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  1. Ironically one never heard about wait lists at Sick Kids or any children's hospitals for treatments therem
  2. Singapore has the cases WELL under control like all parts of SE Asia so they deserve to be first
  3. It totally will. In canada no travel provider will cover premiums tied to a cruise so one is SOL
  4. Good luck getting an insurance carrier for travel medical. When theres a warning medical insurance will not cover this.
  5. Most people in our circles couldn't afford star class much less go on about how they are on star class which is a privilege not something for regular down to earth cruisers. Most tend to be satisfied with balcony and below unless they win the lottery. It's the reality and limited to this section of cruise fans. If we take things back down to earth for most common folks embarking on a cruise the reality is most will go in the main 3 categories without genies or concierge. Just like how most fly coach and not business. It's fun to hear about individuals star class statuses and such but I doubt i
  6. Don't forget the biggest elephant in the room aka the pandemic. It's a new normal and a day early would only be logical. Things will not be normal for a long time. Any cruisers ought to keep this in mind and not rush to assume things will be the same as before.
  7. Totally, it will be interesting to see how those who are on one side will regard all these new measures,aka the side that typically one sees outdoors not really following guidelines. Many who don't follow this forum or industry news may simply show up, and go about their old behaviours while on board, thereby it will be interesting for them if they knew what the new policies would involve. After speaking to a few of my colleagues who are avid travellers and cruisers themselves, many understand the need to continue putting off departures from the US for the time being based on the
  8. Glad I pulled the plug on my November in lieu of Feb if not then April.
  9. And naturally I am sure this will be the new norm after testing is administered. One wonders how RCL will handle this. Most people generally fly into South Florida regardless...and many who are excited to get on the cruise of course naturally may not even suspect they have it until tested. The bigger worry about FL in general is how they've opened up and are engaging in lots of socializing without much in the way of restrictions. This is in sharp contrasts to many other cities around the US and especially abroad. So one has to wonder if the CDC will take all this into consideration as FL has o
  10. And with The state of Florida lifting all restrictions and opening everything at full capacity one wonders how this will affect cruisers coming into the state and spending a day or two there to embarkation. One can already read those Tea leaves...
  11. And by process of elimination this is also a way to mitigate the head count on board the ship, through denial of boardings for what will be a field day I'm sure with positives prior to embarking at hte pier. I trust RCL would provide the standard compensation if this is the case. Travel Insurance for most cases will not cover Covid-19. Its a known event. I know that in Canada the airlines have introduced travel insurance policies that cover Covid-19 to certain countries, but of course the US is not included on that list for obvious reasons. So at this point one would be hard pressed to find a
  12. Well they would have to allow the lines to resume by that point as imagine the fall out of being shuttered for more than 12 months. It'd be a field day with potential mergers and crossed connections between the lines if they have to compress more or merge. The Alaska cruise season should be likely, plus Vancouver is the alternative port to Seattle for cruises up to Alaska. Plus Air and Sea traffic are not affected by the current closure to begin with, only rail and vehicular traffic are. We still have the ferries running between Victoria and Seattle.
  13. Perhaps we may see a 4 night itinerary max when starting up not even a 7. We will see though.
  14. I believe that the border closure only applies to vehicular and rail traffic. Sea and Air are unaffected by any closure.
  15. Up here in Canada, when I tried to bring my elderly relatives on a cruise, the Doctor said that he still does not recommend elderly people take cruises till pandemic is over, but someone under 40 should have lesser risk.
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