds of grand ideas about editing and creating videos, slideshows and such. Most never happen. Probably my most notable collection of photos have been those I inherited or borrowed from family members, scanned, and created a collection of ancestors. Occasionally I browse a bit and say "Oh, I remember that!" We all have grand ideas that our photos and videos will be invaluable and we will be the next Sydney Pollock. Mostly, unless you do it for a living, all that expense and time lies in the digital nether somewhere and seldom if ever seen again. A few good photos are great mementos. A few might be 'print worthy' and end up framed on a wall somewhere or at least shared on FB or with friends. But honestly, I would seriously consider the value of spending hundreds of dollars on something that produces something that more often than not, is seldom if ever used. Phones have gotten where they produce very good photos for the average user and is probably all you will need.
  7. https://m.icruise.com/cabins/royal-caribbean-cruises-independence-of-the-seas-cabin-1102.html Kay this will help
  8. There are a number of companies that offer all inclusive cruises but Royal ain't one of them.
  9. Don't over think this. Just make sure you complete all the pre boarding on line. If you do that much and have all your documentation handy, boarding will go quickly no matter your room or Crown & Anchor status. Once boarding starts I don't think it's ever taken me more than maybe 10 minutes to board.
  10. The set sail is just the check in paperwork. If you have completed all the online check in (I think photos, passport info, CC info etc) and printed the set sail paper and/or downloaded the app which should the set sail info for everyone...that is all you need. When we boarded, we approached a lady I thought was going to direct us to one of the many check in lines. Instead, she scanned set sail pass, took our picture (facial recognition I think) and said we were done and could board. Check in too all of 30 seconds. We were on board early, about 10:30. Doors to the room hallways were closed until 1pm. At one, they opened, we walked to the room, our bags were at the open door to the room. The Seapass card you will use for the rest of the cruise is in the room for each person.
  11. Different strokes for different folks. I don't care much for water slides, candy stores or carousel rides. I like the connoisseur club where you have a a drink and a smoke a cigar. Not everyone is going to like what I like.
  12. RE the magnetic hooks. They do come in handy but deserve some caution. They are super strong. If two of them come close to each other and they connect (1) if any part of your body gets in between, they will pinch and potentially create blood blisters or tear skin and (2) good luck getting them apart without pliers/vise grips or something similar. The solution is obviously to use care in handling to keep them separated from each other. Next, find some kind of small, plastic container just large enough to hold one hook. I found some small containers in a hobby store with screw tops. Plastic Easter eggs might work. That kind of thing. The walls of the room are metal and these hooks are great for hanging all kinds of things like hats, light jackets and so on. I have a back pack book bag I use for carry on and for excursions etc. I placed a hook just above the room sofa and hung the pack from it while letting the bottom of the pack rest on the top of the sofa. Otherwise the weight of the bag would drag the hook down the wall. It made it really convenient to re-org as needed and helped keep the room neat.
  13. I do not like inconsiderate people. In a case like this I may have tolerated it once, maybe twice. Then I would have put on my pants and confronted them. Nothing weird or aggressive .. just an "OK guys, I know you are here to have a good time, but the next time you wake me up in the middle of the night, you, me and security are going to have a talk, so how bout showing some respect?" I'm a pretty big guy that lifts weights even if I am a bit over the hill and have a few years experience dealing with obnoxious people as a first responder. This usually produces results. If that is not your 'cup of tea' I would just call security directly. That is their job.
  14. I just got off a 7 day Harmony cruise. In the MDR, after I showed my Diamond status the first night, my waiters were very diligent and forgiving on cocktails. I'd ask for my "happy hour" drink (between 4:30 and 8pm) and they would provide it. They never counted it against the freebies on my card. Around ship at the various bars I got mixed results. I would again ask for a 'Happy Hour" drink and sometimes waiters would deduct from my 3 drinks sometimes not. Between the wife and I, I don't think we used all 6 drinks a single evening. The down side .... by the end of happy hour we were snookered and ready for bed 🙂
  15. Royal Math example .... "Cruise the Caribbean for a week, Kids sail free!. ONLY $629 based on double occupancy!" The family of five (Mom, Dad, 3 kids 12 and under) get excited. "All of us can go on a cruise for about $1258!!!" Then you find out no room other than some suite will hold five people or it takes two rooms. Then each person including "free" kids have to pay gratuities. Oops ... there is another $500+. Then each person including "free" kids have to pay taxes, fees, port expenses .... Oops ... there is another $1,000+ (paying taxes on 'free'?). Now the required room upgrade and every thing else amounts to $3,042.12+ with numerous said discounts. Well over twice the "hook" price. Then of course there is travel expenses etc to consider. Just doesn't seem fair for young families on a budget to get them excited only to have them find out they can't afford it.
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