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  1. So this is going to be a boring post. Dinner was Wonderland. Don't really have any pictures worthwhile of posting. Just slipped my mind again taking them.
  2. Haven't forgotten about this request... just need to figure out where the MDR is. Even with this being the second time on Symphony I've yet seen it.
  3. Wonder when I'm going to get the letter banning me from Playmakers... Lunch today was the Poke Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll, and new to the tasting field the Chicken Tenders. Figured having the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll again I'd take the opportunity to do a closer photo inspection. Next up for the photo shoot, the Chicken Tenders. Getting a bit more up close and personal... Took a bite and was surprised how they packed more of a seasoning kick than expected. So I sampled another one to get a better idea. Just as I thought, must have been seasoned and then have the cornflake breading applied. To round things off, gave the sundae a shot. Being a bit full at this point it was requested to have a few scoops less of ice cream. That white cup in the middle goes all the way to the bottom.
  4. Don't think it would become the Teen's area, it has no outdoor area. The outdoor area was one thing mentioned in the release information.
  5. With the relocation of the Diamond Lounge to 4 and the "blank space" on 11 and 12 where it use to be. My thought had been they would move it to that vacant space. That would also expand Boleros giving it a larger foot print. Wild card is still what will go in that Diamond Lounge space. Seeing how Wonderland was not mentioned going in.
  6. Agree with many of the Bionic Bar comments. Adding the Bionic Bar wouldn't be so bad if they would keep/add some sort "hand crafted" bar. I know many say the bar in Wonderland fits this. However the hours for the Wonderland bar are very limited.
  7. Not really Ultimate Dining Package related, still it is something I haven't seen before. Know I have already mentioned the late night hot items from Cafe Promenade. Nice thing is some of the items do change daily. Items from Day 3 Items for Day 4 Closer view of the Meatball Panini from last night/this morning (Day 4).
  8. After some more analysis of the current On-Air I can visualize a 180 spin. What had been throwing me off was the DJ booth where an exit route to the embarkation deck for the lifeboats. Looking and visualizing a hallway behind or to the side of the DJ booth would work. In fact the rendering almost gives that view.
  9. Some how managed to make it over to 150 Central Park for a 6:30 dinner seating. Just a warning I was a bit on the lazy side on the photo front and forgot to take some. Started off the infamous Parker House style rolls. Topped with granulated garlic and I think a truffle butter. Yup, forgot to take a picture until they were half way pulled a part. For an appetizer it was the Beet Salad, Braised Short Rib, and Pan Honey-Glazed Scallops. Sorry, no pictures were taken. For entrees it was the Lobster Thermidor and Pan Seared Halibut. Dessert time Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart Fried Cheesecake
  10. So here is the "Breaking News", new menu at Playmakers... Just started today and Symphony is the first ship to use it. Today was our first port of call, St. Kitts. So after getting back on the ship it was decided to go an make yet another visit to Playmakers around 2pm when they first opened. Seeing this new menu and having the UDP I just had to do some sampling. First up were the Poke Nachos, requested no scallions and the truffle sauce on the side. After just about devouring the entire basket I realized the chips were fried wonton skins/rounds. Only complaint it could have used a bit more tuna. Next to come out was the Chili Burger, with only the chili and cheese. Only major complaint was the chili, seemed to be the same stuff that Windjammer uses for "beef chili". No, I'm not getting in to the beans vs no beans chili debate. Final selection of the afternoon was the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll. These beauties were egg roll skins stuffed with a blend of buffalo chicken and some sort of cheese. Then it seemed they where coated in some sort of cornflake style breading. Plus as the menu mentioned served with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing on the side. Between the Poke Nachos and the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll it would be hard to decide on a win. I would say the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll wins by just a hair. Mainly on the stand point of bang for the buck. If the Tuna Nachos maybe had a bit more tuna the victory would have gone the other way. Overall the out of pocket cost would have been $22 (plus 18% gratuity) if it wasn't for the Unlimited Dining Package. For the record I'll eventually get to that dang Campfire Cookie. That is still a bucket list item, along with the sundae...
  11. We're not going to take it any more! Your drink package that is....
  12. I'm mixed on this one... The concept art almost seems like it is a modification to the dance floor/space in Boleros. I know the bar in On-Air would be right side if facing towards the back wall where the stage might be. But the space the rendering gives makes it seem much larger. Crazy I know, the band stage would be the right spot for the DJ. The back wall area the location of the bar.
  13. Seeing the claim about an outdoor space. I'm wondering if it might not end up in the Adventure Ocean area on 14. Outdoor deck space being part of that forward open deck.
  14. Think I've discovered the answer to Portside BBQ location! Ref: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Oasis/19067374_OA_Amplified_Infographic.pdf
  15. Got some breaking news, but will wait and see if it trickles out first. Insiders at the Emerald level and on Facebook already know.
  16. Went to Playmakers once they opened. Logic was thinking Chops and Jamie's might have been crazy due to The Key lunch. Hooked isn't open for lunch. Figured give JR a shot on another day.
  17. Was covered last night, so I'd say it should be fine. Was the first time trying a "second meal".
  18. Still have a hard time visualizing from the renderings it being the Solarium area. The Solarium bar area is a bit more closed in on Oasis view wise. So I'm wondering if they plan on relocating the Teen's Club area. To me it almost seems where the Back Deck, Living Room, and Teen Disco area is on 15, right next to Wipe Out. Would also somewhat match the "Postside" name aswell. So scratch all the Teen club thoughts, unless it is relocated to a completely different part of the ship with outdoor access.
  19. Wondering where Portside BBQ and El Loco Fresh will end up going. Lot of reading between the lines I'm visualizing the Diamond Lounge is going away due to Blaze being renamed "Blaze Nightclub and Comedy" Wondering if Music Hall is reusing/branding Dazzles. Current Diamond Lounge seems too small.
  20. Time for the Izumi Hibachi update. This time around no captions, just let the photos do the talking. Passed on dessert Most of the show was centered around the preparation of the fried rice. Primarily the egg used in the rice. I had ordered a two protein combination, wasn't charged anything extra and the bill was $0. Don't know if this was due to the social media reach out or not. At the same time, also overheard what I think was the same zero bill explanation to the party next to us for having the UDP. Didn't try getting anything extra from the sushi side or even starting off/ending on that side. Still on the fence trying a to-go order after visiting another venue.
  21. First round for the day is complete. Lunch was at Chops, dinner will be Izumi Hibachi. Now for the lunch photo journey... Starting off was the new bread plate, rustic sourdough and pretzel sticks. The butter has what tasted like a toasted rye seed powder on top. Appetizer was the shrimp cocktail, not shown wedge salad. Entrees, dry aged burger and the 8oz filet Sides were asparagus, macaroni and cheese, and fries* (*not shown, standard fries used on the ship. If you really want to know what they looked like reference the fries from Hooked a few posts above. Tastes like they had been tossed in truffle oil or truffle salt used. Truffle flavor wasn't indicated on the menu.) In the background is the 8oz filet. Dessert time, sampled both the key lime pie and warm chocolate cake.
  22. Random 1 am observation at Sorrentos Also the Cafe Promenade hot offerings (top shelf) Top shelf hot items: Roasted Apple, Brie, and Pecan Panini; Hotdog; Muffuletta; and Cuban Ham Croquette. Want to say it was setup and ready for ordering around 11:30 pm or so.
  23. Time for tonight's Hooked photo lineup Cheddar Biscuits Shrimp cocktail, requested grilled shrimp (yeah forgot to take a picture before enjoying) Oysters Rockefeller plus Leeks and White Wine Crab Cake Lobster, grilled Lobster, steamed Sides: Fries, Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Seasonal Vegetables Dessert: Whoopie Pie
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