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  1. All kidding aside and, as much as I'd love it if none of this had transpired, I think this entire pandemic has taken the proverbial wind out of a lot of our sails...no pun intended, lol. I just cannot imagine that cruising will be carefree and fun, like it should be, for many months to come. They need to cancel at least 30 to 60 more days to allow the overall panic and fear to die down. It certainly won't within the next two to three weeks, that is for sure.
  2. I understand that they are trying to salvage as much as possible and, that they are suffering great losses...so, before everyone responds by stating the obvious, I thought I'd get that out of the way. Now, what about us, the customers? There aren't many, if any, that would be comfortable going on a cruise in 2 or 3 weeks...and maybe not even in 2 or 3 months! Why play games RCCL? Just cancel the cruises through at least the next month or two and work on rebuilding! For crying out loud, you've got it covered from the sound of things.
  3. So, by their rules, they can just go back on that at any time as well...nice. I get what they did, and why, but it's pretty crappy when we've already cancelled our flights. To make an announcement that all cruises are cancelled for 30 days, then to decide to change their mind because they decide on a plan that's better for themselves does NOT sit well with me.
  4. The point is, they announced the 125% and then, emphatically, denied (when I talked to Lewis, a "supervisor" in the "Resolution Department" ever stating that they announced 30 days of suspension...we changed our plans, as did others, based on that. They backpedaled, clearly.
  5. Baloney, they are lying now because they don't want to lose money that weekend. Here's the proof...they said it themselves and, now, they are going back on their word. We already cancelled our travel arrangements, etc., because we were going to take the 125% credit (our cruise leaves on April 11th). 1584198195_ROYAL-CARIBBEAN-ANNOUNCES-VOLUNTARY-SUSPENSION-OF-CRUISING-03132020.pdf
  6. To all that have been screwed out of the 125% credit by Royal Caribbean because they are resuming cruises on April 11th (when, clearly, they said they were suspending operations for 30 days on March 13th), here is the proof: 1584198195_ROYAL-CARIBBEAN-ANNOUNCES-VOLUNTARY-SUSPENSION-OF-CRUISING-03132020.pdf
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