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  1. @Lovestotravel What port was it? I hate the NYT, so I won't click on the link.😮
  2. JS, Balcony, or OV are the only cabins I would consider. I wonder how the folks on the Diamond Princess feel about Insides?
  3. @SteveinSC Yes it seems they are shooting themselves in the foot.
  4. @Cat mom Book what you and wait for the next sale.
  5. I glad the current promotions pricing works both ways.
  6. See this https://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/i-have-a-passport-card-but-need-a-passport-book-to-travel-to-barbados.html
  7. @Newbie555 I don''t think you will have time to see a movie as there are so many things to do on an O class ship. IMO no Princess ship can come close to the RCI large ships. However to be fair Princess has much better itineraries.
  8. Another vote for park at the port.
  9. @SeanAndShelley You will be fine since AD has "Ïn Hull" balcony's they are all somewhat obstructed.
  10. Depends on the ship. A JS on NE or MJ is a different animal then on a Q or O class.
  11. Read all about it here on the official site https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  12. Yes and if you don;t make sure you have good insurance.😬
  13. Except I think @Coach9 is talking about the Anthem that has left today. However I agree with your answer as weather in the North Atlantic cam change in a blink of the eye,
  14. However you have the best choice in the freestyle machine.
  15. I think keychains are a thing of the past, lately it's been a lottery ticket to a drawing held the last night.
  16. Does that mean alcoholic beverages are allowed?😮 LOL
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