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  1. Not a Carnival fan in general, but yeah that is very cool!
  2. Royal Caribbean Adding New Fees for Attractions on Cruise Ship Royal Caribbean will begin adding a new fee for a few attractions on one of their cruise ships starting in November. The cruise line said that in order to improve guest experience and to minimize wait times, there will be a fee for the North Star and Ripcord by iFly on Quantum of the Seas starting with the November 16, 2019 sailing. The new fees will be as follows: Ripcord by iFly: $29 pp USD North Star: $12 adults pp USD / $8 child pp USD (up to 11 years) Bumper Cars: Complimentary (with option to upgrade to Express Lane for $5 pp USD) Note: Express Lane option is to be paid onboard at the Seaplex/Bumper Car areaGuests will be able to purchase tickets for these activities on Cruise Planner. These new fees apply to Quantum of the Seas on roundtrip sailings out of Singapore starting on November 16, 2019. Cruises that are nine nights or more in length and repositioning sailings are excluded from these new fees.
  3. There is no Thermal suite on the Freedom Class ships. I think it’s only on Quantum and Oasis class ships that have them
  4. In order to eat all together you would have to eat in the dining room. Only Junior Suites guests all allowed in Coastal Kitchen.
  5. I believe the surf package is caped to a speed of 0.5 to 1 MPs. And the surf and stream package is caped at 4 mps.
  6. I heard that all Specialty Dining was going to included in the cruise fare from now on
  7. I was with friends on Liberty in Jan and we ate at specialty restaurants three times. They wore shorts. Even on formal nights. I didn’t like it. But I kept my mouth shut. Too casual for me. But nobody said anything to them.
  8. Have you guys seen some of the ridiculous comments about Royal Caribbean on the Better Business Burea website? Some of them are just hilarious
  9. Yeah the Royal Caribbean website stinks. We all know this. Unfortunately the OP did not. I can understand why she might think it’s bait and switch, I don’t think it is. But I know from experience that calling Royal Customer Service is like getting a root canal. That’s again why I use a TA. Message to the OP if you are still here. Get a travel agent and try a different cruise company if you are mad at Royal Caribbean. Cruising is a great vacation. We are all very nice here and did not mean to be rude and were just trying to help I swear!
  10. Yeah I personally think that Royal should take Empress and/or Majesty over there at this point to the west coast and see what’s happens
  11. Eventually I don’t see Royal Caribbean keeping the restaurants in his name. Make take awhile but if the brand suffers, I’m sure something else will replace the name at least. Might be the same food. Unless of course the recipes are his
  12. The article @twangster posted clearly states the bookings are down in Europe. Whether you want to blame Royals high prices or Brexit is up to the individual. It is disappointing I’m sure for Europeans. I myself was looking to go to Europe either next year or the year after. I might look at Celebrity or Princess as well. I like Royal very much and prefer them, but there are other options.
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