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  1. They are going in March. I pulled up a December cruise and saw it as well. Perhaps they just are not populating the app yet for next year. The dolphin discovery website for Costa Maya said "habitat maintenance". https://www.dolphindiscovery.com/costa-maya/ I'll reach out to them directly and see if I can get a response.
  2. Maya Chan sounds great for a relaxing beach day for adults. How about for teens/kiddos? I have a family traveling to there that has a 16,13,11,and 7 year old.
  3. I have a client looking for a catamaran sail out of Costa Maya for some snorkeling, sightseeing, etc. I am not finding that type of tour - has anyone taken one there? They were initially interested in the dolphin experience, but it looks like that habitat is undergoing maintenance of some sort. Any ideas for something cool to do there? This is an active family group - so they are not interested in the ruins or beach break type of activities.
  4. I booked a family group for this sailing. Does anyone have any info on Costa Maya yet? They are wanting to do the dolphin experience and are not seeing anything offered in the app yet
  5. Has anyone had dinner a Hooked yet? We are going tonight and wondered if we would be able to make it to the 7pm show if our reservation is for 5:30
  6. I am a TA so I decided to gamble this cruise and personally see what the process is by selecting a guarantee balcony. We learned our assignment as soon as we did check in and were surprised they put us in a Spacious Balcony at the back of the ship. We have also never stayed in an aft cabin and I have people ask about them all the time. So - I did the RoyalUp - just because, but I think I am going to pull it. We had bid on a Grand - but have stayed in one several times on this size ship. Good Luck guys!
  7. We are staying at Crowne Plaza which was recommended by several cruisers. I am considering doing the Live blog - but not live I will post after we return from the cruise - but am happy to do that
  8. I often book groups and families that want one point of contact to arrange things up until check in. For those I either use my agency email or the family members email. It makes it easier on everyone and they can always forward the emails to each party as needed.
  9. We did a great catamaran trip with Tiami that included lunch, drinks, snorkeling and a highly entertaining crew. We did it while 8n port with the ship, but booked directly and saved the $$
  10. Having traveled with a special needs child in a wheelchair, I would suggest you use it and bring it through carry on. We have had issues with adjustments getting out of whack due to handling (not specifically cruise ships). Plus, the wait for a wheelchair at embarkation can get long if there are several people needing this at once. If you have your own device handy, it will lessen the wait for your octogenarians. Generally speaking, the process getting a chair through security can actually be faster because they will just wand the person in their chair and they use a separate line.
  11. The shows onboard are all free. The ice show is a smaller venue so you will need reservations. The movies on deck are first come. The main entertainment theater has two showings each night to align with the MDR sittings. As for what the shows are - this varies but you can count on a production show, a send off show, a comedian usually and often some sort of variety show. If you miss them, they are on your stateroom tv the next day. There are also mini entertainments throughout the ship - Jazz, piano, etc. Plus lots of fun games and events. You won't be able to do it all. Find what appeals to you most and do others the next time
  12. I would wait until 4 hours before setting sail. The ship does not move at all while docked. Just like being in a land hotel. Depending on where your stateroom is, you may not notice movement of the ship at all. Unless the seas are high, I usually only notice it the first night in bed and when in the theater. But, if you’re very motion sensitive you might notice it more, especially your first cruise where you’re more tuned in to the possibility of motion.
  13. Our first cruise was in the form of a gift from a family member. They gave us the $$ and said to do something fun. We booked a cruise because we had very busy work lives and not a lot of time to plan destinations. It was that or an all inclusive resort and we liked the idea of seeing multiple nw places but unpacking once. We tried to do everything on that first cruise! Carried the compass around with us, studied and planned each day the night before. Even with all that, we loved cruising and booked our next one while onboard. That was in 2004. We do it a lot different these days, but that’s the joy of cruising for us. Every sailing is different and we get to choose what kind of vacation it will be each time. There are some perks for booking onboard so relax, enjoy this one, and if you love it- book another, and another, and another!
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