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  1. CGTLH

    Deluxe Beverage package

    Keep in mind the price listed on the site is the discounted price. Any advertised discount is based on the onboard price. Example: If it happens to be listed for $52 the second person won't be $26 but rather $52.
  2. @jhatle01 With it being a walking tour I wouldn't be too concerned about missing the ship. If you start feeling pressed for time you can always leave early. If you don't see it offered reach out to them and ask. Possibility that they are sold out but might be able to squeeze two more in. Also if you decide to book directly with the company use code flavorsEAT for a discount. It can also be used for the tours offered in St. Maarten and St. Thomas. I've done the St. Maarten one where you are driven around the island. Had a great time on that one and had planned on trying to do the San Juan one the next day. Check out my LIVEish from Harmony in 2018 for the recap.
  3. Only problem is this format really opens you up to PWI... Trust me I've had a hair trigger and really had some deep thoughts of posts. Luckily just a smidge of sanity still existed before I hit "Submit Reply". Then again the "P" portion doesn't apply to just message boards, rather any real time form of communication...
  4. CGTLH

    Oasis Class #6 !!!!

    Heck, even the Dream class is an extension of the Conquest class. Extending it further Conquest is an extension of the Destiny class. All I remember after sailing on Carnival Victory, Freedom, and Dream they all had that familiar feel to them. Other words Carnival has three classes of ships that are essentially same design. Just been built out somewhat between classes.
  5. CGTLH

    Symphony Soda Machines and OBC

    From the top of my head on soda machine/Freestyle locations: On the Promenade in Sorrentos, inside of Windjammer, and near El Loco Fresh. Not too sure of any other locations. Don't forget that you can get soda from any bar as well.
  6. CGTLH

    Soda package question

    No requirement for everyone to purchase the soda package. The rule only applies to the purchase of the Deluxe package.
  7. Was wondering how you felt about this format. I do agree it allows much better interactive experience. Did a great job and I do look forward to more of these casual live blogs.
  8. My case I had Suite check in and boarding group. At the time of this sailing the Key program wasn't available on Adventure. Majority of the muster stations are located outside. Handful might be in the show lounge on deck 5.
  9. CGTLH

    Navigator Dry Dock

    Fun part is trying to determine what clause in the policy would cover the event. When the Empress refurb got pushed back I was able to change ships at the cost of an airfare difference plus change fee. When I put my claim in I used the mechanical breakdown and travel delay clauses. Was denied by the initial screening but approved when reviewed. In an ideal world Royal would want you to have their insurance and use their flight booking service. Always great seeing the line if flights are booked with Air2Sea you're covered. Everyone else, here is your $200 or $300 and buzz off. Best part is the entire we only cover the change fee. Jumping back to my Empress fiasco it would have been cheaper out of pocket to buy a new one way ticket than change fee plus airfare difference. However the airfare difference was less than a new ticket. In the end all I got from Royal was a change fee refund, some OBC, and my booking move to Majesty that left the same day and got back a day later (reason for the flight change). Did get to see Empress when Majesty had to skip CocoCay and we anchored just outside of Freeport due to some planned maintenance.
  10. Next fun question would be if Star class could invade Key time.
  11. I'm more inline with the points quest when it comes to suites. Most cases two in a JS ends up very close to solo in two rooms. Now after hitting the 340 mark that might change the cost math. Don't really care about the status and perks when it comes to a Grand or better, exception being Star Class of course. Not saying it isn't nice on Oasis and Quantum class ships not having to worry about picking show times is a nice perk. Voom included on those two classes of ship does help offset the cost a tad as well. Room service, don't normally use it that often even with it being included. Still at $7.95 plus 18% it isn't going to break the bank if I decide to use it.
  12. CGTLH

    Question regarding Suite Life

    You aren't able to book Coastal Kitchen in advance on Allure with the Cruise Planner. About a week from sailing you should get an email from the Concierge. Reply back and request what dates and time you want. It also shouldn't be an issue if you request reservations onboard, just do it first time. Keep in mind lunch is offered all week including boarding day. So if you get on prior 1:30 that might be a good option.
  13. Think Royal tries to use the Johnny Rockets logic. Other words by charging it prevents waste and associated mess. But I do agree that it is crazy that they charge for it. Just surprised that they don't setup outside the movie theater. Same area of thought... New dart board in the Pub still in good condition? Other thought, is the exit sign up on the ceiling inline of the dart board broken/cracked?
  14. Thankfully Voom is one thing that is priced the same across the fleet. Makes the math sooo much easier in deciding pre cruise purchase or not. Now that I said that watch dynamic pricing rear it's head.
  15. On Symphony in May as well. The sailing I'm on the UDP essentially sold out. Could book it for one but adding the second person would cause it to error out.