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  1. Points for slots is $5 in play gives you one point. Video poker is $10 in play for one point. Table games, bust out a ouija board for point calculations. Going to vary based on game, length of play, and average bet.
  2. Here ya go... https://www.mjcwebdesign.com/photos/index.php?/category/114
  3. Might be on the difficult side. One major disappointment with Symphony is Chops doesn't offer the seafood tower. Will say the grilled shrimp from Hooked were a great evening snack after a show.
  4. No food at the Pub on Oasis. Only ships that offer food at the Pub are Quantum class ships (Anthem for sure). Ships with Playmakers will also have food offerings.
  5. Depending on dates you might still be outside the true final payment window. Most TAs have their clients pay prior to the actual date. Rough guess if your sailing is after November 17 you might be in luck. If so, get in touch with your TA asap.
  6. @Lovetocruise2002 Summon successful In our case the room was ready when getting onboard once boarding was allowed. One caveat however was the sailing prior was a special sailing and I don't believe the room was used other than for show during that sailing. For the most part I'm sure getting on at noon and going directly to the room shouldn't be of an issue. Will also back up @Lovetocruise2002 comment about Anthem. On that sailing we were directed up to CK for lunch, think @WAAAYTOOO had a diffrent Anthem experience.
  7. One option might be a dessert only visit to Wonderland. I recall hearing they'll do "the world" alone for $10. Other thing is it would be best to ask at Jamie's prior to the reservation/seating if they could accommodate. That way they could have things prepared/on hand to an extent.
  8. When I was on Symphony our official first Star class meal was at Playmakers. Having wings and a burger was a great kick off to a cruise. Repeat back in May with the Ultimate Dining Package.
  9. Biggest issue with these lists is the blank stare. If I order a "Chill Out" I'm going to guarantee the bartender will give a blank stare back. Next response from them will be asking what is in it. Even once the ingredients are given the ratios are still unknown. Lists are great, just be prepared for the bartenders not having a clue how to make something not on the current menu. Some of the ones that have been around for a few contracts might know some of the older ones.
  10. If the ship bundles or doesn't charge gratuity on drinks the limit covered would be $14.
  11. Correct The way I reference premium coffees is "handcrafted coffeehouse style beverages and premium brand tea". This would also cover espresso based beverages from other locations like the dining room or specialty restaurants.
  12. November 2, 2021 is the last instance I saw Odyssey listed for a Piraeus stop. That does put it in line to do the traditional Mediterranean sailings with a transatlantic mid November.
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