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  1. This part was interesting.. Evacuation agreements with ports. It is the first I have read in regards to any agreements with ports. .. but there is still nothing being said about what happens to the ship and passengers if an active case is discovered on board. Will the ship be allowed to dock as normal and all passengers allowed to get off. That needs to be addressed and there to be solid agreement from at least the final port before we will cruise again.
  2. Made a ton of money trading RCL, CCL and NCHL stock.. up, down, up, down, up, down..
  3. That 100,000 American dead in just 3 months (WITH a self quarantine in place) is still being thought of as an over reaction is astonishing.
  4. I personally don't see how any changes on board is going to make much of a different for a virus that is past via respiratory droplets. You can clean all the surfaces you want, but people in an elevator, walking down the corridor/boardwalk, in the theater, or around a bar/pool etc and game over if 1 person is asymptomatic. Masks are proving to be the significant factor in reducing the spread of the virus and yet a huge number of people refuse to wear one when inside public buildings. Our deal breakers are: 1. The 14 day home quarantine my wife will have to take using PTO and then unpaid leave. She already had to use 2 weeks when we got back from England in March. 2. That there appears to be no answers (yet) on what happens if there is an active or suspected covid case on board a ship. Will ports be open for that ship? will it be refused entry? Will the US home port refuse the ship returning as planned? Will the passengers will allowed to get out as normal or will the whole ship be quarantined? Will airlines allow you to fly if they know you just got on a cruise ship where there were covid cases? I continue to read a lot about changes on board ship. So far I have seen nothing on the logistics of the an active case on board a ship.
  5. I wouldn't say that we should not worry about bankruptcy. Since the question has yet to be addressed on what happens with the first covid case on a ship when cruising starts, and if that ship will be able to redock in the US... and with a possible 2nd spike in the fall, then I still believe bankruptcy is a real possibility for a lot of companies. However, if that happens, CCL and RCL will likely file Chapter 11 to reorganize their debt with a view to continue operating. In which case, any bookings and deposits would be safe. In the event everything goes bad, I would not put money on NCLH surviving, even with the loans they took on.
  6. The concern we have is that we keep seeing items being cleaned with the same wipe.. like the grocery carts etc. We saw the person cleaning self checkout with the same piece of cloth over and over and putting it in her pocket. Not sure what the spray they were using, but if we can't smell bleach, then there is no way it is strong enough to make any difference when using the same cloth.. so we bring our own wipes.
  7. What we enjoy most is the CHOICE.. some nights we eat in the MDR, some, depending on activities and excursions, we eat in WJ. That the choice is now being removed is disappointing. We know it is a breeding ground for germs, but that can be controlled. Make it mandatory to wash hands, not a suggestion. Have hand sanitizer around the area. Change out the serving utensils often. We are always careful when we go to WJ. We know it's likely we will pick up something from the area.. so we hold plates with one hand, server with another. When we get to our table, wipe it down and sanitize our hands. Not perfect, but we have never had an issue. I really do not see WJ being any worse than the elevator, boardwalk, cafe's, the theater etc in regards to covid. The main way that covid is being past is in droplets, not surfaces.
  8. We will cruise again when it can be 100% guaranteed that even with an active (or suspected) covid case onboard, we can get off the ship at the end of the planned cruise and be on our way without being held or quarantined, and our companies not ordering us to self isolate without pay for 2 weeks. Until then, we plan US based vacations where we can drive to.
  9. Keep an eye on the news coming out of Aus and NZ.. if there is any sort of increase in cases later this year, I suspect the entire cruise season in that area will be cancelled. We had a sailing in Jan and just cancelled it.
  10. For me, they still need to answer this important question.. and I would think most would want to know the answer before sailing. What guarantee is there that if the ship has an active, or even suspected case of covid, that the ship be allowed to dock as normal, on time and for passengers to get off. Most ships that had active cases pretty much quarantined everyone in their rooms.. so it is not like you get an extra 1-2 weeks of cruising time. I just don't believe that US ports, or any ports are going to just be at a point where they accept covid cases and allow everyone to just leave.
  11. It really does not matter if the ships are at 40% or 75%.. in close quarters and that the virus can be passed through respiratory droplets then an infected person is going to spread it. I still have not read a single thing on what will happen at all these ports, and the home port, if there is a suspected covid case onboard a ship.
  12. We got our refund yesterday. Can't remember when they cancelled the cruise, but it was for a 6/5 Alaska cruise. So just a few days past the 4/30 date they stated.
  13. Well, we decided to cancel our cruise last night. I just can't see us planning such a trip at the last moment and still not being 100% sure it will happen, if flights would be refunded etc.. and there is no guarantee that RC would even have the cash to refund at the end of the year. If by some miracle everything clears up and we are all flying and cruising again, I am pretty sure we can rebook later in the year.
  14. Assuming RC filled to reorganize debt, I am 99% sure that FCC would still be valid. The company still needs customers to survive and they want people to take their cruses. If they made all FCC's worthless, then the company would be done.
  15. It is going to depend on what happens with those first few cruises. What happens when a suspected active case of covid is found. Will the ship be allowed to dock and everyone get off as normal? Does it get treated like a case of Norovirus and a quick clean and everything continues? Or will the ship be quarantined and refused entry to a port? If the latter, then I would say the chances of CCL and RCL filing bankruptcy to reorganize debt will be 100% ..
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