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  1. If we want to try and continue on this as a game...
  2. Original press release for the suspension of United States operations had stated 30 days. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/84/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/
  3. I'm in agreement a majority of the supplies and pre-fabrication has been completed. Mothballing the "AMP" work wouldn't make much sense. Having already done Oasis I'm sure the ship yard and Royal know where the time sinks are. If I had to guess the largest would be new deck 14 staterooms. Same time those rooms will be money makers. Another one would be the Spa stateroom makeovers. Once again those bring in a revenue increase. Flip side they don't require the major work a deck redesign does. In the end I really think it comes down to manpower availability once the shipyard allows Allure to come in and work can start. With Allure being Amped a sales pitch for the summer season I'm sure stuff will fly if that part of the drydock isn't completed.
  4. For anyone wondering this is the source. Note it is in Spanish: https://m.diariodecadiz.es/cadiz/Royal-Caribbean-Allure-seas-Cadiz-reforma-coronavirus_0_1445855745.html
  5. That I feel is highly unusual. On both Anthem and Symphony I recall either same day or at the latest next morning service/delivery. Also want to say the cabin steward is the one responsible for bringing back laundry. I do remember our cabin steward calling and running to drop off laundry on Symphony when we had waited until late in the morning to send it. Still got it back that evening.
  6. Unfortunately, the self serve wines at Vintages is not included with the drink package.
  7. Don't even need Photoshop for that one. Notepad alone can do wonders. Hard part is still getting the bottom of the food chain folks to obey it.
  8. Long shot of memories from Symphony in May... Recall Chops at lunch having pretzel sticks/bread in the bread basket. Same with Mariner at lunch. Can't find any dinner bread offering photos. No clue if Oasis might do the same. Worth a shot. Ones on the left and right were the pretzel offerings at Chops on Mariner
  9. With my previous post in mind... For topic of best fries... I'd give the win to Playmakers. I'm a fan of steak fries and the sauce plus parm combo on top.
  10. If I'm recalling correctly Playmakers has onion rings. Playmakers also serves up steak fries, recall them having some sort of sauce and parmesan cheese on top. Forgot Johnny Rockets has onion rings too. Both places have different styles. Don't recall potato based fries at Jamie's and Chops has a classic style (not to be confused with fresh cut or wedge style) fried seasoned with a truffle (might be a salt or oil). Don't recall ever seeing tater tots on a ship. Also don't recall seeing the thinner style McDonald's fries. Subject of Jamie's, think they call fried polenta sticks "something fries" don't recall if it was both the funky and posh name.
  11. Think the limit/credit is now either $20 or $25 per visit. Food wise, no limit/restrictions on what can be ordered.
  12. Next worry reading over my annual insurance policy... one of the exclusions is "an epidemic". GENERAL EXCLUSIONS This policy does not provide coverage for any loss that results directly or indirectly from any of the following general exclusions if they affect you, a traveling companion, or a family member: 15. An epidemic DEFINITIONS Epidemic: A contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely among the population in an area and which is recognized as an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So far on the WHO and CDC site about the virus doing a quick glance/search for the word "epidemic" I didn't find any results.
  13. Now one thing I'd question is if they'll offer the hotel and flight change reimbursement if someone takes the option to "no show".
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