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  1. 100 times this.. FL is a toss up, his argument is that biden wants to shutdown the country. He wants to open it up and jobs.. It would go against everything they are saying to keep cruises shutdown.
  2. The reason I state this will end up being a political decision is because I do not believe the CDC is going to make it. As we have learned, the CDC director wanted a straight banned through Feb 2021.. he was over ruled by the WH.. that makes it a political decision, not a health and safety one. I suspect after the meeting on Friday, there will be a joint statement from the Cruise Lines and the WH they are resuming on Nov 1st. You can't have a policy of opening everything up and at the same time shutting down an entire industry saying it is unsafe. Ted Cruz last night blasted the shu
  3. I just don't see how the admin can be saying we need to open up the country and schools and then embrace a decision to shutdown an entire industry until next year. Added to that FL decision to open up completely. I am in no way advocating for one side or the other.. just stating what I believe will happen.
  4. This will end up being a political decision. The admin knows there are a lot of workers in FL who want to get back to, well, work. The CDC just wanted a blanket ban into 2021 with zero consideration for anything or reviewing the plans. The admin wants people back to work. Announcing a return to sailing for 1st November is going to be a big deal. I fully expect a decision in the next week that the no sail order ends on Oct 31.
  5. My 2c.. RCL is unlikely to file chapter 11 this year. I would be hard pressed to hold RCL stock past the end of this year if things are still bad. All bad news has been taken into account at this point and the stock is just bouncing between 45 and 55. It is unlikely to change until something happens. I would not add to any position at this point since it will likely drop if they announce cancellation of cruises for the remainder of the year. The stock will likely rocket to $70+ the moment the CDC announce the no sail order is ending. At this point, it i
  6. Very true.. and I forgot from 2009.. Banks Auto Makers
  7. Funny thing is, if you truly applied capitalism across the board, few airlines would exist today.
  8. It is why all cruisers should take the time to submit a response. You don't have to answer all the questions, just submit a statement. I can't imagine too many people who want to stop cruising taking the time to find and then respond. 1 out of 22 approved entries so far.
  9. I said this way back in April.. but if I had anything to do with it, I would have invested a hundred million or two into rapid testing. They are getting better each month. I would streamline a process that enables massive numbers of testing for all passengers and crew before they board. The crew to be tested every 2-3 days regardless. Passengers to be tested mid cruise? why not.. it's a 15-20 minute process and with 60% numbers, would be doable. Expand the medical area to say, the place where the ice rink is, Increase number of medical staff. Reduce port visits and concentrate mo
  10. LOL.. we waited until one of the 3 turned 18 and was a responsible adult and then we were gone on long vacations on our own. I absolutely would not wait until they finish college.. We did have one final big family vacation later and it reminded me of how expensive it is to travel with older children.
  11. Interesting to see someone take the time to respond in the negative.. https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2020-0087-0002
  12. A questions raised in this.. when someone has been identified as having covid. A ship returns docks as normal.. What happens next? For normal land based issues, you are just sent home and told to isolate. Since you would not be allowed to fly, I guess the options are self isolate in local hotel, or rent a vehicle and drive home? ie, it becomes the passengers responsibility not the cruise company?
  13. This and others like this I find frustrating.. What precautions should the cruise line industry take to safely disembark passengers and crew without transmitting COVID-19 into local seaport communities? A counter question.. what are the airlines doing to safely disembark passengers and crew without transmitting COVID-19 into local airport communities?
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