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  1. I’m sure someone will have parking there one way or another. There are lots of people who have bought land close to Pier 1 and 2 for private cruise parking. Same thing will happen with Pier 10 if needed
  2. They have responded to me when I have emailed them.
  3. I thought the same thing when I went on Liberty of the Seas and saw they had a Mexican specialty restaurant (Sabor) and found it much better than I expected. The homemade guacamole was excellent. So I will have an open mind.
  4. You’re right. Good point. Thanks I feel better now. I really want my Oasis class ship here in Texas.
  5. So much for the Allure coming to Texas
  6. RCCL usually has Challah and Wine on Friday night for Shabbat on Fridays for Jewish people. I have attended these myself. They are always self-led. I’m pretty sure the same would be true of any Sunday Mass services as well.
  7. It is interesting to me to see if the new terminal in Galveston will be ready for Allure of the Seas when Liberty leaves in 2021 for it’s amplification. I guess Royal must have talked to the port officials and told them it has to be finished by then. I’m not sure if I’ve heard if they have started construction but maybe I missed it, As far as Mexico goes, I think the only city I would absolutely refuse to not go to right now is Acapulco. It’s beautiful, but still the murder capital of Mexico. Drug cartels continue to fight there daily and a lot a Mexicans don’t even go there. I know Norwegian starting going again recently, I’m not convinced it’s a good idea. I’d probably stay on the boat. The other cities are ok as long as you are careful. Staying in groups is the safest thing. If you are by yourself, don’t carry lots of money, or call a lot of attention to yourself.
  8. I like Royal Caribbean but remember this is all marketing fluff. I’m sure other cruise lines find other websites or magazines that say “Best Cruise Line for “ their brand and go with it. Remember this is just per US News and World Report. Travel and Leisure may have someone else. Budget Traveler someone else, AAA someone else, etc etc
  9. I don’t see a Quantum or Oasis class ship going to the West Coast when Royal hasn’t even had a ship there in a long time. If I were them I’d start with a Voyager class.
  10. I have not been to Glacier Bay myself but most people I have talked to that have done Alaska say it is not to be missed. But unfortunately it is also true that as time has gone by it is not as impressive as it used to be. My own parents did Glacier bay back in the 1990s and then again about three years ago and said there was a huge difference in the size of the Glaciers and that while impressive, it seems to be getting significantly smaller due to global warming. Sad.
  11. I went to Alaska on Ovation last year and had a great time but as much as I love Royal Caribbean when I go to Alaska again I want to see Glacier Bay. I think this is a mistake if Royal thinks passengers just don’t care. I wonder what the reason for this change is.
  12. Agree. And also keep in mind that the Vision class ships do well in some of the Europe itineraries.
  13. I’m assuming we will know more when deployment is announced next month.
  14. Well one thing has nothing to do with the other. And it’s great that you have noted that because many people can’t. Some people would have just commented on the room and just said it was the worst cruise ever without mentioning how great the crew was so thank you for that
  15. This is a terrible accident and I’m not sure why this grandfather should go to jail over this.
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