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  1. Viking a d Crystal as well for all of 2020.
  2. As of today Holland America and Princess have cancelled up to Dec 15. Viking has cancelled everything in 2020. One would expect there to bd a catch up from everyone soon with NCL to announce anything new before end of the month .
  3. Per cruise industry news...Viking has now scrapped all of 2020.
  4. This was my thought in an earlier post. Its the big elephant that's not talked about. We know our stateside friends are very litigious generally and the last thing a lines legal team needs is a field day with this. The same can be said about waivers... no matter waivers if theres a will to pursue this Avenue it will succeed waiver or not. So it's about doing cost analysis of potential action vs doing a voyage from a hot zone
  5. More football cancellations as of today. One wonders if this is having an influence on start ups. Most schools moving to remote learning as well.
  6. Right but of course despite our land border closure if one so desires they could fly to the US for a land vacation at the Parks or Vegas.
  7. When any Canadian returns from the US or any out of country location it's a standard 14 day enforceable quarantine. Rumours swirling that the land border closure will continue past Aug 21. Knew of a colleague who owns property just south of the line. They can't access their property as its non essential travel. They live 45 minutes away from their US property. They have now made an 8 hour trip via flight instead as theres no restrictions on flights. So this means driving to the airport which is an hour away... dealing with customs and security and a 40 minute flight into seattle... then driving literally 3 hours north up to their property so what was supposed to take 45 minutes now takes almost 8 hours.
  8. Interestingly Westjet and Air Canada are having lots of sales domestically and trans border.
  9. Yup. Only a matter of time before their parent company CARNIVAL falls in line also. Let's hope something comes out in the next two weeks. NCL has indicated that it will be before Aug 31
  10. Definitely, this seems to be the most logical solution. If there's to be testing one would wonder if it will be free or if it will be an added expense and if its an expense would travel insurance cover it. I am leaning towards no. The excursion bubbles in theory should work though with the Perfect Day product there won't be any bubbles there. The whole product is basically a self contained bubble.
  11. Well as long as the excursions stay within a bubble then generally it should be contained. Bubbles are being implemented in schools and professional sports so the concept should be able to mitigate this as well. If one doesn't want to do a cruise sponsored excursion they can always stay on board to enjoy all services of course with reduced capacity and physical distancing.
  12. Yep your guess is as good as mine. I'm starting to lose faith in my first backup for FEB 2021 4nighter as well which I transplanted my FCC from November to. My secondary backup is April 3nighter if February folds. Both involve the perfect day product. My final retaining wall is a 7 night Alaska In May out of my home port in BC instead (a 15 minute drive haha) without flying 4300 km to FL. Then I'm flat out of backups. Hope at least one of those goes ahead.
  13. Well it's a new week. So far all the cruises that have started up have had mixed levels of success and I'm sure a good learning opportunity for the rest of the industry. Something of note that was universal across all these start ups was a bubble or at least some attempts to implement a bubble for excursions. As we've seen bubbles can work and if there are no bubbles the house of cards tends to not withstand this virus. Many examples of this in MLB as well as the schools that have reopened in GA. Without a bubble aka controlled variance of some kind such as what New Zealand has implemented for all entering their borders with a mandated quarantine in an approved site at ones expense for 14 days then things tend to not improve. Additionally, many college football conferences are also postponing their fall seasons as there feasibly wouldn't be a bubble for student athletes either. So the concept of bubbles has demonstrated success for the most part. How this will play out between now and Nov 1 will be interesting to watch. The thought here in Canada is that based on the current situation and from a report in the past week... many Canadians are advocating that the land border remain closed. Some were projecting that it remain closed for the rest of 2020 till at least March 2021. Only time will tell if this is the case. The Mexican land border continues to be closed similarly as well. Should there be a resumption of operations for the holidays this land border closure shouldn't affect anyone as most would be flying which is basically the only way for one to get into the US from either country at the present moment. There have been indications that the land border closure will be extended another 30 days past Aug 21 and will continue to do so every 30 days rather than a blanket cover for the rest of the year. Here in BC what everyone is watching is how our schools will fare come Sept 8. With cases on the rise in BC averaging now around 40+ daily it will be sure to increase at that point when classes resume. What makes this newsworthy to follow is how social gatherings will only up the cases so my thought is depending how schools, pro sports without bubbles and similar arrangements depending on level of success will only influence a resumption of operations. As of right now Aug 10... it is not too promising. Our Alaska cruise season starts in late April so 8 months to go and hopefully curb this. Until large crowds are permitted I think is key of when this can resume. That's my thought for this week.
  14. Waivers are there as a formality but generally if one is intent on pursuing something there's always a way of doing so. Even locally at one of our gyms despite signing a waiver, a person who knowingly got injured pursued litigation and there was even an article about it as well so it become a semi-media event over personal injury. Waivers or not, if there's a will, there's a way.
  15. We in Canada still have our global travel advisory in place. This is okay for the state dept to lift their advisory though at this point in time aka mid August theres still many restrictions globally that excludes certain places so while its z good move the summer is almost over.
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