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  1. we actually someone on our allure that leaves in a week board for a b2b yesterday. i was told the issue yesterday had to do with a missing passenger on the cruise that was returning. so it had nothing to do with the logistics of the new terminal and was more of a one off...
  2. wasn't on my adventure a couple of weeks ago. hope it's on my 5 night allure sailing in a couple of week.
  3. enjoy y'all! i would jump on this in a heartbeat driving down from dallas. look forward to hearing about the new terminal
  4. dm'd rci on twitter and it was just down at the time...back up....whew. thanks mateo
  5. far be it from royal caribbean to have technical issues online check in opened today, and i'm getting the animated rci logo for a few seconds before it times out to a blank screen. any tips or just wait until it starts working?
  6. Do they have them? Can't recall...if so, what day. This would be for a 5 nt western on adventure
  7. maybe a separate but related to question to checking in a family. i usually have a rental car when i get to a port. pre-covid, i would drop the family off at the port with the luggage, return the car, and take the shuttle back. is this still a sound strategy with the check in times (i have 12-1230 if that matters, and this is for a cruise from port canaveral). are they able to go into the check-in area without me and get everything rolling (namely the pre cruise test for my 10 year old) until i arrive back? any related details of which i should be aware?
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