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  1. Email from the shoreside Retreat host was received 9/23, sailing 11/18. Beyond that, I didn't really do any communicating since someone else enjoys talking on the phone. Don't think any thing was done over email other than verification of conversations or reporting reservations had been made.
  2. If anyone is interested the Cruise Compass has been posted. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/icon-of-the-seas/sat-01272024-0000
  3. Chef's Table is held in the same spot as Celebration Table.
  4. For Rope the Jackpot watchers... Just inside the smoking area are two "Pinball Double Gold", 9 line, 10 credit max. Credits .25, .50, $1, and $2. Plus two "Double Top Dollar" on the otherside of the Pinball machines, same credit setup. Between these two games were my winning sessions. Various Buffalo style machines just trampled over my money.
  5. Yes in the SL, I did snag an Angry Orchard once or twice. Waters and sodas numerous times.
  6. Think the one with the pineapple might be Viking's Crown. Think I've just about tried the entire menu, other than the namesake 1400.
  7. I'll second buying the wide version. True it looks a little funky having an excess tag holder. Just makes managing the tags a lot easier.
  8. Going to second only one way intened in/out. It does look like they could allow access via the track. Signage above the doors say "Royal Promenade" with an arrow pointing towards the front. However, I'm thinking it is geared more for emergency egress than general crowd flow.
  9. Love it, Lime and Coconut Frozen on deck 16! This is the Mango Sunrise
  10. Don't matter. Best to think of it in the way of accounts instead of people. One person, three devices is a way of saying one login account that allows any three devices at once to have internet access. Three person, one device would be three logins that allow any single device at a time to have access to the internet. @PG Cruiser made this helpful diagram
  11. One could consider becoming an INSIDER via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RoyalCaribbeanBlog Another means would be joining the channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@RoyalCaribbeanBlog I'd love it if an ad-free version of the site could be created for supporters. Flipside, I'd be disappointed if content went down the paywall path.
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