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  1. We've been using tag holders for a decade plus. We've gone through a few cheapies and have found these below about five years ago. They're the same as mentioned above and far better than the alternatives. They'll last for longer than we will You can them on Amazon here: Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags
  2. We booked the Element last time and it was great. Here's a map with that and some other good options. The map and post also shows distances to and from Miami Cruise Port. I found it here: https://gangwaze.com/blog/hotels-near-miami-cruise-port-parking-shuttle-package
  3. I have this same one. I've taken it on half a dozen RC ships. It was always allowed and worked great each time. It adheres to all of Royal's current policies. Have a great cruise!
  4. I bought this cruise tote bag a couple years ago and it's worked really well... it folds up nicely so I keep it tucked away for my port purchases!
  5. I use a mobile app called "cruise deals app" to track prices both before and after booking. You can set it to get a notification when the price goes up or down. It's a free app.
  6. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Joe! I have no doubt that RCCL will survive the long term. And I have no problem holding stock for years or even a decade. My only concern is that they'll need to wipe their balance sheet to stay alive and my stocks will go the way of the Titanic. Like you, I'm very comfortable with the items you mentioned other than the financials. Those I just don't fully understand regarding long-term financial implications. Again, thanks for the helpful thoughts!
  7. Thanks @ted52 - I guess this is part of my process to determine my comfort level. I'm reading as much as I can online, but value the feedback of this community as well.
  8. I hate trading public equities but love Royal Caribbean. With stock prices so deflated, I picked up a decent amount (for me) of RCL shares. My initial thought was to keep buying up more here and there to cost-average myself into a decent position. Then for the first time I thought, "what if RCCL goes Chapter 11?" What are the chances? Any thoughts will be much appreciated!
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