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  1. One of the nice things, at least on Edge, is they allow your carry on bags to be dropped off in the room upon boarding. None of this hallways closed off until 1 PM stuff. All doors were closed and locked so for the most part dropped off bags were secured. At this time I did bump into the stateroom attendant and he mentioned that just some final touch ups had to be completed and kindly asked not to linger around too long.
  2. Swear all I ever post about is food... So it is now the depressing final day of the cruise. With it being a day at sea one goal was to finally visit Eden Cafe for breakfast with one goal in mind, a cinnamon roll. Eden Cafe is tucked away inside of Eden in the back of the ship. During the day it has the stunning wake views that are reminiscent of 270 on the Quantum class. At night Eden all about performance, both acting and culinary. Still I'm here for breakfast... You know your journey towards the back of deck 5 is complete once you pass thru the forest... and then spot the first Eden sign... once the second sign is spotted, just keep a careful eye out it might disappear on you, hang a left. The breakfast goal was finally insight, the Fresh Baked Cinnamon roll. If I wanted the also had some breakfast sandwiches that would be heated/press to order. Also had some cold options such as Muesli, Yogurt parfait, fruit, or just plain yogurt. Nope, I had one goal and was going to stick to it. Finally the warm baked goodie was on plate and in hand. After enjoying my cinnamon roll I took the time to browse the Eden area in the daylight. Some views from deck 5 Moving up to deck 6 The primary way up to deck 6 is via a ramp. All along the ramp are little seating areas to be out of the way. At the time others were enjoying their privacy, so sorry no pictures of those areas. After what might have been my final visit to Eden I was off towards the Main Theater for the Captain's Navigation Talk.
  3. Time to play dinner catch up, I'll be covering Friday and Saturday. Due to dining in Lumane and Blu I didn't go wild on the picture taking. In Fact I kinda forgot about taking pictures altogether at Blu except for the entree. Friday night was the second Chiq Night of the cruise, also the traditional lobster night. Forgot to take a picture of what would have been my appetizer, so I'm not going to bore with any details. First Entree (or second appetizer in my opinion) were the Seared Scallops. To the order is four scallops, after eating the first one started remembering to take pictures... Second Entree, Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb The person I was dining with ask for a lobster tail and the 4oz filet (the filet could be found on the kids menu). I did sample a bite of the tail and it was cooked just right. Texture wasn't that of chewing rubber bands and had a slight roasted flavor. Overall saltiness was overpowering. I'm not sure if it was the butter poached version from the menu or steamed/roasted tail removed from the shell prior to plating. Between the main course and dessert a Chef's taste was brought out. It was orange or tangerine segments in some type of syrup. I'm not really recalling the flavor profile off the top of my head. This also occurred before appetizers were brought out. In that case it was some type of chicken liver mousse. Dessert time! First dessert sampling was the Chocolate Bar served with peanut butter gelato Yes, a small bite was taken before the picture was taken. Next dessert was the Luminae Baked Alaska. Presentation of it was phenomenal, was not expecting a meringue spiked cube. Digging in for a cross sample Now for the only picture I took in Blu at Saturday night's dinner. Only reason I did, in honor of @WAAAYTOOO's husband and his love of lamb shank. Taste is always a subjective topic. Luminae vs Coastal Kitchen, I might give a slight nudge towards Luminae. Still between to the two it was very close, menu similarities run very close between the two. Keep in mind I only dined twice in Luminae. Blu, I did feel Luminae was better. On a service level, I would say Luminae.
  4. Some post cruise thoughts... Edge is a very sleek and modern ship (yeah yeah #modernluxury). No point did the ship feel like it was crowded, maybe at the end of a show. It also didn't seem like it was that much a late night ship. Casino was usually the latest place open, not sure about The Club. Know most times late night when I passed by it didn't seem like it was open. Outside of room service no other food options were available past 1 am. However they did have a 24 hour beverage station in Oceanview Cafe. Only major problem I felt was the lack of bars. Can't vouch for Resort deck or Solarium service, but the roaming waiters were plentiful and quick. Other problem was lack of shade at the outside bars. Sunset Bar, unless the ship happened be sailing towards the sun you were getting toasty. Felt shaded areas were in general a bit lacking. Even up on The Retreat sundeck there were only a few spot that were fully shaded. Looping back to the bar discussion. I felt there were really only three main spots, four if you included The Retreat Lounge. One of those I'm not 100% if the were completely full service. On deck 5 you have Cafe al Bacio, at first glance it is primarily a coffee bar with spirits and complimentary snacks. Deck 4 introduces the Casino bar. Then finally on deck 3 the Martini Bar. Other bars include Sunset bar 15 aft, pool bar 14 midship also on 14 was the bar in Oceanview Cafe, the the Magic Carpet that could be on either deck 5, 14, or 16 at any given time.
  5. Thanks again for following along. Still have a bit more stuff to post in the upcoming days.
  6. Disembarkation thoughts... Toss up between Terminal A and Terminal 25, edge might be towards T25. Both use the facial recognition system, however luggage pickup is after the scan. So at that point it is grab bag and head towards the exit. Still the disembarkation off the ship was fairly painless just a bit after 9am. Also the private vehicle pickup wasn't that bad. Big challenge is trying to find a spot to pull in. Pricing: Lyft to Miami airport $38, time 40 minutes.
  7. Lively the nights I was in it, did start to taper off around midnight. Tables had $10 minimums. For the number of guests onboard I felt the casino was on the smaller side.
  8. Ain't tequila, but it is one of the last drinks served at the Casino Bar. #notjustsoda Still, 1:42 am and the Casino is closed with the bar cleaning up... Wanted to add, by 2 am the ship was pretty much shutdown. The Club, empty; Casino, sealed off; Oceanview Cafe, complementary beverages only. In contrast, some of my previous Royal sailings still had something going on celebrating the last few hours of the sailing. One highlight is one of the drink fridges in The Retreat Lounge was still available. If you don't mind decaf espresso/coffee the machine was still available (machine uses pods, only decaf was out) or a selection of teas (one of the brands is Tea Forte, I've kinda grown addicted to the Raspberry Nectar variety)
  9. Last two slices of pizza... Wonderful, wonderful pizza made with fresh hand stretched dough.
  10. Fun tidbit: Every evening at 8:30 PM the bartenders at the Martini Bar do a quick bar flair show.
  11. I'll give the bar staff at il Secondo Biaco (bar inside of Oceanview Cafe). Requested a drink that they were out of. Currently they are on a man hunt for it. Don't know if it is due to being a member of "The Retreat" or just flat out the level of service they are willing to provide.
  12. Time to go over some of the dining venues I've visited. First off is Lumine This is located on deck 12, port side forward. This is the speciality restaurant for suite guests. By default when booking you are placed in what is called Celebrity Select dining, this is due to the exclusive use of this venue. If you want to bring in non-suite guests a fee will apply. At the same time if you wish to dine is any of the other venues you may do so by making a reservation. Next up is Eden Restaurant When entering Eden you'll find Eden Cafe to the left. Eden Cafe is open for lunch everyday and on sea days breakfast. In Eden Cafe you'll find sandwiches pressed to order, made to order salads, and a sandwich made with fresh carved meat. You can also find complementary beverages and made to order espresso drinks. Plus for a sweet tooth fix, complementary baked goodies. Our final stop for this journey is Fine Cut Steakhouse Fine Cut also features a semi-private dining room as well, keep in mind this is just left of the entrance.
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