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  1. Yes, beverage and specialty dining purchases are excluded from the standard gratuities. This gratuity also extends to beverage and in some cases specialty dining package purchases.
  2. Royal at this time doesn't offer testing at the terminal (with the exception of 11 and under group). However, a third party testing provider might have setup shop near by. This was the case at Port Canaveral for the September 5th sailing on Allure. However, I wouldn't trust a mobile testing unit available at the terminal and test beforehand. Treat a mobile unit as a possible option of last resort. Plus I have no idea what the cost would have been for the service. Website for this company: https://covidtestingllc.com/
  3. Voom as a separate purchase, easy. Voom bundled in with a beverage package, no idea how that would work.
  4. Yes, the beverage and dining packages will be refunded. Normally it is refunded once onboard if the Royal Up was successful after the Cruise Planner closed out. The refund onboard is classified as refundable onboard credit and can be cashed out at Guest Services or be refunded to the credit card registered. Gratuities, the normal $17.50 per person per day, is covered in Star Class. However, keep in mind you might want to tip the Genie and provide extra to others for exemplary service.
  5. Anyone want to guess what "Specialty Dining" within the Windjammer area will be. Hunch is a page out of the Spectrum/Odyssey playbook and Teppanyaki. Leaving Izumi on deck 4 strictly for sushi/kitchen cooked items.
  6. Royal has posted the deck plans: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/wonder-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2183/03
  7. Could ask for a cash refund. Only issue I see is not having anything booked where credits are applied and a policy is in placed. One vaccination loop hole might be for Florida sailings after November 1, 2021. If something is booked after this date and the vaccination policy is extended then I could see argument for a cash refund.
  8. Now, now... had it been the requested Fiji water it would have been headed back home.
  9. They should update in the next 24 hours or so. If they don't call back and ask to have your docs reissued.
  10. Yup know what you mean, two poached eggs was processed as two orders of poached eggs. Other words, enjoy your four poached eggs.
  11. Guessing one plate of bacon equals 4 slices and one plate of sausage equals two links. Next go around it might be best to specify quantity. Of course room service logic is always questionable. Great example was asking Alan for blue cheese to be delivered along with some other items for an afternoon snack/light lunch. Delivered was a cup of blue cheese dressing.
  12. Over here on Allure it is the same thing in the casino. No chairs removed from the table games and no slots blocked off/partitions. Subject of smoke, normally on the non-smoking side you'd catch waft of it every now and then. This time I really never picked up on it. Only time it was noticeable was when transiting the smoking area. Don't know if this had to do with the lack of players or the new protocols for the HVAC system. For me it was the first time being able to slow play (ante and play only) three card poker and not feel guilty occupying a seat.
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