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  1. These are what I had posted in my Mariner blog. I need to stop being lazy and process the rest I took.
  2. On Oasis it is open to Suite guests and Pinnacle members.
  3. Think what was meant is the server got what 18% of the restaurant's cover charge would have been. Then an additional gratuity could be left. Bill was still $0, just a theoretical cut of what the gratuity would have been was given to the server. Same logic behind the gratuity for the stateroom attendant.
  4. Only happy hour will have beverages beyond the coffee and tea. Some snacks like cookies and fruit might be available during the day. During happy hour it will be the standard setup with the snack spread and beverages. Oasis class SL is the exception when it comes to beverage access.
  5. Some bartenders have the knack and do it quick, others take their sweet ol time. Now some of the nicer bartenders will provide your beverage prior to starting the point of sale side of the operation. Spending some time at the counter also shows how convoluted the system... 1. Login (if timed out or different person is logged in) 2. Dig in menus to find item 3. Final out the bill 4. Swipe card 5. Verify picture 6. Zero out bill with package 7. Close out bill 8. Print receipt (Non package or by request. Haven't seen the push for extra gratuity via receipt recently for beverage package holders.) Also another thought is some will do the cleanup process if required prior to running the transaction in the system.
  6. Correction... Oasis out of Miami, definitely Suite check in.
  7. Labadee historical been cheaper on the Cabanas. Sure you'll not have an issue getting one. Two advantages working in your favor. Barefoot Beach is Suite and Pinnacle only. Then Star class normally gets priority on Cabanas.
  8. Sea I think is blue green color, that is what I got on Symphony. Silver will depend on ship: Navigator is using that for full suites. While Mariner is using gold. Flipping back to Navigator Pinnacles are given gold cards. Standard has been JS given silver card (non Royal Suite class ships). Card from Symphony
  9. Scary part is they had breakfast service going on at the time. Report from Carnival on Twitter stated a minor injury due to the evacuation of the restaurant.
  10. Agree, will be hard to find "just juice". If you're lucky, at a slow bar, and provide the right encouragement the bartender might muddle some fruit as a quick way to get some juice. Some bars might use already squeezed juice but it will be a hard find... Will add on Mariner I was able to get the "muddled juice" method done at The Bamboo Room. It was very slow at the time with no one else was waiting for service. Results were mixed. Personally think muddling added too much of the bitterness found in the rind to come out.
  11. Welcome, happy hour will be the same time as the Diamond one.
  12. Beer, wine, soda, and water is available anytime the Suite Lounge bar is open. For spirits it is only during the happy hour. No restriction on number of drinks at once, card isn't required at the bar.
  13. Accurate: You can get beer and wine from a limited selection in the Suite Lounge during the day on Oasis class ships. From @WAAAYTOOO 's blog. Yes it says Diamond, but the Suite Lounge uses the same selections.
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