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  1. In theory on my Symphony cruise I upgraded onboard from the Refreshment package bought in the Cruise Planner to the Deluxe onboard. 9I was charged the difference between the onboard cost of the two packages. Still the difference was I think either $38 or $40 a day plus the 18% gratuity/service charge. How it might work for a booking perk, I have no idea. Will mention no credit is given towards any upgrade with the included soda package for booking a Boardwalk balcony room.
  2. CGTLH

    San Juan

    Keep in mind the tour I did wasn't booked directly with Royal. I'm not sure what, if any, differences might be between booking with Royal vs the vendor.
  3. Replacement of the locks to RFID style more depends on the return of investment. Right now it seems the ROI is zero. No other ship when going into dry dock has gotten updated locks. Plus it isn't just locks that would need to be updated. The entire point of sale system would need to get either replaced or have a RFID reader added. Also I'm sure it wouldn't be just guest stateroom locks that would be changed, crew/staff/Officer's stateroom locks would also be changed aswell. Other words every swipe lock on the ship would need to be changed. Now one wild card towards the update to RFID is the Bionic Bar. I have a hard time visualizing the system from ordering to pickup using a swipe style card. Not saying it couldn't be done, just be different. Me personally, would love to see the Edge style room controls aswell. Think Spectrum got some of the features.
  4. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, medevacs a 55-year-old Canadian man and his wife from the cruise ship Anthem of the Seas, 100 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, June 14, 2019. The medevac was requested for the 55-year-old male, who was reportedly suffering from abdominal pain. (U.S. Coast Guard video courtesy of Air Station Elizabeth City) Video at https://www.dvidshub.net/video/689949/coast-guard-medevacs-55-year-old-canadian-man-cruise-ship-100-miles-off-cape-hatteras-nc
  5. Not sure what the policy is transferring a new booking within what would be the final payment period. Best bet might be providing the TA the details and have them book it.
  6. One could call it "Coma in a Glass"... Reality it is a Mudslide done in the way of a Lavaflow.
  7. Would be Symphony He is a former Concierge, last ship was Brilliance. I know he was on Freedom a few years ago.
  8. Thinking about it more, Viking Crown on Voyager and Freedom class ships does fit the bill some what. But it also seems to feel disconnected from the rest of the ship. Only time I got the experience Viking Crown pre Suite Lounge was on Allure. That really felt disconnected from the rest of the ship and overall didn't seem all that inviting. In a way it felt more of an afterthought. As the Suite Lounge, it give the space more of a purpose.
  9. If they could only bring this one element to the larger ships. One could say 270 is a close compromise, but it doesn't have the same daytime "loungeability".
  10. This might help give an idea of activities, from my Edge sailing two months ago.
  11. In order to purchase one Deluxe and one Refreshment you would have to call. A phone number should be listed in the Cruise Planner. Price listed, example $49 a day, doesn't include the gratuities/service charge. An extra 18% will be added at time of purchasing the package. No restrictions on how Voom needs to be purchased. One person can purchase a single device plan and share it between multiple devices. Voom is also an available option with the Deluxe package.
  12. When I was on Anthem they wouldn't allow the shake function. Recall being to the robots at the time were having an issue keeping the lid shut or kept using the wrong one.
  13. Also add to the mix having the UDP. Arriving early will tremendously help when it comes to availability of times and venues.
  14. Flip side, had to deal with chairs being dragged around in Concierge Lounge when staying in a Grand Loft on deck 10. Guess moving the Lofts is one thing Spectrum has done wise.
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