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  1. UDP gives a $35 credit for Izumi Sushi. That credit can be used for the Prix Fixe menu option (1 small plate, 2 large plate, and dessert) or used for a la carte pricing off the menu. My curiosity would be if a UDP guest opts for $35 with a la carte pricing. Would they still get full rolls or the new half roll policy. Same lines of thought, someone that either purchased Prix Fixe via Cruise Planner or without prepayment.
  2. Guessing this was on the January 15th sailing for Wonder. If so, using Solarium Bistro as a dedicated Kosher kitchen was the case. Guessing a disconnect occurred between the Cruise Planner team and sales team.
  3. Royal Math! This was the logic used when converting from the old point system to the new point system. If credits were 1-4, points = credits * 7 + 1 If credits were 5-7, points = credits * 7 + 3 If credits were > 7, points = credits * 7 + 13
  4. Anyone trying for the status match might want to be aware of the very first item listed in the Terms and Conditions... Royal Caribbean’s Casino Royale Offer Match (the “Offer”) is only available to residents of the United States and Canada who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age or older (the “Recipient”). To qualify for the Offer, the Recipient must not have sailed on a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. d/b/a Royal Caribbean International or Celebrity Cruises Inc. (together “RCG”) vessel since January 2018 and not have an existing booking.
  5. Beef tenderlion is listed on the "French" menu at the top as the "Chef's Recommendation".
  6. Silence is due to the amount of fun that has been going on. Topic of the CocoCay hold-up. Late departure to waiting for the air ambulance from Tampa to arrive and depart. (Side fact, Great Harbour Cay has an airstrip capable of handling a Lear 60.)
  7. Wonderland is included with the Unlimited Dining Package. No need to worry about a credit. Everything thing is included other than non complimentary beverages.
  8. Not sure if this is truly accurate. It's just Something I came across a while back.
  9. Deck 14, noise from the show might not be too bad. I don't ever recall hearing the show inside the suite and view point was terrible from the balcony. However, if the experience is the same as I had on Oasis many years ago. The drone from the starboard side (was in 14730) FlowRider was noticeable. Keep in mind the ones on Oasis were added after the ship was built. Maybe on the future builds extra sound dampening was added.
  10. Looking back over my results from Oasis. Did two tests back to back, IP on both were different. Added: Quick search, it seems Starlink does use Carrier Grade NAT.
  11. Guess it is official for Oasis: In the Day 1 Compass for the 11/6 sailing.
  12. Starlink was turn up this morning (11/5) on Oasis. Test ran at 12:30 am 11/6 OB3 test at embarkation (11am 11/2)
  13. As you requested 20221102-OA-D1.pdf 20221103-OA-D2.pdf 20221104-OA-D3.pdf 20221105-OA-D4.pdf
  14. Chicken fingers and fries are available on the kids menu at most, if not all, specialty restaurants.
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