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  1. I played UTH at one point... Playing by the book prior to the flop is very painful at times. First time I ever played on Majesty a few years back I hit quads on a pocket pair. Well just say it was late at night and very colorful language was involved. Yup, dealer pulled off a straight flush with garbage. Now that the table minimums have gone up so much it just become too large of a needed bankroll for my taste.
  2. Hopefully, just for the sake of being able to play 4x the ante prior to the flop.
  3. Nope. Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages are available all day. The spirits selection is only available during happy hour. Otherwise, spirits can be purchased (or beverage package used) at anytime from the bar. (Standard disclaimer: Only Oasis class ships have a Suite Lounge bar that is open during non happy hour times. Other ships offer only items from the menu during happy hour.)
  4. Hey now! That picture was released on a public forum in the strictest confidence that it'd never be publicly released.
  5. Unsauced I'd imagine be a simple request if everything is made fresh onboard. One thing that might already have sauce from the cooking process would be the ribs. @AshleyDillo know you never asked about no sauce but any insight you could give.
  6. That late your best bet would be where the nightclub is or the casino bar. Just about every other venue at 3 or 4 in the morning will be closed.
  7. Royal's top cruiser with, I think, over 8300 points. *adjusted point count
  8. Yeah, biggest challenge is trying to get the driver to understand don't stop at the luggage drop off area. Just keep going until the front doors. Then having to explain to anyone directing traffic that you were told to go right to the entrance. Maybe Royal or the Genie should start sending a full page picture of the Star class logo. That way it could placed on the dash when entering the drop off area and maybe people would understand. Maybe have a second page or back side in multiple languages explaining the procedure.
  9. Shouldn't be any issue getting soda water from a bar. Just remember is will be just carbonated water. If they are using cans it will a traditional seltzer water or possibly club soda if they might have that can already opened. If it matters typical brand from cans for club soda, ginger ale, and seltzer water is Seagram's. Freestyle machines will have the Dasani Sensations variety.
  10. Always the best to keep an eye on the actual price versus mentioned discount. With that out of the way, best pricing I've see as of late was $48 per person per day (advertised as 30% off). Same time other sailings have been around $61.
  11. Plus some of the non-US cans tasted different than other non-US cans. How many different non-US variations did we sample again on Symphony?
  12. I don't recall much of what you're talking about... Was wondering how I wound up in the middle of the road. For the record the camera did recover once both batteries were removed.
  13. Only perk I can think of is on some ships they'll have a line, or someone to cut you in, when getting back on the ship. Plus normally priority tendering if you happen to be on ship that tenders.
  14. Very convinced now this is due to Spa Oceanview balcony decor...
  15. One thought that had been bounced around... New decor for the Spa Oceanview Balcony rooms. Think @Matt had mentioned he was on deck 10. Looking at the updated decks plans all the oceanview balcony rooms on decks 9 and 10 are classified as Spa ones. This might the mystery factor...
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