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  1. No, that ended as well. They went from most restrictive testing regime to least restrictive overnight.
  2. I saw that Viking dropped all pre-cruise testing yesterday (except where required like US and Canada). If they can do it, RCI and other lines can too (at least overseas). As others have said, pre-cruise testing really sucks a lot of the joy out of the pre-cruise period since you have no idea if you’re going on the trip until two days before.
  3. Every day that goes by makes it less likely. Delta and other airlines made removal of the requirement seem imminent in April. Now it's June.
  4. Celebrity briefly changed its Italy pre-cruise test requirement to two days before for up to date pax. Unfortunately it switched back to one day before today. Very difficult for those traveling from the US, especially if your cruise departs on a Monday. (Not sure if Royal pulled a similar switcheroo, but figured I'd pass it along.)
  5. Needs to happen immediately. What a pointless waste of time and resources at this point.
  6. Similar experience at Port Canaveral two weeks ago (Harmony). No enforcement whatsoever of boarding times. Maybe other ports enforce it, and maybe my cruise was an outlier, but you could have arrived at any time after ~10:30, gotten in line, and boarded the ship. No one was checking.
  7. I have never tipped anything beyond the mandatory gratuities.
  8. This may vary from port to port, but I can tell you that at Port Canaveral few weeks ago, no one was enforcing the check in time in any way. Late, early, no one would ever know, because no one was asking or checking. YMMV.
  9. One day before boarding is what X is doing for Italy too. Pretty challenging for people traveling from the US. Guess they really want to sell you those proctored tests!
  10. In other protocol news, the Windjammer is fully self service on Harmony. I was under the impression crew was still serving guests, but that’s apparently no longer the case.
  11. If this applies to cruise lines, cruising from the UK will simply cease to exist.
  12. Was just wondering this as I have a Celebrity cruise in July (final payment due next week). Did they ever extend their their deadlines for this summer?
  13. I think it's safe to say the docks in Havana looked like something confiscated in 1960 (and not touched since).
  14. Leave it to the government to need two separate sets of rules! (And even the second one is unclear...first it says cruise lines must screen pax (not test), then it goes on to describe testing requirements.) Oh well.
  15. Does the CDC actually require pre-cruise testing of all passengers? Admittedly, their program is about as clear as you'd expect from a government agency, but as far as I can tell, the new CDC voluntary program only requires embarkation tests for crew, with pax only required to test in the case of close contact or when experiencing symptoms. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/management/technical-instructions-for-cruise-ships.html
  16. So when are they getting rid of the pre-cruise testing? That's a much bigger issue to me than masking, tbh. Not knowing if you're actually going on the cruise until two days before you leave greatly increases anxiety and doesn't let you enjoy the countdown the way you could before.
  17. If more ports turn away ships they may have no choice but to shut down again.
  18. Sure, but for how long will they continue testing? If forever, why not also test for flu and noro? I generally think we're testing too much to begin with. There's really little need to be testing non-symptomatic vaccinated people in a fully-vaccinated setting.
  19. Honestly I prefer them issuing the rules month to month. Gives them more flexibility to dial back restrictions as things get better. Though I suppose they can always change these rules. Would really like to see testing (and to some extent masks) go away before too much longer.
  20. I don’t think there’s any uproar at all. RCI, at least, wants to be running fully-vaccinated cruises, as evidenced by the fact that they’re already doing so everywhere (I think?) but Florida. These changes by the islands just give them more cover to do what they have wanted to do all along in Florida as well.
  21. Great news. I hope more of the islands do likewise. Note that rule as written is only in effect from September 3 through November 1.
  22. There's no doubt that the cruise lines have done a lot to ensure guest safety and mitigate COVID risk. That said, I'm not sure a cruise line super fan message board is going to provide the most unbiased response to an inquiry like this. Naturally almost everyone here thinks cruises are more safe than a resort. You have some time to wait and see...it's quite possible that Delta will have burned itself out by December and be on the decline. *fingers crossed*
  23. It’s the last paragraph: For the foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction (DE 3) is GRANTED. Defendant is ENJOINED from enforcing Section 381.00316 against Plaintiffs pending resolution of the merits of this case. (Plaintiffs being NCLH and some related parties)
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