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  1. Will second the Cortrans recommendation. Real easy process on the return trip.
  2. Makes me wonder how well promotional chips will work at the craps table.
  3. CGTLH

    Pricing Scheme for Solo Cruisers???

    Heard cases where you do end up with the extra points. Only requirement was having to call after points posted.
  4. CGTLH

    Pricing Scheme for Solo Cruisers???

    Did a quick look. The 288pp rate is for an inside gty. However the inside gty isn't available for a solo. 6V ends up right for both solo and double. From what I've seen in the past the gty rate only allows for double occupancy.
  5. CGTLH

    Hard Cider?

    Strongbow is going to be the most common due to it being on the Diamond list for drink. Seen Angry Orchard or Crispin on various menus on Symphony. Just not positive for it being fleet wide.
  6. Not sure if it is used fleet wide. However this was the stuff used in the dispenser on Symphony.
  7. Filtering and uploading the pictures taken. I'm sure one aspect many want to see is the suite. Living room area Master bedroom Master bathroom Second bedroom Common bathroom Rest of the pictures taken:
  8. CGTLH

    Star Specialty Dining Question

    Agree! Just a hard thing to do with those that like to plan everything in advance.
  9. Nope, just luggage area. Everyone eventually mashed together, in a controlled way, at the customs stations. If I had to say it felt better managed than Port Everglades at terminal 18.
  10. When it came to the Customs side they had so many lanes open. So the hold up there was just about nothing, maybe 5 minutes, getting off at 9am. Entering the upper floor of the terminal all suite guests go one way and everyone else the other. Traffic overall flowed great inside the terminal.
  11. Room Thoughts Stayed in 8734, Two Bedroom Aqua Theater Suite. Bedrooms themselves were not huge but adequate. Second bedroom would be a tight fit with four adults. Some design issues aswell with the second bedroom. Example access to the closest can be blocked by the door for the bedroom. Master bedroom didn't seem to have any obvious design flaws. Living room was grand in size, maybe too big. Had a small round table that could sit four. Outside of the seating at the table the room had two chairs and a sleeper couch. Plenty of counter space under the TV and under the counter was the fridge and two cabinets with shelves. The room did have a design flaw, one cabinet under the counter could be fully opened due to a pole in close proximity. Fridge did a respectful job at keeping beverages cold and cooling down new ones. No noise issues from the rock wall. Keep on mind this is the primary rock wall used. Balcony can be nothing but described as unique and large. Wraps around the room with no area being too narrow. Table with seating for six with plenty of space. Two loungers on the Aqua Theater side, two chairs with foot stools outside the Master bedroom. Counter right near the rock wall. Great viewing platform for the aqua shows.
  12. Star Class Thoughts This time around things really shined. Other than one major problem (that was corrected) I was very pleased. The night Chops was ordered for balcony dining I was told the venue was closed for a sellout private function with a fixed menu. Only requirement was the order needed to be put in and finalized that afternoon. Ask and things will magically appear: Never had the opportunity to try the shrimp cocktail or grilled shrimp at Hooked. Request was made one evening for delivery after a show and they were waiting back in the room. I'll add Hooked's grilled shrimp are great. This cruise was also used as an early celebration for my parents anniversary. The Genie had the pastry team make a custom cake from a picture she provided. Had to say it was a great cake. The Genie did show me a picture provided to the pastry team. While the cake wasn't an exact match, the idea was there. Also the last night I had to say the level of unexpected service and guest dedication provided by our Genie was without words. The amount of time she spent just basically standing around and talking was just unexpected and very grateful.
  13. Some disembarkation thoughts... Star Class luggage had to be put out by 7am departure morning. Star Class/Suite Guest escort ends upstairs by an elevator. Not sure about availability of any stairs or escalator. Luggage was right near by when exiting the hallway where the elevator is. Wheelchair assistance has to be taken over by a port agent. No dedicated lines for porters or suite guests. Facial scan takes about 30 seconds. Zones 7-10 are a nightmare of people congestion, these would be exiting towards the right. Also towards the right is the table for contraband pickup. Overall everything thing was smooth until exiting the terminal.
  14. Finally having a chance to take one advantage of a Star Class perk. Dinner from a Specialty Restaurant (Chops) on the balcony. Yes @Sweety Red Velvet Cake does exist at Chops here. Was told it was delicious.