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  1. Think you might be hitting on Royal's next lineup of beverage premiums. Just thinking along the lines of drink in a pineapple. This case would be straight up coconut water or coconut water mixed with rum (sure it would end up being Malibu), served from the coconut. $x for no alcohol, $y with alcohol, $z with beverage package.
  2. Yes, Junior Suite does get priority boarding. The arrival appointment time can be ignored on the SetSail if you want to arrive earlier.
  3. Slots, 1 point for every $5 of play. For video poker it is 1 point for every $10 of play. Tables, bust out the Ouija board for an answer.
  4. Only benefit that is extended are the double points per night.
  5. With the sailings being chartered ones. I'm sure a reasonable pile of cash to the appropriate parties can be helpful towards an investment.
  6. Only way I know of is by logging in to Royal's site. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/account/
  7. Wonder if the meats will truly be smoked onboard. Other thing I've noticed is the the iced tea at a cost. Wonder if this is a fresh brewed product or canned/bottled.
  8. Oasis for now, Allure after the AMP drydock prior the the 2020 Europe season.
  9. For Royal, at least out of Florida... Purchases of beverage packages or drinks using a beverage package: No charge of taxes incurred while in home port. Purchases of drinks while in home port: Taxes will be charged.
  10. Just got off Mariner Monday, the on board price was $29 a day.
  11. The RedCoach pickup from the Miami port will be a third party vendor and not RedCoach themselves. What that pickup does is transfer you to the RedCoach pickup at the Miami airport. If you look at the route detail it should say something along the lines of shuttle from Terminal to Airport. With it being a third party I'm sure you'll be given a number to contact for pickup and specify location.
  12. Earliest would be 49 days from sailing. You'll be able to find them on Royal's site with your booking information. Check out: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/10/25/where-do-i-get-my-royal-caribbean-luggage-tags
  13. Only the Deluxe package has the requirement that all adults in the room have to buy it.
  14. I'd say so... Wonder what other hidden features Royal has in mind. @Matt I'm too lazy for the research, what was the full project Excalibur going to cover?
  15. Only use of the barcode is for getting on and off the ship. SetSail when embarking and the SeaPass one when in port (for ships that don't use the RFID cards). For purchases the mag strip or RFID is used.
  16. Most sailing, if I remember, I'll set a message on my lock screen... Another thought would be to provide a number to call in the Emergency Contact/Number section. One thing I did notice was if my phone was in Airplane mode it wouldn't let me out of airplane mode with authentication. This would prevent any contacts from being called. Work around could be providing a number as a name of a contact. Note: Examples given were with a Samsung Galaxy S10. Abilities may vary based on device.
  17. After dealing with all the breakfast room service issues on Mariner. I would have loved a Genie just to give an order and have them translate it to the proper format that would be understood. Loved the notion of being able to send our Genie on Symphony an email/message with the exact requested order. None of this hopefully you explained things correctly to someone else over the phone.
  18. Really wish the new Playmakers menu would go fleet wide. Loved those buffalo chicken egg rolls.
  19. Some more thoughts, getting off the ship. Going to say Terminal 1 in Port Canaveral wins the "getting off" crown. First would be the use of a ramp to reach the ground floor. Nice not having to deal with an escalator. Elevator is also still an option. Extent of the Concierge taking us off was to this point. From that point forward priority ends. However, with the use of the new facial scanner to clear (if using a passport) plus another bonus things really never slowed down. That other bonus is you collect your bags after using the scanner/clearing immigration. Once your bag has been collected you can head straight towards the exit. Once exiting the terminal the foot traffic and vehicular traffic patterns are some what smooth, thus very minimal congestion.
  20. Nothing visible that I noticed. But I did overhear some talk from other guests about having to make reservations. One person had mentioned that if you went beyond a certain point and didn't have a reservation you couldn't go any further. Still not sure what they were using to indicate times. Nothing new that I've noticed since May. Construction fence for the Coco Beach Club and South Beach area. Think I posted the picture of a block structure starting to peak above the fence. Only other sign of work are some floating booms on the water.
  21. UberSoca cruise, will be two four night charters.
  22. Some more of the preparations, plus the background music onboard now is very energetic...
  23. Goodbye CocoCay until November... of 2020
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