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  1. Ship/venue wise, best selection has to be at The Mason Jar on Wonder. Plus, The Mason Jar is the only spot with the large style ice cubes.
  2. Shop in St. Martin: Gulmohar's (Whisky Paradise), http://www.gulmoharsxm.com/ Back in April the had the Black and Red versions on Blanton's... $225 and $250 My purchase, Willett Rye (4y) for $55 Michter's Straight Rye for $40
  3. Recording of the oral arguments: https://www.ca11.uscourts.gov/system/files_force/oral_argument_recordings/21-12729.mp3?download=1 No update on the Court of Appeals docket since 5/18.
  4. Blog post with recipe for Savory Bites: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/12/12/royal-caribbean-classic-savory-bites To answer one question quickly, Potato Bread flour.
  5. You'll need to bring a towel from the ship. However, towels can be exchanged on CocoCay for a fresh one. Towels are available for guests at the Beach Club.
  6. Want to say Allure is the only ship that has the donuts on the Boardwalk in the morning. From what I recall, they were the same style as the ones offered in Windjammer. Maybe offered some other icing flavors, still same base donut.
  7. Only two a la carte restaurants on Wonder are Playmakers ($20 credit) and Izumi Sushi ($35 credit). Izumi Sushi also offer a pre fixe menu that'd be covered by the dining package. Statement wise, both are correct. The amount of credit depends on restaurant.
  8. Access to the helipad on Oasis class ships is restricted to crew only or guests during special activities.
  9. Technically speaking the Diamond discount is $25.99 towards any Voom plan. $25.99 just also happens to be the cost for a single device, 24 hours of continuous service of the Surf package. As already mentioned, when signing up for service it will automatically apply the discount.
  10. No menu posted outside the entrance. Sometimes they might display the theme or a nightly "action station". Example might be Mongolian, where you select vegetables and a meat and they stir-fry it to order. Sometimes the app might post the theme for the night. While the app might not post the nightly theme, the paper version of the Cruise Compass normally will. Keep in mind the theme only covers a small portion. Just because it is Italian night doesn't mean every dish is going to be Italian. In a nutshell, no menu along the lines of a listing of everything offered for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  11. Looking at the posting history. Seems they got a RoyalUp to a Crown Loft suite. For a Crown Loft you'll get complimentary VOOM Surf and Stream for everyone booked in suite. Beyond that you'll have Coastal Kitchen access for all meals. Plus access to the Suite Lounge that'll offer complimentary water, soda, beer, and wine from 11a-11p. In addition a cocktail hour that is somewhere in the 5p-8p time range.
  12. Never seen Fever Tree onboard. Tonic, when canned, I want to say is Seagram's. Ginger ale, also when canned, Seagram's. Finally, ginger beer Gosling. Ginger ale and tonic from "the gun", I'd assume since Seagram's is a Coke product it is that brand of syrup. Not working the industry, I have not idea if a generic syrup is used. For the ginger beer, only seen it available in cans.
  13. Point conversion circa 2011 1-4 Credits = (Credits x 7) + 1 5-7 Credits = (Credits x 7) + 3 8+ Credits = (Credits x 7) + 13 Math in your case (1x7)+1=8 Poster's case might be (2x7)+1=15
  14. I've seen it before on a Canada/New England sailing on Anthem while docked in Canadian ports.
  15. Unfortunately... best bet is to keep an eye on the Cruise Compass section of the site for one to be posted matching voyage.
  16. I've done Eastern Caribbean where time was kept on EST (-5) while the ports were AST (-4). Was sailing on Wonder when Daylight Savings Time started and we didn't change time until morning of day 6. This was due to ports visiting on the Western side not observing DST. Had we shifted time on Sunday morning we would have been two hours ahead of Roatan (CST -6) vs EDT (-4).
  17. Ship time and local time aren't always the same. Added: That being said, if a ship is going to be spending a majority of the sailing in a different time. Normally they'll adjust ship time to match the time zone. Looking at the Compass @twangster for Serenade they adjusted time on morning of day 3 then adjusted again morning of day 7.
  18. Ahhh... That would definitely explain why it wasn't listed. Odyssey-Ovation, dang ships starting with the same letter.
  19. Welcome to the club. Some how got double charged on a split payment for final payment. When I got an invoice after submitting for the shareholder it showed a balance due. Contacted my TA, found out when the credit was processed somehow the payment that went towards to booking was refunded vs the extra charge.
  20. When purchasing in advance the price shown online is always going to be the discounted price. Solo sailing I have booked Different sailing with the old style cruise planner.
  21. Yes, shorts can be worn for lunch. Venture to say the only thing not allowed would be showing up in swimwear.
  22. I've always seen it listed under the "Bars & Lounges" section of Dining.
  23. Yes, an extra key card can be made. Combined access, I've haven't heard anyone being successful having one card to access two staterooms.
  24. Only the one on the far left, multi-tap, is the least likely to be confiscated. Middle, an extension cord, could confiscated. Far right, power strip, would likely be confiscated. Of the three, I've seen all on the pick-up/naughty table post cruise as confiscated items. One I've seen the least was the far left.
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