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  1. As I'm from Boston I have lots of recommendations. Parker House is always nice, right downtown. Marriot Long Wharf is on the water, as is the Boston Harbor Hotel if you want to splurge
  2. @YOLO I'm not familiar with that specific tour so i can't say if it's a good choice or not, but let me know either way.
  3. @YOLO What else are you doing in Boston? Mike's is delicious. I live south of Boston and am always happy to give tips and advice.
  4. My wife and I were just eating dinner and she mentioned 2 years ago today we were just sitting down to dinner in the MDR of Enchantment of the Seas. Time flies.
  5. Chances are Royal will settle with the family for a couple million with no admittance of fault. The sad thing is that it was an accident. Accidents happen. It's part of life. Not every accident is someone's fault (although I will say I think the grandfather is totally at fault in this situation). However, we have to remember that none of us were there to see what happened and until all the facts are revealed to the public (which will probably be if it goes to trial), everything is speculation. I do think the lawyer is pushing the family to make a case out of this, maybe for his own greed (he'd take at least 33% of any settlement).
  6. Anyone confirm? Supposedly a small child was being held by a parent/grandparent and slipped and fell several decks. Thoughts to the family if it's true.
  7. Hopefully this is ok for the boards, but I am an independent tour guide in Boston. If anyone is coming for a stop, let me know and I would be happy to fit you into my schedule.
  8. Antarctica River Cruise down the Mississippi River Alaska Trans Atlantic
  9. Enchantment of the Seas October 1-4, 2017 with stops in Nassau, Coco Key (which got cancelled) and Key West for our honeymoon. Can't wait to go on another!
  10. My wife and I sailed on Enchantment in October 2017 for our honeymoon. We flew from Providence to Fort Lauderdale the day before. At the airport, passing through security, I forgot my money clip in my back pocket and set the metal detector off. I had to be wanded and searched by TSA. The next day, after arriving at the terminal in Miami, we had to go through metal detectors and I managed to set them off again, despite making sure anything metallic was off. This continued for the entire voyage. Anytime getting back on board, I would always set off the metal detector. It was a recurring joke between my wife and I and even some of the security staff who recognized me. Finally our last port of call - Key West - we were coming back on the ship and again, I set the metal detector off. The guard wanded me and did not detect anything. He noticed my sneakers and asked me to take them off and pass through the metal detector. Surprise, it didn't go off. He wanded the toes of the sneakers and it set the wand off, then sent them through the X-ray, which revealed that my sneakers had steel tips in the toes.
  11. Wife and I sailed her in October 2017 for our honeymoon. First cruise for both and we enjoyed every minute.
  12. My wife and I cruised on Enchantment in October 2017 for our honeymoon. We fly Southwest, which doesn't fly into Miami so we flew into Fort Lauderdale the day before, Ubered to Miami and spent the night before the cruise.
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