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  1. I thought Oasis class was eliminated due to it's air draft as is cannot pass under the bridge of Americas.
  2. It's a different system You did not loose "nights" you got cruise points that are not nights.
  3. I'll go with there is truly no rhyme or reason
  4. Half the clothes and twice the money.😎
  5. Sorry I was trying to help. Try reading this https://www.lifewire.com/what-exactly-is-odec-2483426 and then download and install VCL media player that will install all the google-moogly on your machine.
  6. It depends who you are renting from. see this http://www.miami-airport.com/car-rentals.asp
  7. You probably don't have the correct codec try downloading VCL media player from here https://www.videolan.org/index.html
  8. If you are beach people I think St Kitts is much a better option than San Juan.
  9. Did Explorer not also have one or two 220V Euro outlets?
  10. You seem to forget that none of this was Royals fault.
  11. In Port Canaveral the checkin folk's roam around and check your set sail pass there is no separate line for Expedited Arrival. That's how it was on 11/17/19.
  12. However if it's raining or cold on a sea day Oasis class can feel very crowded.
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