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  1. As an update to anyone that is interested, I called RC this morning to get a response and was put on hold for best part of 10 minutes whilst they read the email I sent three weeks ago. The gentleman offered no apology or reasoning and said that his department (post cruise) couldn't do anything and asked me to forward the email to a claims email address. I tried to explain that this wasn't the nature of my email and that I would just like a response and he said was unable to help any further. Honestly quite shocked!
  2. Yes I do take some responsibility but also take offence to you assuming I would have complained if I was told I couldn't partake. The safety briefings etc are there for a reason and they weren't carried out, I would like RCI to at least acknowledge this fact and advise me on how they are going to improve the standards of their supplier who is ultimately representing their business
  3. Don't suppose you have any of the addresses still? I work for a corporate also and know how well an e-mail complaint to a director goes!
  4. Exactly my thoughts. I've been very detailed in my e-mail, my chosen form of communication to ensure that nothing was left out. I've pasted below the e-mail to explain the situation. Good Morning, I'm writing this email after several unsuccessful calls to Royal Caribbean after our cruise from 8th December - 20th December. We had an excellent time and was quickly convinced that cruising holidays were definitely for us. My only concern has been regarding a complaint I raised and there being no resolution to this. On 16th December we visited St Kitts where we took pa
  5. I have now messaged them and got a prompt response. 'That's the correct email address. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of emails they receive, they might take longer to reply.'
  6. I have 3rd party insurance but would have rather discussed with Royal than go down a legal route
  7. I've requested to join the Facebook group so will see if I have any luck there
  8. Thanks, I went through twitter and didn't hear anything back! I'll try Facebook
  9. Hi, It was an excursion provided by Royal Caribbean, what makes matters worse is that I injured myself on the first of five ziplines. I informed the staff and they pulled the whole group off the excursion to go back to the office and fill out waiver forms & medical questionnaires, they even tried forcing me to sign one!
  10. Hi guys, We went on our first cruise December 2019 onboard the Anthem around the Caribbean, we absolutely loved it from the start and was soon planning our next one! The only issue I have is that around half way though the cruise I was injured on an excursion and to be honest I am placing the blame on the tour operators. I voiced my concern on the ship and I must add that the crew were very helpful. My injury worsened after the cruise and I'm still receiving treatment for it. I emailed the post cruise team on 05/01/20 to [email protected] and I'm still yet to receive a
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