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  1. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    Freeport is 46 miles away from Galveston.
  2. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    May I ask where it was reported about Symphony ?
  3. My parents bought my family’s Alaska cruise coming up July 2019 on Ovation of the Seas for my family. My son had a Bar Mitzvah last year and this is their gift to him and us. We had a idea it was coming but my son didn’t. They send a letter in the mail to him (All of the family lives in Houston) and he was very happy and surprised.
  4. I’ll be watching. Looks like a great ship.
  5. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    I just had another thought. Wouldn’t it be cool if maybe they brought a Celebrity ship to Galveston? At least maybe part time. Just a thought. I have no news or inside info. But I would to love to start cruising Celebrity more once my wife and are done raising the kids and travel more.
  6. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    I doubt we get an Icon class instead of Quantum or Oasis but I guess ya never know
  7. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    Hopefully official ship announcement will come when they reveal the rest of the Caribbean itineraries
  8. Oliver

    New Galveston Terminal

    I would point out that in announcing the short Caribbean intineraries that Enchantment of the Seas will be going to Key West and the Bahamas for 4 different dates in 2020 from Galveston. So you never know. Maybe they can add some Eastern Caribbean.
  9. Oliver

    Crown and Anchor news letter

    I never get anything either
  10. https://twitter.com/cruiseindustry/status/1070029489088868352?s=21 New Galveston terminal coming. Looks like an Oasis class ship will be announced for Galveston soon. And for those that doubted the Houston area could support an Oasis class ship, read where it says ships are operating at 110 percent capacity and maybe two more cruise terminals possibly coming
  11. Oliver

    Toddler on an Alaska Cruise

    My guess is that you will probably have to leave her behind for shore excursions but you could take turns and still make it a great trip. I don’t know how many family members are going but the sea days and nights where everyone is together should be a great vacation. And yes some people will miss some excursions but you can still find a way to make it a good trip even if not every thing is ideal
  12. Oliver

    Royal Up program

    I got an email today for my Liberty of the Seas sailing on Jan 13, 2019. But when ever I try to click the button to take me to the website it doesnt work
  13. Oliver

    Powder Coffee ?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it is powder. Most of the time I’ll bet most restaurants use powder as well. Unless you are eating at a fine dining type restaurant. i would expect that for a cruise line like Royal, Carnival, or Norwegian, I would get powder coffee unless a pay extra for gourmet coffee. If I was sailing Crystal, Regent, or Silversea, or similar, then I would expect upscale coffee from freshly grounded beans. Also keep in mind that instant coffee has a lower environmental impact. I do not dispute it doesn’t taste as good, but by no means do I find it terrible. Just my opinion obviously.
  14. Oliver

    Internet Cafe

    Unfortunately yes. The computer cafes aren’t used very much anymore. They were big before everyone had WiFi devices.