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  1. Oliver

    Post-Cruise "motion sickness"

    I have also had it most times after a cruise for a day or two. I went on the Liberty of the Seas on Jan 13 and the last two days were very rough due to a cold front we were sailing through to get back to Galveston. So this time the post cruise vertigo lasted about 4 days which is kinda long for me. Ive heard from doctors and blogs that Bonine and Dramamine don’t do much post cruise, just gotta ride it out.
  2. Oliver

    Cruise Recommendation

    I personally think you should do Key West just because so many cruise itineraries go to Cozumel. Cozumel is great don’t get me wrong but you’ll probably end up doing Cozumel so many times in your cruise career that it might be better to do a different port if you have the chance. But you’ll have fun at both
  3. Oliver

    Coastal Kitchen Question

    Thanks so much!
  4. Hi all. We are going to be on the Ovation of the Seas in July for an Alaskan cruise. We booked a junior suite so we will have access to coastal kitchen for dinner. My question for people who have eaten there before, do they have a kids menu for coastal kitchen? I will be bringing two 14 year old teenage boys with us and they can be picky eaters. I think we will be ok looking at the previous menus I’ve found on the internet but was just curious. My son still sometimes likes to order kids food. Thanks
  5. Oliver


    Thanks for reply
  6. Oliver


    @twangster Do you think that maybe Puerto Rico has it differently because it’s a US Territory and not a state? Just curious
  7. Oliver


    What part? The comments I made about my mother in laws cruise? That is indeed an opinion. The comments I made about US based ships having to hire mostly US workers and pay them more? That is true.
  8. Oliver


    While I would love more competition, keep in mind that if it’s a US flagged ship they have to hire mostly US workers as well, which will increase the pay tremendously. My mother in law went on the Norwegian ship once and complained that the service was just not the same with US workers. Why would RCCL have a US flagged ship to pay more money in taxes and wages and have complaints about service? Just doesn’t make financial sense
  9. I only use it for medicinal purposes. Don’t be such a prig.
  10. Oliver

    beer buckets?

    I personally don’t drink but I was on the Liberty OTS last week and saw them being sold.
  11. Oliver

    Happy January Sailing ⛵️

    Jan 13 —— Liberty of the Seas
  12. Oliver

    Contacting Customer Service

    It’s probably unfair of you to post a story about something you are unhappy about on a cruise board and then get upset when people give their opinions. Next time just leave the story out if you don’t want people to comment. While I also agree with others that this issue should just be dropped, I hope that Royal somehow resolves the issue to your satisfaction.
  13. Oliver

    Ovation in Alaska?

    I’m going on Ovation to Alaska on July 18. Very excited
  14. I haven’t been before but I’m pretty sure they answer is yes to both questions 😊
  15. My wife and son would never go with me on a Star Trek Cruise. I don’t think they would go for free.