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  1. maybe a separate but related to question to checking in a family. i usually have a rental car when i get to a port. pre-covid, i would drop the family off at the port with the luggage, return the car, and take the shuttle back. is this still a sound strategy with the check in times (i have 12-1230 if that matters, and this is for a cruise from port canaveral). are they able to go into the check-in area without me and get everything rolling (namely the pre cruise test for my 10 year old) until i arrive back? any related details of which i should be aware?
  2. going to keep going with my line of ignorant questions because i'd hate to get something wrong wrt pre-cruise stuff. this is the snippet from rccl about pre-cruise testing. Is it unintentionally misleading? by that, I mean that the 4 vaccinated people in my party can do the pre-cruise at-home test, and the one unvaccinated 10-year old has to go to CVS, etc. for a test. is that correct?
  3. quick question. one of our party is my daughter's friend, and she's under 18. i need a note from her parents, i'm told. any idea what the note needs to specifically say? notarized or anything?
  4. anybody else getting this when trying to view boarding pass or edit?
  5. while we wait to hear about cruise activities, what is everyone planning for coco cay? we have a water park cabana. it will be my first time to coco cay in 9 years and the kiddos' first time
  6. that's hilarious, but i have no room to talk. i'm pretty notorious for gong through at least 2 seapass cards on a 7 night sailing
  7. online check in shows available slot from 2:30 - 3. so what's the play here? wait to see if better times open or just take it?
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