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  1. I'm also looking for a resort day pass, did you book one?
  2. When cashing out your FCCs, did they give you the 125% or just what you paid into it?
  3. So if I've had FCCs used, then I won't get cash back? Only a reissue of a new FCC?
  4. Has anyone had any issues with RC not calculating credits correctly? I have now booked a total of 4 cruises - 3 of which have canceled, and crossing my fingers we can go on the one in September. I have a whole spreadsheet of charges, credits, and refunds, all color coded to connect to each other so I can keep track of what was used and what wasn't. I have called multiple times to speak with a representative only to be on the phone for 2 hours going back and forth with multiple agents saying they can't see certain items, or that they need to transfer me to another department. I need to speak with an agent or supervisor who can see EVERYTHING. I have one cancelled cruise that is a group booking, I've got Onboard Credit certificates, regular cruises, so who or what department can I go to that can actually help me in one sitting? I'm so fed up!
  5. You didn't have to try to have an exemption request on the books to get a refund? We are booked For LOTS in September, and while we would love to go, we are not willing to take the shot to make it happen. We originally booked a cruise for our Honeymoon in 3/2020, and have been trying to cruise ever since. I would rather have the refund then have it continue to be tied up and no vacation to take
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