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  1. Sorry, I'll have to keep digging. No pictures from that sailing with coverage of the balcony.
  2. Hard to believe that summoning was just over a year ago.
  3. Such a great feeling when a refreshing beverage is being dropped off and then being asked for a card.
  4. Just some more data points... Cruise planner refund requested June 30. Refund posted to Amex held with Wells Fargo and a Delta Amex July 9. Also posted were some of the refunds I had to ask Royal about, see post in this thread from July 2. Waiting for refunds to a Costco Citi card for the same sailings. Someone else's card so I don't have real time information.
  5. Legally no, those radios work in the FRS frequency range in the US. Over in Europe the frequencies used by FRS are used for other purposes. Over in Europe a different frequency range is used for these type of radios and they would be called PMR446 radios. Now would they work, sure. But you run the risk of stepping on the toes of the licensed users of that frequency range.
  6. Not sure if I should add this here or just start another thread... I was booked on Ovation until the second wave of cancellations occurred. On this was the first batch that Royal was offering the 125% for Cruise Planner purchases. At the time no stipulations in order to get the CP bonus you had to opt for the FCC for the sailing. I had gotten the Cruise Planner cancellation summary email on April 10. On Friday (June 26) I send a Facebook message to Royal asking what the status was for getting the CP bonus. Followed up today after not hearing a thing. This was the response I received
  7. Only noise issue I experienced was one or two nights from chairs or tables being moved in the Concierge Lounge one deck above on 12. Other than that nothing really to report in the noise department. @AshleyDillo any thing you want to report other than the occasional noise produced by a roll-away bed collapsing next to you.
  8. Might want to try canceling the Cruise Planner stuff again. When I cancelled my purchases they were immediately removed from the Order History.
  9. I don't mind the idea of a cot. Just that freaking cot of doom was another subject completely.
  10. Exactly, would have done the same but didn't get the chance.
  11. Give an idea of couch and rollaway in 10724 on Anthem...
  12. For those that are waiting on Cruise Planner refunds from a Lift and Shift sailing, good luck. On Friday my TA saw what I thought happened. Somehow the Cruise Planner refund has become part of the amount paid towards the sailing. The odd part was if the sailing were to be paid in full it wouldn't take the CP extra into account. Using some example numbers: Total cost for a sailing: $2000, deposit paid $500, expected balance due $1500 Refund from Cruise Planner: $250 On invoice for line showing amount paid: $750, balance due $1250. If TA tried to pay in full: Balance due
  13. Nope, only way to keep booking OBC is by LnS. It will also not be counted towards the OBC offer. Only out of pocket purchases/money will go towards the OBC offer.
  14. Taxes on my LnS went up a total of $114 for 3 guests. Was $112 pp now $159 pp.
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