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  1. The current drink cup I think comes in 3 different colors. One thing to remember is the cup is only needed if using a Freestyle dispenser. No problem just asking for glass of soda at a bar or from a server. Also a "30oz tumbler holder/sleeve" fits the current cup just fine.
  2. Also being a new wanna be cruiser I'd highly suggest using a travel agent. Can't go wrong using MEI, a sponsor of Royal Caribbean Blog. Even as well experienced cruiser I book with a travel agent (MEI). It is great having someone else doing the leg work with the booking. Finally, this is great community. Don't worry about gnawing our "ears" off. Ask away!
  3. @Matt ready to start a new branch of your enterprise? Major hold back would be getting firsthand experience. Looking forward to the first Celebrity Cruises Blog Group Cruise! Updated: Seems Celebrity already has the domain "CelebrityCruisesBlog.com" taken...
  4. No, drinks ordered via room service are not included with any drink package. Exception being guests sailing on ships with the Royal Suite Class program in Star Class eligible suites.
  5. Powerade and Red Bull can be arranged, just put in a request with the Genie. Now a particular flavor isn't a guarantee. Still for a particular flavor it would be best to request as far out as possible. That way it could possibly ordered or the Genie have a "grocery run" for it. Same would apply with the water, once again no guarantee. My personal experience, requested hard seltzer and diet Dr. Pepper. Both of those "wishes" while taken they were unable to be granted. Don't recall the excuse, personally I think they had some challenges with the timeline coming from Europe.
  6. Not really the Genie offering/selling the cabanas. It is the Private Journey group trying to make the sale.
  7. Checking in online just shortens the process. Instead of an agent having to fill in all the information you have done it ahead of time. It also helps just getting into the terminal by bringing the SetSail. This keeps the agents at the door from having to cross reference you on the manifest.
  8. Trying to fly out of FLL or MIA? If flying out of FLL you'll need to keep in mind about a hour for the ride. MIA doable for a 10:15 flight, sure. Just might be a bit on the stressful side. I've done it before on Majesty in Miami a few years back. Was at the gate in MIA by 9:30.
  9. Hopefully I'll venture into the casino next week on Mariner... Who am I kidding, I'll be venturing in.
  10. My hunch, that way the price can be increased for the next booking cycle. Never tracked prices, so no clue how pricing changed on the Ocean View Panoramic Suites on Voyager and Freedom class when those suites shifted to full suite level.
  11. Might be better to listen to @AnnetteJackson --Strike this-- If it follows the ones on Voyager class, Sky. -END-
  12. Fun question now, what if anything will replace Enchantment in San Juan.
  13. Looking at the photo I get the impression she might be standing on a table or maybe a foot rest. Seems what would be her right side at the railing is a person's head/face.
  14. When I think of cruising only one game comes to mind now... Jenga
  15. For one bit of clarification. This would be a back stage tour. Don't confuse it with the All Access Ship tour.
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