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  1. I don’t think you are going to see serologic tests happening. The CDC has already said everyone needs to be vaccinated whether you have had COVID or not, and whether you have antibodies or not. Whether or not this decision has been made because they truly aren’t sure if someone can get COVID twice or because the logistics of antibody testing everyone, I’m not sure.
  2. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is behind the others. I read that initial results should be released sometime In December but probably won’t be approved until Jan at the earliest or possibly Feb. Having said that, the one major advantage the Johnson and Johnson vaccine might have is that it will probably only require one injection and won’t require the extreme cold the other vaccines require and is expected to be much cheaper. If it was up to me (and of course it isn’t) I would use the Johnson and Johnson vaccine for less developed countries where freezing might be an issue or where
  3. I’m not surprised either. And everyone on the boards debating whether or not to cruise before a vaccine comes out, don’t need to worry cause by the time cruise lines start up again I’ll be most people will be able to get the vaccine, which Is what I always figured would happen. You can stop blaming the CDC.
  4. I attended a webinar today from Celebrity that was meant for travel agents but it let anyone join in. Couple of points I’ll share. 1) Pricing for this new “ALL-IN” starts on November 17. They specifically said don’t try to price compare before then when new prices get rolled out on their website. They said existing reservations will continue with the old promotions unless they want to convert to the new ALL-IN. 2) It was obvious from the presentation that they want travel agents to market them as a “luxury” brand which most us agree they aren’t. One of their slides had them positione
  5. I’m going to wait until there is a vaccine before cruising again. Just my personal preference. But once the vaccine is available and I’m my family is administered the vaccine, I will look forward to cruising again very much.
  6. You also can rent a car from Miami if the air is cheaper. It’s about a 4 hour drive.
  7. I’ve never heard of Galveston being described as beautiful. Friendly, Good food, yes. But not beautiful. Ha ha
  8. This worse thing I’ve eaten on a Royal Caribbean cruise is the pizza before they improved it a couple of years back. It used to be pretty bad. Now it’s just ok.
  9. Yeah and what really sucks as that Royal (like most other cruise lines) probably can’t sell older ships like the Empress or the Majesty because most lines aren’t in a position to buy either. I know Carnival was successful is selling two Holland America ships but that was the exception and not the norm.
  10. I just don’t see cruising really until a vaccine is available.
  11. I have not sailed on Celebrity yet, although I really want to once we get a COVID vaccine. I have sailed on other cruise lines (Royal, Carnival, Norwegian) where there is a “bump” like in this picture and did not have any noise issues. Hope this helps.
  12. I’m not sure what to make of this comment. Wishful thinking? Insider info? No details so doesn’t help much.
  13. This is very worrisome to me. I know that the CDC hasn’t been entirely fair to the cruise industry but I’m not terribly happy that the White House is overriding them either. Cases are still going up in most of the country. I’m afraid to say much more because I know we aren’t supposed to be political here. But overriding the CDC isn’t a good solution either. We trust them to make these kind of decisions for us to keep us safe even if we don’t always understand or agree with all of them.
  14. I’m not usually in favor of these kind of lawsuits. And I do have to agree that meningitis would be difficult to diagnose on a cruise ship’s medical facility. But I do have to say that I found it interesting that the article said that the child had a 104 fever and the medical staff sent them back to their cabin several times. I would think at the very least you would give a child with that kind of fever some Tylenol or Advil (if they weigh enough). Wasn’t said here if that was done. Anyone with a fever of 104 fever needs to be watched
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