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  1. I am sailing on the adventure of the seas in May 2020, repositioning to Cape Liberty. Would like to stay in the area for two nights, and visit NYC. Suggestions for a hotel and best way to get into the city from NJ. Will be flying back to Florida from Newark. Thank you!
  2. I want to add that I have friends who have never cruised, and they hear the parents on the news. They seem to believe that the windows were child level, like the picture of the little girl banging on the hockey window, not up high and the open window was by the children's pool area. I try to explain to them that the windows are not level with the deck, they are almost waist or chest high. When I have shown them pictures they are shocked because of what they hear on the news, and they immediately see that the windows are open. The lawyer and parents seem to be trying to convince those who have never cruised that the ship was at fault, and if listening to my friends is any indication, it is working. I am sad the little girl died in this awful way, but angry that the parents and grandfather will not take responsibility for their actions, if they did, maybe they could teach parents to be more aware of how suddenly accidents can happen. A friend's son-in-law drove over his daughter who was behind his car, she survived but was in the hospital recovering for weeks, he took full responsibility for his actions and told his friends over and over to always make sure your child is no where near the car, to not just take it for granted.
  3. And what if a child put their hand in the fan! The cruise line will always be blamed. Sad for what happened, but angry that the family will not take responsibility. I am sure it was an accident, the grandfather didn’t want to hurt his granddaughter, but speak truthfully if you want to make sure it never happens to another child. No other parent will put a child on a railing, because in a split second that child can get away from you.
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