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  1. The article @twangster posted clearly states the bookings are down in Europe. Whether you want to blame Royals high prices or Brexit is up to the individual. It is disappointing I’m sure for Europeans. I myself was looking to go to Europe either next year or the year after. I might look at Celebrity or Princess as well. I like Royal very much and prefer them, but there are other options.
  2. Yes I have taken a cruise and not gone ashore. There are many fun things to do as you said and sometimes I feel like nit spending money on shore excursions and enjoy the ship. It really depends on the itinerary. I wouldn’t do it for Europe or Asia but I’ve been to the Caribbean and Mexico so many times that I just don’t feel like doing it again. Your question is not strange to me at all. And yes some ports are touristy but honestly the ship is touristy as well. LOL. But there is nothing wrong with staying on the ship and relaxing and being lazy and enjoying the ship. A vacation is whatever you want it to be,
  3. I wouldn’t worry about this at all. Poor country that needs tourist money and will be happy to take it while they can.
  4. Agree 100 percent on this. I think it makes a difference in the newer ships
  5. My travel agent passed away this past weekend. She has always taken care my family for the pass 8 to 10:years, especially on cruise ships. It’s almost like a death in the family especially when she lived in the same city and went to the same synagogue. Life goes on, but it’s a sad weekend. Oliver
  6. I’ve done Disney when my son was younger and it is absolutely wonderful. Food is better and entertainment top notch. I think it’s fun to do with kids once or twice but yeah it is very expensive. I have done Carnival and just don’t like the vibe. While it’s true that it caters more to families then it used to, it still seems like a part atmosphere to me. I think the food is just ok. I have done Norwegian and it’s certainly better than Carnival, but I still feel like it’s a little below Royal. Royal Caribbean is the line for me. Food is good in MDR and Windjammer, although not great. The specialty dining is usually very good although my wife doesn’t like to pay extra. We usually fight a little about that. Entertainment is good and the prices are reasonable. I have not done Celebrity or Princess. I hope to try these one day to see how they measure up but my teenage son really likes Royal Caribbean for now.
  7. I wouldn’t worry about it. There are plenty of observation areas to view Alaska outside of the cabin. Many people don’t even think booking a balcony cabin is necessary. And keep in mind the cruise line does a good job of turning the ship around in places so everyone sees nice views.
  8. I never said it wasn’t legal. I said it’s FDA approved for epilepsy. I said it’s not prescribed much. I didn’t say it wasn’t prescribed. I also am a licensed pharmacist and I meant that many doctors don’t want to fool with this drug because it’s a controlled substance. I would be very careful before taking this drug on a cruise ship
  9. Drug is not prescribed much due to it being a derivative of marijuana. It’s legal for epilepsy only and there are much better options for the most part.
  10. Exactly. That’s why Ovation is going to Alaska this summer.
  11. We will be on a junior suite on Ovation in July. I’d be curious to know if the dinner menu at Coastal Kitchen changes everyday. Thanks for you pictures!
  12. Anybody know why Silversea is not under the Royal umbrella? Didn’t Royal buy them? Or do they only own a portion? Or perhaps it will be included in the next fiscal year?
  13. People are rude and thoughtless sometimes whether you travel on a cruise, stay at a hotel, or eat at a restaurant. Just pity them and try to be a better person.
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